Smart Ways To Use Aluminum Foil

Dec 01, 2020Rakugoka

To the surprise of many, aluminum foil has a lot more uses than we can think of, other than just preserving food for midnight snacks. The following list will show you some of the exciting and strange things we can do with this invention. Read on and you will realize that you simply can no longer live without some foil nearby. 

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Fresh bananas

After you open the banana peel, you start a race against the clock to eat it before it rots. The situation is much worse when it rips by mistake or while trying to separate another banana from the rest. Did you know that most of the life of bananas comes from their upper stems? When you separate them from the stem, the decomposition process begins, and you must consume them before they are spoiled. The next time you break one, just to eat a part of it or by mistake sometimes, the best thing you can do is to wrap it entirely in aluminum foil. This material will keep them fresh for much longer, and you can eat it for days and not hours. Another advantage of keeping them fresh for a longer time is that you can invent exciting meals with them. Aluminum foil extends life!

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A clean oven

In the same way that the pans get dirty over time, the oven can become a nuisance when used a lot. It can collect a lot of dirt over time due to the massive amounts of fat, oil, and other things that accumulate over time. Cleaning it can be so daunting that we prefer to forget about trying and wait for the heat to do its job. The next time you need to cook something in the oven, be sure to wrap your tray in foil to protect your oven from possible splashes. After cooking, you can throw the foil in the trashcan without any problem. You'll discard all the dirt that would otherwise cover all the interior of the oven. You will save a lot of time cleaning it after each meal, and your meal will be ready quickly thanks to its heat conduction.

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More efficiency in your radiator

There are few things as useful as a radiator during the winter season, but they don't always work as we would like them to. After much research, we found a way to get more heat from the radiators without a rise in gas or electricity bills. Covering a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil, and pointing the bright side towards the heat will increase the heat and multiply it. It is a simple solution to a complicated problem! How does this trick work? The heat will bounce and multiply around the entire room evenly without increasing costs every month. This solution is perfect for colder months because raising the temperature of the radiator can mean hundreds of additional dollars. A heater of a higher power is an expense that not everyone can afford, but aluminum foil is easily accessible to everyone.

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It serves as a funnel

Many times we need to put some liquid back to a bottle or to store it in some way. Maybe you want to save some juice, or put gas in a tank? Regardless of the reason, there is nothing more useful in these cases than using a funnel. Trying to perform this task without it can be very complicated, or end up causing a disaster. Using some aluminum foil and rolling it in the right way, we can make a homemade funnel. Because it is a very malleable material, we can adjust it to the shape we want to help us transfer the liquid. By doing so we can avoid spilling everything on the ground, and we can quietly pour the liquid into the container we want. Save money by not having to buy a funnel!

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Protect your food while cooking

You probably hate the idea of ​​cooking in a pan when the food is stuck to the pan. When you cook foods such as eggs, pizza, or steaks, everything will likely stick to the pan. For some people, using butter or oil is inevitable, but some try to avoid these ingredients because of diet concerns. If you can't use any of them, what can you do to not ruin your dinner? The solution is again in the revolutionary foil! If you cover the surface of the pan with a sheet of foil, you will protect it from food stains and not waste any of your ingredients. Using a thin layer of aluminum foil, you can cook all your meals without any risk of stickiness. Besides, you can throw away the foil after using it, and you won't have to wash any of them.

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Make your jewelry shine

Add some shine to our outfit and making us stand out in the crowd is the purpose of jewelry. Unfortunately, it often accumulates dirt and sand over time, and it is difficult to clean them thoroughly. We can take care of them and wipe them with a cloth continuously, but it is inevitable to see some dirt on them. What can we do when it is not enough to polish them with a soft cloth? We call our friend aluminum foil! The next time you want to give your jewelry a particular treatment, turn to this fantastic material. Place all your earrings, bracelets, and rings in a glass container filled with aluminum foil, water, and washing detergent. The interaction of these ingredients will bring the brightness of your items back and help extend the life of all your accessories. A bit of aluminum shine to make us shine even more!

