The Richest Heirs & Heiresses In The United States

Nov 09, 2020Roshanak

The biggest businessmen in the world in the world will pass their fortunes to their children and grandchildren. Some of these heirs and heiress are some of your favorite Hollywood stars like Riley Keough. Ariana Rockefeller is the granddaughter of David Rockefeller Sr., who is worth billions. But there are some unexpected heirs that you might not know yet. Let’s find out more!


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Most people recognized Paris and Nicky Hilton are the heiresses of William Barron Hilton. However, They have a little brother, Barron Nicholas Hilton II. Although he has been known to get into a bit of trouble, he is also a model. Their grandfather has a net worth of $2.5 billion, which makes him one of the richest heirs in the United States.


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Caroline Jones is yet to be recognized as the amazing singer she is, but her father is Paul Tudor Jones II, the founder of the BVI Global Fund. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of $5.8 billion, which Caroline as well as her siblings will inherit in the future. In the meantime, she performs in classrooms around America and has recorded songs with Tommy Mottola.


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Jeff Bezos is considered the richest man in the man with a net worth of $188.3 billion, while his ex-wife Mackenzie has a net worth of $60.6 billion. Both of these amounts are expected to keep growing due to Amazon, and their four children will inherit this fortune. Although their names have never been mentioned, they share three songs and an adopted daughter.


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Ronald Lauder has been a successful businessman for many years, but that’s all because of his mother, Estée Lauder, who founded the famous brand. While other heirs and heiresses might not have a big role in their parents/grandparents’ companies yet, Ronald had been the chairman of Clinique Laboratories for almost three decades and has a net worth of $4.9 billion. Meanwhile, the Lauder family combined has a net worth of $17.9 billion.


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Laurie’s grandfather is none other than Bud Walton, one of the founders of Walmart. The other was his brother Sam. When Bud passed away in 2005, Nancy Walton Laurie, Paige’s mother, received part of the company, which increased her net worth to $8 billion. Meanwhile, Paige’s current net worth remains unknown, but it has been reported that she received $872,000 a month from stocks and dividends back in 2015.


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Jennifer is one of Bill Gates’ three children. The Microsoft founder has a net worth of $115.9 billion, which Jennifer will share with her siblings in the future. However, she has already accumulated a ton of money on her own. Her net worth is $20 million. Additionally, Jennifer has attended Stanford University and Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine.


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Alexa is another tech heiress as her father is Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies. Dell’s net worth is $38.4 billion. Additionally, she is engaged to Harrison Refoua, who is a millionaire in real estate. It was reported that he proposed with a 12-carat diamond ring worth $3 million. Moreover, Alexa’s childhood home was known as “The Castle”.


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Eve Jobs is the daughter of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. However, she stays away from the limelight unlike some of the other heiresses on this list. She also went to Stanford like Jennifer Gates, and they compete together in equestrian events. Eve Jobs will inherit a ton of money from her mother, Laurene Powell Jobs, who inherited when her husband died. It’s a net worth of $19.5 billion.


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You probably recognize Sam Logan from his appearance on MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’, where he showed off his amazing wealth including fancy cars, private planes, yachts, and more. Logan’s mother, Elizabeth, is the is part owner of Scripps Networks, which control the Food Network, HGTV, DIY Network, the Travel Channel, and more. She inherited it from her grand-aunt, Ellen Browning Scripps. Their family has a collective net worth of $7.2 billion


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Elvis’s granddaughter has been steadily rising in Hollywood with solid roles in Netflix’s ‘Hold the Dark’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, ‘The Lodge’, ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, and more. Riley and her siblings are set to inherit the amazing fortune of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, which is a net worth of $300 million. However, it looks like Keough will not need it due to her success in the business.


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You might remember Linsy Snyder the next you time you have a tasty burger at In-N-Out. She was the only heir to the company, and at the age of 35, she became the owner. Her net worth is set at $3 billion, but unlike some of the other people on this list, Lynsi prefers to stay away from the spotlight. The billionaire is married to Sean Ellington, a former employee of the company.


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Almost everyone in the world recognizes the name "Rockefeller". The famous wealthy family founded Standard Oil in the 19th century, and they have a net worth of $11 billion as of 2016. Her grandfather, David Rockefeller Sr. was worth $3 billion by 2017 when he passed away. Ariana will inherit all those billions, but she is also a successful fashion designer with several lines out there.


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Megan is another tech heiress as her father is Larry Ellison, the chairman of Oracle Chairman. He has a net worth of $78.5 billion according to Forbes. However, Megan is making her own name as a successful producer. She launched Annapurna Pictures, which was responsible for films like ‘American Hustle’, ‘Phantom Thread’, ‘Her’, and more. She has even received Academy Award nominations. Additionally, her personal net worth is $200 million.


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You probably know that Georgina is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg LP. He has a net worth of $54.9 billion, but she has a personal net worth of $100 million. Additionally, Georgina is an avid equestrian just like Jennifer Gates and Eve Jobs. She has been riding horses since the age of 6.


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As you probably suspect, Aerin is the daughter of Ronald Lauder, and just like her father, she has been working actively in her grandmother’s company for many years. Additionally, her stake at the company has built her a net worth of $2.9 billion. Aerin works as a style and image director at Estée Lauder and has her own namesake brand.

It’s amazing how much money some of these people will inherit, as their parents and grandparents made fortunes way before they were born. Let us know what you think about these astounding amounts of money. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love everything about celebrities. See you next time!

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