Outraged Father Stops The Wedding

Dec 01, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Weddings can be complicated sometimes! With multiple families attending, emotions can escalate, and arguments can start. However, this wedding in Ohio proved that heightened emotions can also lead to beautiful gestures! The father of the bride stunned the whole world with his kind-hearted and compassionate action! It was the sensation of the wedding season!

The Wedding Day

Brittany Bachman was happily in love with her longtime boyfriend, Jeremy Peck, and the couple decided to marry on a beautiful day in September 2015. Like many young brides, she was getting ready for her big day with a lot of anticipation, but even she couldn’t have expected that her wedding day would go viral. This event was beyond everyone's expectations!

The Family

Brittany was meant to be walked down the aisle by her biological father - Todd Blackburn. The whole ceremony was meticulously planned and rehearsed, and no one wanted anything to go wrong. After all, it was the most important day in Brittany’s life. But there was another family member in the crowd who would change things!


Brittany’s Stepdad

Brittany’s parents divorced when she was younger, and her mother found a new partner who became Brittany’s stepdad. His name was Todd Cendrosky, and he was an important part of the family too. No one could imagine having the wedding without him, so naturally he was also present at the ceremony. But he was put on the sidelines!

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Old Quarrels

Just like many other families, in Brittny’s too, the two dads didn’t exactly get along with each other. Bachman shared that his relationship with Cendrosky wasn’t always peaches and cream and that they did have their own share of disputes over the years. And Brittany was not happy about it.

Brittany’s Fate

Brittany had to grow up with two fathers who hated each other. She knew exactly how strained the relationship between her two dads was and she had no hopes of it ever getting better. After all, they wouldn’t even look at each other for years. It seemed like their past would still taint the present.

The Custody Battle

Brittany’s biological father and her stepdad were involved in a custody battle which stained their relationship forever. They were trying to prove their right in the situation and assert their power, which put Brittany and her sister under a lot of stress. All she wanted was peace between the families. Was that too much to ask for?

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Equal Dad Status

Both dads were instrumental in the bringing up of Brittany and her sister. So much so that Brittany’s fiancee approached both of them when he was asking for Brittany’s hand. For the children and the rest of the family, both dads were on equal footing. Not one better than the other. But Brittany knew the reality was different.

Coming To Terms With Reality

Brittany was experiencing a lot of stress preceding her wedding. She knew she wanted both her dads to walk her down the aisle, but she was also painfully aware of the harsh reality. Her two dads had nothing but anger and resentment toward each other. There was no repairing that. But Brittany gave it one last shot.

The Phone Call That Changed Everything

Around two weeks before the wedding day, Brittany couldn’t take the stress anymore and she called her biological father. She was ready to share all her true feelings with him. She hoped this could somehow bring him to understand her side of things. What she said had a profound effect.

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The Ultimate Wish

When Brittany called her biological dad that day, she knew things could backfire easily and that she could make the situation even worse. But she persisted in speaking her mind anyway. She appealed to her dad, saying that she only gets married once and she wants that one time to be perfect. Then her dad shared something she wasn’t expecting.

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The Hint To The Plan

Brittany was expecting many things from the phone call, but not even in her wildest dreams was she prepared to hear what her biological father had to say. First, he calmed her down, and then he proceeded to tell her that he had a plan to make everything right. What did he mean?

The Master Plan

Brittany’s dad took her entirely by surprise. She had no clue what he meant by having a plan. However, he assured her that he had everything under control and that he is planning to make her big day as special as it can be. Was he finally rethinking his ways and putting his daughter first?

Looking Out For His Baby

Later, Brittany’s biological dad shared his side of the phone call story. He said he received a call from his daughter who seemed to have been severely stressed about the whole situation with her wedding. He knew then and there that he wasn’t going to let his child suffer because of his mistakes. But he didn't reveal what his plan was.

Brittany’s Suspicion

Understandably, Brittany was confused about her biological father’s words. She wasn’t sure what he meant by making everything right at the wedding, and she suspected all sorts of things, from good to bad. Her father left her in the dark until her wedding day. All she knew was that he loved her unconditionally.

Unconditional Love

Despite the unfriendly relationship between the two dads, they both shared a deep love for their daughter. They knew this was a bond that would, at some point in the future, come and unite them. Unconditional love for a child is a strong force, and Brittany’s wedding would be the place where it all comes to the surface!

