Who's Ron Howard’s Son?

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Ron Howard wasn't everyone's favorite character on Happy Days, but he was still crucial to the show. So if the directors decide to make a reboot of the 70s sitcom— which seems to be the theme nowadays— there's no question on who should play Richie Cunningham. Howard's son, Reed, looks exactly like him. And now that Reed Howard is older, he could easily pass for a clone of his father.

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Like Father Like Son?

Unfortunately, Reed didn't get his father's acting genes, or maybe he did, and they're just dormant. Howard's son prefers to spend his time hitting the fairways rather than under the bright lights of Show business, where his father made his name. Ron Howard is one of the stars of Happy Days. Let's look at why fans love him so much and why fans are obsessed with his doppelganger, Reed.

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Ron Howard's Teenage Love Story

Ron Howard married high school sweetheart Cheryl Alley just four years after they first laid eyes on each other. They met in an English they both attended and have been together ever since. They've had four children together, Bryce, Paige, Jocelyn, and Reed.

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Bryce Howard Is Following In Her Father's Footsteps

Their first-born child, Bryce, is the one in the family that looks to have taken her father's acting genes. Bryce Howard has appeared in movies such as Jurassic World, The Help, and Rocketman. And she's only getting started.

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Could Bryce Be As Good As Her Dad?

If Bryce continues to rack up movie credits the way she's done so far, the actress may just come close to emulating her father. On the other hand, her siblings seem to be content being as far away from the cameras as possible. Well, some of them...

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Not Everyone In The Howard Family Loves The Camera

Her twin sisters, Paige and Jocelyn, are the complete opposite of each other. While Paige has decided to follow in the family business and become an actress, Jocelyn prefers to live a quiet life. Despite being the daughter of one of the most popular men in Hollywood, Jocelyn has somehow managed to keep a low profile. Then finally, there's the little brother…

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Reed Bryce

Suppose you're wondering what all the fuss about. Imagine if you could rewatch your favorite childhood shows once again? Sounds tempting, right? Well, after fans saw Reed Howard all grown up, they started dreaming about a potential Happy Days reboot with him taking up the role of Richie Cunningham, the character his father played on Happy Days. But there's a problem.  

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Ron Bryce 2.0

Since Reed looks like a younger version of his father, the dream may not be too far fetched. But the only thing he seems to have in common with his father is his looks. In everything else, they seem to be very different. For instance, Reed is more interested in pursuing a golf career while his father prefers the bright lights of show business.

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Ron Howard The Film Director

Ron Howard is more focused on being behind the cameras rather than in front of them, so he doesn't get quite as much of the spotlight as he once did. And he's not the only one. His wife, Cheryl, has also made herself a household name behind the scenes. Together, they form one of Hollywood's real power couples.

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Other Members Of The Howard Clan

Bryce Howard has also taken a leaf out of her parents' handbook and started a family of her own. She married Seth Gabel in 2016, and the couple is the parents of two wonderful little kids, Theodore and Beatrice. The couple has a long way to go if they hope to emulate her parents' marriage.

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The Secret To Ron and Cheryl's Marriage

Not many marriages make it in Hollywood, so it was no easy feat for the couple to survive 45 years. In an interview with People, the director said; "There's no technique. There's no tactic other than [that] communication is really important. You have to learn to communicate and have difficult conversations in constructive ways. Beyond that, there's an element of luck because people either grow together, or they don't, and I don't think you can force that." There's also another reason why they managed to stay together for so long.

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They Aren't Based In California.

The couple is also one of the few in show business that chooses to live far away from Los Angeles. Something that's been a good omen for their relationship considering how many marriages fail there. They settled in Connecticut back in 1985 and have been living there since. The couple still loves to do simple things like go on a hike or to the movies.  But don't let that fool you; there's more to them than meets the eye.

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Leaders Of The Industry

Don't let their mild-mannered demeanor fool you. The couple is considered to be Hollywood Royalty. Between them, they've worked on some of the biggest films ever to grace the big screen. But the one that stands out the most is "A Beautiful Mind." A film that went on to win the Academy Award for best picture. A true testament to their teamwork.

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The Dream Team

Cheryl has always supported Ron behind the cameras. Their teamwork goes all the way back to when he directed the 1977 movie Grand Theft Auto. The couple is basically inseparable. But even before he was given the reigns to direct, Howard was destined for the very top of showbusiness. He first rose to fame as a child actor, appearing in The Andy Griffith Show. His performances on the show led to him landing a dream role on a sitcom.

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Ron Howard As Richie Cunningham

Ron Howard was cast to play Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. An All-American teenager in the 1950s. His red hair and freckles gave him an innocent and wholesome feel. He was meant to be the start of the sitcom. But then the directors set him up.

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Overshadowed By His Co-Star

See, boyish charm can only get a show so far. So the directors introduced a cool leather-wearing character by the name of The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler. The Fonz was everything Richie Cunningham wasn't, so he overshadowed him. Instead of improving his character to make him stand out, Howard instead chose to throw a tantrum.

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The Other Side of Ron Howard

Winkler revealed that after a shoot, Howard snapped and told him, "You didn't do one thing other than be good at what you're doing. My feelings were hurt, but it's good for the show.'" The now-famed director hated being out of the spotlight. But he never let that interfere with his work on screen, and he eventually got his time under the lights or somewhat behind them. 

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Ron's Directorial Debut

Ron was given a license to direct several Happy Days episodes, and he became central to the show's success. He also received the love he so craved from the fans. Richie Cunningham never quite overshadowed The Fonz, but he had his moments. People fell in love with him, and so did Hollywood.