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Avoid Wrinkles

Another task in which aluminum foil can help us is ironing. If we put a piece of foil under the clothes while ironing, we can smooth out the surface quickly. By taking advantage of its quality as a heat conductor, we can make good use of aluminum foil. How many of you thought that it could be useful in a situation like this? It is incredible what can be achieved with some ingenuity and free time. When you need to iron a shirt again before that vital job interview, try this trick. Place some aluminum foil under your clothes before you start heating it using the hot surface. You will not believe how quickly they disappear. Always remember to iron your clothes using aluminum foil to perform this task fast. Your clothes will thank you!

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Use it on a touch screen

Although it seems unlikely, the aluminum foil can help us get more out of our touch screen devices. If we cover the tip of a simple pen with it, we can create our own special pen for these devices. We have to make sure we cover it correctly and avoid leaving some surplus that can scratch the screen surface. This alternative a good way to save some money by not getting pens in specialized stores. Apple Pencils, for example, are really expensive to justify their price, and most of them fall apart easily. Using our DIY  “touch pen,” we will save hundreds of dollars that we can spend on more important things. The next time you go out, you will get everyone's attention with your homemade pen! Try one today, and you will notice that it is effortless and practical.

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Soften brown sugar

Many dessert lovers love brown sugar since it is healthier than white sugar and giving sweets a unique flavor. It is medically proven that changing from white sugar to brown one has great health benefits. Now, do you know what you could do to improve it? Aluminum foil is the solution you didn't know you needed when preparing cakes and cookies with that distinctive flavor. Foils can be used to soften brown sugar that is hardened and piled up in some parts of the container. By using this trick, you will not have to hit, stab, and shake the sugar again to use it. Simply separate the large pieces of sugar and bake them in foil for about five minutes. The sugar will recover its ease, and you can use it in any recipe to please your children's palate.

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Protect the crust of your cakes

There is nothing more critical for a confectioner than their baked goods! And they will do everything necessary to protect them and ensure that nothing can damage the perfection they have achieved after leaving the oven. We do not want to spend hours inside the kitchen baking a cake just to have it ruined or broken by some blow or stumble. If you want to make sure your cake looks excellent, you should protect it from accidents. The next time you finish baking a delicious cake, be sure to cover it with a layer of aluminum foil to protect it from the surroundings. Not only will this help prevent it from losing its shape or damaging the crust, but it will also keep it warm and soft. Your diners will appreciate a delicious “freshly baked” cake with perfect crusts and tasty dough. Avoid pressing the foil too much to avoid damaging the cake while trying to protect it.

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Let's help Santa

In the same way that aluminum foil can help protect the oven from dirt, we can use it in other hot places. The chimney, for example, is another place that tends to accumulate a large amount of dust, soot, and ashes over time. The last thing we need is a place in the house that can cause allergies. Nobody wants that, especially Santa! The next time your children are close and want to light the fireplace for some home heat, cover the walls with a double layer. Be sure to find a way to keep the foil in position and prevent the heat from causing it to fall on the fire. If they ask, explain that you are helping to keep Santa's suit as clean as possible. Maybe they'll even help next time!

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A wet brush

After all the tricks with aluminum foil that appear in this list, you will become a DIY professional of painting. If for some reason you must stop in the middle of a paint job, you don't have to worry about cleaning your brush. Even if you fear that the paint can dry and damage it, there is a trick that will help you keep the brush wet and continue. If you use a rubber band to hold some aluminum foil, covering your brush and store it in the freezer, it will keep the tone of the paint correctly and helps it maintain its consistency. You just have to make sure it defrosts before you start using the brush again or you won't be able to finish what you started.

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Improve the internet signal

If you are like most people in the world, you probably have a severe problem with the strength of your home's internet signal. We can try to disconnect it and connect it, restart the router as many times as we want, but we will still have issues watching our favorite series on Netflix. Regardless of the number of times we call our ISP, there are ways to solve this problem with creativity. One of these solutions is to use aluminum foil. Wrap some of this material in a thick layer, and place it as a card next to the router. The aluminum will strengthen the signal and help us to have a better connection anywhere in our house. It's like having a small amplifying antenna, but without spending an excessive amount of money on expensive devices that have no other purpose.

