Useful Phenomenon Of a “Work Spouse”

Useful Phenomenon Of a “Work Spouse”

Jul 13, 2020Shilo Maloney

In Hollywood, celebrities who are work spouses can sometimes raise eyebrows and bring side-eyes from the public because of how close the relationship looks to us. But, the concept of a work spouse stretches beyond Hollywood celebrities and exists in everyday people's lives too. So, we looked at some Hollywood 'work spouse' relationships and the overall lessons we've taken from them about why it's an excellent reason that you have one too, whether or not you're in a relationship outside of work or not.

The Work Spouse Concept

Before we get into all the benefits of it, let's adequately define what a 'work spouse' is. A work spouse is a colleague you have a close, yet not intimate, professional relationship with. They come with a lot of logistics before you can officially claim the name.

The Professional Proximity

This relationship is built on work chemistry and proximity, as a work spouse is someone you have lunch with, argue with, and spend most of your time within the office with. They come with a huge amount of benefits that make a day at the office a little less dreadful.

The Work Wife

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The work wife plays the role of the wife in the relationship, obviously. She essentially takes on the unspoken role of the nurturing and close woman colleague that has a strong relationship and trusting rapport with another male colleague in the office.

The Work Husband

The work husband is the male colleague who really sells the relationship. The resident tickler, joker, and hugger who makes anyone on the outside of the relationship ask a few questions that don't need answering. Both play an essential role in the professional partnership, and both make great respective cases as to why you should have of your own.

The Professional Partnership

It's very important to note that this doesn't commonly apply to relationships between men and women in actual relationships. This union essentially applies to those colleagues who are close but very professional with their intimacy towards each other.

A Sense Of Camaraderie

The sense that you have someone that you can always rely on with ease is what becomes a main selling point when it comes to a work spouse. You have someone that you can consistently call a friend in an environment that is often very serious or impersonal.

You Have A Motivator

Outside of the friends that you make in the office, a work spouse plays the fill-in role that a normal spouse would play. When you need a motivator to break you out of a slump, or to remind you how great you are, someone who knows you well in the office can actually drive you to hit milestones and kill the presentation to boost your drive and esteem.

A Support Structure

Not every day in the office is easy. Some days are always harder than others and that's due to your personal mood or issues that simply bring your spirit and joy down to zero. A work spouse brings a sense of comfort that you need to pick you up when you're really feeling down.

A Constant Collaborator

A work spouse can also become someone you work on tough projects with. They become a partner to you in more ways than one. The consistent chemistry allows you to tap into each for work. The natural relationship means that when it's time for the hard work to start, you have someone you know and trust to help you with ideas in a safe, conducive and easy space.

Your Productivity Skyrockets!

A spouse allows you to enter the workspace in a healthy, bright, and positive mindset that naturally boosts your desire and enthusiasm to work. When you have someone who makes work a fun place to be, you get so much more done once you're a headspace of peace that helps you get through the day much more efficiently.

Access To Info

When you have someone you trust, you have a good chance of having a different perspective of the place where you work. You can evaluate the behaviors of other colleagues, earn yourself a cheat sheet from someone who can help you get work done in a different way, and even look at salary discrepancies between each other to judge if you're working in a place that values you fairly. They can serve as a trusted source of info for you to get some necessary low-down about the place and the environment you work, without the worry of having that trust broken or falsified.

You Always Have A Lunch Buddy

One of the best benefits of this is that when the second-best time of the workday, lunch (second only to hometime) you have someone with you for a meal run. Whether they know exactly what you're craving or bring you a meal they made exactly for you, they're the person you can have a meal and a conversation with when the clock strikes 12.

They Become A Vent Void

When you're having one of those frustrating days in the office, they immediately become the person who can cool you off, or the person who can validate the anger you're experiencing. They essentially become the best listeners and hold the punching bag steady while you air out all the issues that you're going through.

There's Always Inside Jokes

Many of the idiosyncrasies that separate you from all the other office relationships is having things that are private between you and the work spouse. Therefore, certain inside jokes, moments, and actions create the bond between you and your spouse that add to the silliness and the special feeling of having someone at work who's always on your side. This makes the workplace a more sane place for you because you have secret bonds that you build and work on with someone through jokes and laughter only you two understand.

You Always Have Someone To Protect You

When you're out of the office for lunch for a little too long or have to call in 'sick', you have someone who bats for you and protects you with answers you've both rehearsed ahead of time. This means you consistently have someone backing you and validating you to add credibility. It makes your stay in an environment much safer knowing you have a colleague who's got your back at all times.

There are so many ways a work spouse can make your work life easier and much better. The office can be such a tough place to find friends, find collaborators, or even have a support structure for some people. But a work spouse could be a very essential emotional professional tool that you have when you step in to work every day.