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Richie Cunningham Stayed With Him Forever

While Ron was still working on Happy Days, Roger Corman allowed him to direct his first feature film. And while it did help launch his directorial career and turn him into a Hollywood icon. It couldn't eclipse the memory audiences had of Richie Cunningham. And we know why.

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No One Expected Happy Days To Become As Big As It Did

Neither Ron nor his co-stars knew precisely how big the show would become. Happy Days became the show of choice for millions of Americans. Part of the reason behind it is that the show gave people a chance to escape the war's realities. They could switch on their televisions, and it would almost feel like they went back in time to a much innocent time. There's also another reason why the show was so loved.

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The Impact Of Happy Days

People related to the sitcom in a way that they couldn't relate to other shows. Richie, Fonzie, Potsie, and Ralph all left their mark on audiences. And now that people know that Ron has passed down his red hair and freckles down to his son, fans wonder what could be. Could there be a Happy Days reboot with Reed Howard playing Richie Cunningham?

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Reed Howard As Richie Cunningham?

As the only son in the family, Reed was always expected to take after his father. The resemblance only became clearer recently in a picture the pair shared standing side by side. However, the were earlier signs that Reed would end up taking after his father. We just didn't know about them until recently.

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The Howard Family Photo That Set The Internet On Fire

The Howard family shared a throwback picture of Reed looking like the spitting image of one of his father's childhood characters, Opie from The Andy Griffith Show. When one fan of the show saw the picture, they couldn't help but make the comparison. They wrote, "Your son looks as I remember you at his age, Mr. Howard." But looks aside, what else do the pair have in common?

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Reed Is a Pro Golfer

Well, to be blunt, not much. Reed is more into golf, but he's more than just a regular golf player. Reed helped pioneer the Steadhead Training Aid. He does seem to have taken some of his parents' creative genes, only not in the way anyone expected. Reed has made quite the name for himself in the golfing world.

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Reed's Golfing Career So Far

In 2007 he earned a spot on the University of South Carolina Beaufort's inaugural team. Reed then went on to appear in the  U.S. Amateur Championship before joining the All-Pro Tour. But we have seen people move from seemingly unrelated careers and still make it in Hollywood. And it does help that he does have SOME experience being in front of the camera.

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Reed's First Breath Was Taken In Front Of A Camera

Growing up with a father who's a film director does have its benefits. Ron apparently filmed all of his children when they were younger. But Reed probably doesn't remember any of it since the footage was more to do with the children's birth than their childish misadventures. However,  Reed has made two notable appearances in front of the cameras.

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Reed Appeared On Netflix

In 2018, he appeared on the Netflix series Arrested Development. It was only one episode, and of course, the person who directed the show was none other than his father, Ron. Despite his son's apparent lack of experience as an actor, Ron seems to be trying his hardest to get him in front of the cameras, and he's not the only one.

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He's Also Appeared In A Documentary

A year after he appeared on the series, Ron appeared in a documentary directed by his sister Bryce. The documentary is titled Dads, and it focuses on what it's like to be a father in this ever-changing world. And like her father a year before, Bryce chose to include her brother in the star-studded film, despite Reed's apparent lack of experience. But there may have been a reason for that.

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Dads: A Documentary By Bryce Howard

In the documentary, Bryce follows celebrity fathers, Ron Howard, Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Ken Jeong, and Kenan Thompson, and regular fathers (Reed and co) as they talk about what fatherhood means to them. It gave us a chance to see Reed in a way we have never seen him before.

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The Beginning Of Something Special?

The documentary was filmed around the time Reed was expecting the birth of his first child. They also showed what it was like for him to cope with having a newborn in the house and its challenges. They offer a softer side of Reed that audiences have never seen before. But could the documentary be the start of something bigger?

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Clues In The Documentary

In the documentary, Reed says that he worries about trying to live up to Ron's standards when he was raising him. And since the documentary is about fatherhood, that may very well be what he was talking about. But there's a chance that Reed may have been hinting at something.

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Is Reed The Next Ron Howard?

Could the Howard family be gearing Reed up to become the next member of their family to take Hollywood by storm? It may seem far-fetched but think about it? Both his parents are film directors, two of his sisters have already made their names in show business, so could he be next?

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Reed Seems Content With His Current Life

There have been subtle indications that Reed could make a move into Hollywood. But there's a problem. Reed is already 33 years old, and apart from knowing people in the business, there's nothing that suggests that he wants to make a move. We've already mentioned that he just started his journey into fatherhood, so it's unlikely that he'll make such a huge change so late in his life. But that hasn't stopped fans from dreaming.

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Why Fans Are Obsessed With Ron Howard’s Son

The idea of having a modern-day Richie Cunningham is an enticing one. And that's where all of the obsessing comes from. People would love nothing more than to see him step into his father's shoes and bring the role to life. But sadly, for now, at least, it seems like it's only going to remain a dream...Or is it?

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There Won't Be A Happy Days Reboot (Yet)

As far as we know, there is no Happy Days reboot currently in the works. And even if there were, one Richie Cunningham won't be enough to bring the magic of the iconic sitcom back. You'll need to find actors that can bring all of the other characters from the show to life, which won't be easy. So until then, people will just have to continue to obsess over Reed and wonder what if…

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We do hope that one day Ron Howard does decide to make a reboot of Happy Days. But we never do get to see one; there are certainly a few shows from that era that should be brought back. If you had the power to reboot one canceled show (from any period), which show would it be and why? Let us know in the comment show, and who knows? Maybe your wishes will come true. Also, remember to share this article with your friends.

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