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Dry matches

Matches are something that must remain dry for them to work. Regardless of the reason you need them, there is nothing worse than a wet matchbox as they wouldn't ignite. If we are camping or in a remote place, it is much more important because they may be our only source of light and heat. Using this trick, you can protect your matches from moisture. To avoid being in the dark in the middle of the forest, the best thing you can do is protect your matches using some aluminum foil. Wrap them on the tip of the matches and be sure to cover them thoroughly to prevent moisture from getting in. They will remain dry for months, and you will never have to worry again about running out of light or heat in a dangerous situation.

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Protect a credit card

Technology advances very quickly, and with the emergence of credit cards that are activated by RFID, we must find a way to protect ourselves. These cards make things a lot easier because they allow us to pay quickly, but it makes us very susceptible to fraud. The lack of a pin or signature number enable people to touch our wallets and be able to steal all our money in a matter of seconds. One way to prevent this from happening is to place a protective layer around your card, and nothing better than a reflective material. Covering your credit card, or the inside of your wallet, with a sheet of aluminum foil can protect your account. This material will divert the scanner used by these thieves and prevent them from accessing your funds without you realizing it. Is there anything that this material cannot do?

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A surprise dish

If you can't find anything to do with all the stuff you baked, there's nothing better than creating a few plates of food. Baking sessions can make our ideas fly, and we all love to share our achievements with others. But what do we do if we don't have plates to bring some food to all of our neighbors? It may not be the most elegant way to do it, but foil can help us. You can use this material to wrap some cardboard and improvise an exciting dish to share with the people around you. In addition to protecting the food you prepared, you can use it to mold the cardboard and create very different shapes. If your doing baked products, remember the previous trick we taught you that aluminum foil could help you keep them warm.

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Tanning beds for your plants

It is not precisely a tanning bed, but it serves a purpose very similar to that of these vast devices. Aluminum foil can be an ideal way for your plants to receive enough sunlight at all times. It's like a tan, isn't it? If we remove the top of a cardboard box and cover the inner sides with this material, your plant will have a custom sunbed. The light will bounce from everywhere, and your plant will receive all the sun it needs. Using this "tanning bed," we can ensure that our plants receive a substantial amount of sunlight throughout the day. Besides, the position of the sun will not matter because it will bounce from all directions. Keep in mind that not all plants need that much sunlight, so you should know in advance which ones can benefit from this trick. Your plants will bloom beautifully because of all the new photosynthesis they will perform!

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Freeze food

If you try to freeze foods such as bread, stews, or fish, aluminum foil is the perfect tool. It will allow you to perfectly preserve the smells and flavors. Foils can trap all the particles, which ensures that the qualities of the food last longer. However, you must be very careful while wrapping the food, to ensure they are wrapped properly. The next time you decide to store some food in your refrigerator, do not skimp on the amount of foil. If you make sure to cover it completely and leave no open space, overheated foods will have the same aroma and flavor as the day you cooked them. You can store any kind of food using this method, but you can also spend a lot of foil. Likewise, you will significantly thank us next time you eat leftovers.

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Teeth whitening

We all want to have a beautiful white smile, but teeth whitening treatments can be incredibly expensive. Trying to have the perfect smile can mean hundreds of dollars for a little satisfaction, which is unfair. If there are so many options currently, why not prepare your own teeth whitener? Using some aluminum foil, achieving it is not something as crazy as it seems and will allow you to save some money. All you have to do is mix a bit of baking soda and toothpaste to have your “bleaching solution.” Place a thick layer of this mixture on some aluminum foil and bite hard to keep it in position. After an hour, remove it, rinse, and you will see your smile shine like never before! It is not a magical process that works instantly, but after a couple of attempts, you will clearly see the difference.

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Sharpening a scissor

Aluminum foil can be the perfect item to sharpen and clean your scissors! Scissors tend to harden and oxidize over time, and it is difficult to use them when they are in these conditions. It is usual for this to happen due to constant use and exposure to the elements. A bit of aluminum foil may be all you need to bring those old scissors back to life without spending money on new ones. The next time your scissors start to become blunt or are rusted up, use some aluminum foil. Take a piece and cut it gently about 7 or 10 times to clean and sharpen the scissors. After doing it a few times, you will notice that the scissors are clean and sharp as the day you bought it. It is a simple process that will save you a lot of money and allow you to continue using it.