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The Stepfather Role

Cendrosky, being only the stepfather to Brittany, didn’t have the privilege to walk her down the aisle. His place was among the other seated guests. He was sitting in the front row, lovingly preparing to watch his stepdaughter get married to the love of her life. But suddenly, he felt a tug on his arm!

The Secret Message

Brittany’s biological father is a cheeky character it turns out, and he concocted a whole plan to be executed during the important walking down the aisle part of the wedding. Before the ceremony began, Bachman approached the wedding photographer with one strange request!

The Viral Moment

What Bachman was planning to do is to grab Cendrosky from his front-row seat, and ask him to join the giving away of their daughter! To do this, Bachman had to stop the whole procession and walk to the front to get Cendrosky. The guests, as well as Brittany, were all shocked and anticipating the worst. This gesture could backfire!

Cendrosky’s Response

As the relationship between the two dads wasn’t exactly on the best terms, it was unclear as to how Cendrosky would react. However, seeing the effort Bachman put in with this beautiful gesture, he was immediately overcome with emotion. The wedding was turning out to be one big lovefest!

The Words Bachman Said

Bachman was ready to forget all quarrels he ever had with Brittany’s stepdad. When he grabbed Cendrosky from the front row, he told him that he appreciated his hard work in bringing up Brittany and that he, too, deserved to walk their daughter down the aisle. Did Cendrosky agree?

Cendrosky’s Emotions

It was a shocking and touching moment, not only for everyone witnessing it but also for Cendrosky himself. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he got weak in the knees. He shared that it was the most stirring moment in his whole life! It was time to walk his stepdaughter down the aisle!

The Giving Away

Nothing is more powerful during a wedding ceremony than the moment when a father walks his daughter down the aisle. This time, Brittany would get double lucky, as she had two fathers on her sides. They were able to overcome their differences for her big day! And it was a big day for everyone!

Raising From The Shadows

Cendrosky later shared that he felt strange putting on a fancy tuxedo for his stepdaughter’s wedding and only getting to watch the whole ceremony from the background. But once the situation turned, and he was made a part of it, he couldn’t have been happier. The wedding was the most important day of his life too!

The Emotional Guests

Naturally, sitting through this kind of display of love and kindness towards each other affected the guests too. Apparently, there was not a dry eye at the ceremony, and everyone felt the deep emotional release echoing through the whole wedding. It turns out families can sort out their problems if there are enough determination and love!

The Unexpected Viral Story

The wedding photographer managed to capture all the events at Brittany’s wedding and so the whole ceremony became an instant viral story. Brittany herself was stunned about the public's reception. She couldn’t believe that she was the main point of interest for hundreds of people. It wasn’t attention she was after though.

The Lesson For Everyone

What Brittany hoped for the most was that families all over the world would take her viral story as an inspirational example. Because the beautiful moment at her wedding was captured, many others could learn from it. Brittany hoped divorced parents would rise above their differences and see the good that can come out from being more human. Brittany’s stepfather would surely bring everyone to tears.

Not Step Children But Children

Cendrosky shared that his stepchildren were not just children he married into. For him, Brittany and her sister were his real daughters. He did not see any difference in his relationship with them, just because he wasn’t their biological father. He proved to be as inspirational as one can be and was about to become a viral story.

Family First

The photographer Delia D Blackburn, who documented the whole wedding, was one of the guests who shed a tear or two. She too was overwhelmed by Bachman’s gesture, and by the unconditional love, the two fathers had for their daughter. She shared that families are what you make them and that they should be more about the kids than one’s ego!

Inspirational Story

The photos from Brittany’s wedding which captured the extraordinary moment of kindness and love were a viral hit. They were shared over half a million times by users who saw the story as absolutely inspirational and beautiful. Putting the kids first seemed to have gotten quite the feedback on social media.

The Lovely Comments

As soon as Brittany’s wedding story became viral, users began commenting on it. The majority of the comments were incredibly kind and appreciative of the wonderful example Brittany’s family was able to set. The internet loved the story because they understood that some things should always come first.

If this wedding ceremony shows us something, it’s that family feuds do not have to rule over lives forever. With a little bit of kindness, compassion, and understanding, we can all rise above our differences and join together in love instead. The beautiful story of Brittany’s wedding will resound for years!

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