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Ice cream barrier

Children can cause a great disaster when they are eating, especially if that food is prone to melting or spilling. Desserts like ice-cream can turn into a big smudge on their clothes. Ice cream is food with these qualities if it is not eaten quickly and carefully, so we need a way to solve it. Unfortunately, teaching our children to eat ice cream is a long process that does not always work well. As we get them to learn to be more careful, we can make a barrier by wrapping aluminum foil around the cone. This barrier will ensure that any spillage gets trapped before reaching children's hands or clothing. A spotless solution that, properly used, can solve a filthy problem.

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Protect trees

Animals can be an adorable addition to your garden, but they can also be very disastrous. Rabbits, squirrels, or mice, can use the bark of young trees as food or shelter during the winter. That damage severely affects the growth of trees and can irreversibly disturb their growth. One way to protect them is by using aluminum foil. When you look out the window and think: ‘Winter is coming,’ it’s a good time to cover the base of the logs with some foil. This will prevent animals from approaching your trees and causing some damage to them during the winter season. In addition to keeping animals away, it will protect the roots of the tree from the cold. You must remember to remove it once spring arrives!

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Hot bread

The best way to ensure that your freshly baked products maintain their qualities is to use a trick like this. Do you want to keep the heat of your freshly baked bread for hours after they have left the oven? By utilizing foils that we all have at home you can achieve it. It may not work exactly like an oven, but it will do a great job of keeping your muffins soft and warm. After preparing your delicious toasted sandwiches, wrap them in foil and store them in your picnic basket. The heat conductive properties will do their job and keep the temperature. They will stay warm for hours, and you can enjoy your ham and toasted cheese sandwichs as if they were freshly made. Be sure to prepare enough because after trying them, you will not be able to quench your appetite by eating just one.

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Improve lighting

Plants are not the only living things that can benefit from a more significant amount of light, whether natural or artificial. Human beings love light and enjoy it at all times. The next time you feel that your outdoor space needs a little more light, throw a little aluminum foil to change the way the light strikes the place. Strategically placed pieces can totally transform a place. When making an elegant and new decoration, you can make use of this trick to balance the light pleasantly and charmingly. Adhere a few pieces at some key points to reflect the lighting and see how your garden acquires a new life. Remember to design it so that it does not become a nuisance to neighbors! Nobody likes reflections in their eyes.

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Protect a mattress

Many would think that sleeping on top of foil can be uncomfortable, but in reality, they are wrong. Doing it is a trick that is particularly useful for that stage in which your children still wet their bed and cannot avoid causing disasters. While they learn to go to the bathroom in these situations or overcome that problem, aluminum foil can help their parents get some rest. Place the foil on the bed and cover it with a towel before placing the sheets. The paper will ensure that nothing leaks through to the mattress. If some mishap happens, you just have to replace it before re-accommodating the bed. If you put it in the right way, your children will not realize that they are lying on it and will have a fine nice sleep.

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Steel wool

Steel wool is the ideal tool for cleaning the sink or dishes because they help us removing tough stains. Once you start using it, it is difficult to use any other kind of sponge due to the excellent work it does to help us clean everything. That is why it becomes very annoying when they become a rusty disaster after a few uses. If you start to notice oxidation in your steel wool, avoid throwing it away and try to utilize a better solution, like the following. Wrap it in some foil and put it in the refrigerator. This little trick will increase the life of your steel wool and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Just avoid trying to eat it like a snack after a long night of partying.

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Line your Roller Pans

Cleaning paint rollers can be a tedious task, so many people buy disposable plastic liners or pans. However, many of us ignore an effortless way to solve this, which is to use a foil-made metal pan. The aluminum will pick up any kind of stain or excess paint and allow us to finish the job efficiently. It is a trick that can also save us a lot of money because after using the “tray,” we can discard it without worrying about it. We use the foil to store the paint we need, we finish our paint job and then throw it in the trash. Be sure to desiccate it properly to avoid causing any kind of contamination. You will save a fortune in time and money thanks to this idea!

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Move furniture

Sometimes it is difficult to move large furniture when we do not have enough strength or a helping hand. This problem can complicate our day when we are cleaning our house or moving. Fortunately, someone came us with this trick to help him quickly slide heavy furniture. It is a simple and efficient alternative that will save you a lot of time and effort. Placing some aluminum foil under the legs of your furniture (as it's shown in the picture) will help you quickly slide it over carpets and wooden floors. Be sure to push them gently to avoid scratching any other surface, and you will finish the task in no time. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to help you move the furniture down the stairs so you will have to turn to your friends for help in that case.

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Pot scrub

It is challenging to keep track of all kitchen items that need some kind of special cleaning over time. Many of them require different and specialized tools, and we don't have the money to buy each of them. Although we manage to solve that with what we have, some of them need special exfoliating treatment from time to time. Did you guess what our ace up the sleeve will be? Foil! If you don't have the right tool or you ran out of scourers, you can shred some aluminum foil to do the job. This material can be the perfect replacement for any other device when you need to wash or deep clean pots and pans. Be sure to use it carefully to avoid scratching or ruining the most delicate surfaces, but do not skimp its use whenever you need it.

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Seal plastic bags

Plastic bags are handy and even necessary in daily lives, and we usually rely on them for many of our daily tasks. Unless we are from California, we likely have a lot of plastic bags at home. They are economical and accessible elements, but it can be difficult to store things in them because they are always opened. A little bit of aluminum foil is all you need! You can use some of this material to iron the opening of the bags and see how they close tightly. After doing this, you can use it without running the risk that all your items will fall or be lost. This trick is handy when you are stuck at home with dozens of these bags and need an alternative to give them more utility. Avoid applying too much heat to prevent the bag from melting!

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Clean your cutlery

Cleaning our cutlery can be a challenging task on some occasions. Over time, they can accumulate a large amount of dirt. Although we wash them regularly, some knives or spoons attract too much dust. Cleaning them can be annoying honestly, but we have a straightforward alternative. Maybe spraying a little WD-40 helps, but it can become costly over time. This trick is much simpler and cheaper and will help you get out of this problem quickly. Place some aluminum foil in the bottom of a bowl and place your cutlery there, along with a little baking soda, salt, and boiling water. The dirt will come off quickly and fall to the bottom of the container in a short time. Wash your cutlery after this process, and you will see the result.

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Detangle your cuttings

You've done it! You successfully placed the foil around your seeds to give them more sun, and you have grown a beautiful plant. Congratulations! You are only a few steps away from being the proud father of a beautiful and healthy tree. Now you must ensure that it continues to grow correctly and that nothing hinders its development. It is time to apply another trick using foils to protect your plant. The next step is to make sure that the plant cuttings grow strong and not tangled together so that they absorb nutrients properly. Place them in a bowl covered with aluminum foil and drill a few holes in it. It will keep the water in place for longer and reduce the need to water it as often. It's a trick that also depends on the type of plant, so you should know how it will affect that particular plant before using it.

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Hide stains in mirrors

Worn points of mirrors can add charm to old and worn mirrors, but it is not something that we want with our daily use mirrors. Most of the time, these worn-out spots become a nuisance that we cannot help but notice. It is impossible to stop looking at them when we are getting ready in the morning before going to work. The solution to this problem? Foil. If we place a piece on the back of the mirror and hold it carefully in that position, we will solve the problem. Using some adhesive tape attached to the mirror frame, not the glass itself, we will cover this worn space. It will show a little on the front, but not enough to distract you from your daily routine or bother you. Now you can shave or comb quickly without being distracted by these damages!

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Repel insects

If you are a garden lover, you know how effective it can be to place a bed of mulch in the garden to keep slugs and insects away from your plants. These animals can quickly destroy your vegetables and plants, causing a great disaster and damaging all your effort. It is time to protect and help your plants by adding some foil to the mulch. The next time you place it, add a few strips of foil to the mixture to give some magic to it. In addition to repelling insects, it will add new sources of light to which your plants will benefit from. This exciting mixture will keep annoying insects away and allow you to relax while watching your plants grow better thanks to a little foil in their lives.

Image credits: CNET/Jessica Learish

Remove chrome oxide

If you ever faced a chrome surface that has a lot of rust, you probably think you can't do anything to fix it. Many people will tell you that there is no way to remove rust from these surfaces, but they don't know our tricks. They have clearly never read this article about aluminum foil and all its benefits. Teach them this trick and show them how wrong they were. The next time you have a chrome surface full of rust, just smash some foil and rub it against it. Rust will come out quickly without much hassle! It is an effortless task to perform and will facilitate the process of cleaning these surfaces. Avoid exerting too much force to avoid leaving scratches on the metal though, and remember that aluminum foil can also wear out over time.

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Design cookies

Making cookies with our children is an incredible experience that bonds us together and has a delicious snack to share with everyone at the same time. Making cookies is only half the fun: Creating cookies in different and creative ways can be hilarious. Also, preparing our cookies allows us to make them to our liking, and with the flavors we want. Using this trick, you can customize them even more. Using some aluminum foil, you can make your own cookie cutters and create cookies with the shape you want. The next time you decide to cook them with your children, take a little time to cut your own forms and molds to surprise them. It is an economical and creative alternative with which you can design cookies with your favorite shapes and characters at any time. Who wants dinosaur-shaped cookies?

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More soap for longer

If you are one of the people who love to clean themselves regularly because you have germ-phobia, you probably run out of soap quickly. Even if you do your best to spend only the necessary, you are likely to notice how it disappears quickly without finding out why. Bathing so often can be a costly, but appropriate, life choice, so you must find a solution to your problem. Aluminum foil may be what you need. No, we are not going to recommend that you replace the soap with aluminum foil because that's obviously a bad idea. What you should do is place a sheet of foil under the bar of soap to prevent it from disappearing quickly. Aluminum foil will help the soap maintain its shape and absorb some of the chemicals that usually escape from the soap bar. In this way, it will last longer than it often does.

Image credits: Fine Art America

Your paint palette

The next time you start an art project in which you need to experiment with colors, don't waste your money on a paint palette. If you want to keep different paint samples together and have a place to mix them to reach the ideal color, we have the solution. All you have to do is tear some aluminum foil and put all the paint you need on it. You can fold and tear the material the way you want to direct the paint from one place to another or eliminate samples that you no longer need. You can use it to make a broad mix when you find the right shade, or you can simply throw it away when you don't need it. Using this improvised paint palette, you will not need any cleaning during your artistic projects. It's an economical alternative that would have helped Vincent van Gogh a lot!

Image credits: Tasty Matters

Use it as photo light

Many have dreamt of becoming an Instagram star or getting thousands of followers with their photos. Most of us already have a camera available, our phones! But we need something to give our images that special touch. What separates the pictures we take daily from those professional photos? The handling of light and how they use it on the shoots can be vital to achieving this. It's incredible how much you can achieve with some additional lighting in your images, but not everyone has the necessary photography equipment. Do not worry! Aluminum foil can serve to bounce the existing light in our homes and improve our photos. You will not be able to turn your living room into a fashion runway, but it will significantly enhance your images. Revolutionize your social networks with a professional home-made photograph!

Image credits: YouTube/Practical Tips

DIY Candy Froster

There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly baked cake with a beautiful glaze of your favorite flavor after dinner. Unfortunately, not all of us have the necessary tools to glaze our baked goods, what can we do? If you have exhausted all your options and stores are closed, you must find a way to solve your dilemma. You just need something made of a miraculous material that allows you to apply the right amount of frosting, right? Aluminum foil is the solution to all your problems! Due to its characteristics, you can mold it, fold it, and shape it quickly. You can turn it into a new device capable of putting the right amount of glaze on your cakes without making a mess. You will have a delicious dessert entirely covered with chocolate to share with your whole family! After doing so, you can discard the foil and enjoy your meal.

Image credits: Craftsy

Protect your glasses

If you are one of the people who love to dye their hair during the night, you will know of the danger that exists if the dye drips in the wrong direction. If you need to wear glasses, you should be aware that the color can spill and get to stain the frame of your lenses, so you should protect them. There is nothing more horrible than spotted glasses that ruin your style and turn people's attention away from your new hair color. You can use some aluminum foil to wrap the frames of your glasses and use them as usual while you dye your hair. In this way, if the dye drips towards them, it will prevent the frames from being stained with some extravagant color and save you the money you would spend on new glasses. Be sure to remove the foil carefully to avoid staining anything else after you finish dying your hair.

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Light up the corners

We all have in our home some deep and large closet in which we store hundreds of things. These cabinets usually have very dark corners that we can barely reach due to the number of objects. And do you know who loves dark and damp corners? Cockroaches. If we don't keep those spaces lit, they will quickly fill up with these annoying insects that will start eating everything they find. The next time you clean those cabinets, you can put some foil in those corners to make sure they reflect the light better. It will not solve the problem of moisture, but it will allow you to see every corner of the closet. If you detect the moment when insects begin to appear, it will be easier to clean everything, avoiding an infestation. Remember that you can use this trick in any space that needs some extra light.

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Clean your iron

If your iron accumulates a large amount of dirt or rust after using it for too long, you don't need to worry about that. There is a much cheaper and more versatile alternative than throwing your iron in the trash and spending money on a new one. Although it may not seem like it, using some aluminum foil may be an unlikely, but not impossible, solution. Besides, we can never oppose an opportunity that saves us some cash. Aluminum foil can be an ideal scrub to clean the metal base of your iron to extend its life. When using the foil, be sure not to scrub it too hard or too often to avoid scratching the iron. In the same way, you will surely be pleased to be able to clean it and save money. Don't forget to turn it off before you start cleaning it!

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Vinyl floor tiles

If any of the tiles in your bathroom peel off, there is no reason to get rid of all of them or spend a large amount of money on replacing them. You may want to take off others to give your bathroom some style, but it is not the best option. Although we usually hire a professional to perform these tasks, with a little creativity and aluminum foil, it can be an easy task. Glue them again as usual, and then place a sheet of aluminum foil on it. Iron the tile, and the heat will hold it in place for many more months. This technique works because the heat activates the glue again. Also, you can remodel your bathroom a little by separating the other tiles and rearranging them as you wish.

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Remove static

One of the things that some people hate most is the static discharges from our freshly washed clothes. It may be something momentary, but it is an unpleasant sensation that many people dislike. Why should we stand static if we can find a way to solve it? This little trick will avoid this uncomfortable situation without spending large sums of money on "special solutions" that do not always do their job. If static bothers you, aluminum foil is the solution you needed! You can place a small ball of it inside your dryer next to your clothes, and it will absorb all the static that may occur during the cycle. Once you try the feeling of that freshly washed sweater without worrying about static, you won't be able to dry your clothes again without foil.

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Protect doorknobs

Painting a room is a tedious process in which we must take great precautions to avoid a disaster. The roof and door frames can be protected with some tape because it is an excellent way to keep the paint away from the edges. But how do we avoid getting paint on doorknobs? It can become a complicated task if we don't think about it at the beginning, but it has an easy solution. Aluminum foil may be the solution that you needed all along! If we use it to wrap the knob, and other elements we want to protect, we will see that the foil will trap the excess paint. It is a practical and straightforward trick that will save you a lot of time! As we said at the beginning, painting a room can be a bit tedious, but removing paint from places where it shouldn't be is much worse.

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A dry sleeping bag

After successfully cooking the perfect scrambled eggs and having the most delicious dinner you've tasted in a long time with your DIY pan, it's time to sleep. We are all aware that sleeping bags can be boiling and make us sweat too much. This excess moisture can attract some wild animals like bears, and that's why we should avoid it. Some aluminum foil can protect you from an unexpected encounter. It may be a bit awkward at first, but by placing a long piece of aluminum foil under you, it will act as an insulator. The material will avoid any additional moisture that may cause discomfort or attract wild animals. Using this handy trick, you will have a long and pleasant night of sleep, and you will wake up dry without worries. Be sure to change the foil every night you go camping!

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Prevent Skinning Paint

Those people who love DIY projects should be very familiar with skinning and how annoying it can be. It's a process that usually occurs when builders leave the paint cans half-open for days. The top layer of the paint solidifies, causes a great disaster, and risks your next paint job having to work harder to use it. The next time when this happens, all you have to do is cut some foil and place it in the paint can. If you quickly blow some air through it while closing the lid, the carbon dioxide in your lungs will prevent the paint from rusting. You must perform this trick right after you finish using it to make it work properly and protect your DIY materials adequately.

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Protect your car keys signal

Car keys have advanced very rapidly with technology, allowing you to use them without being inside the car. Only by pressing a button, you can open the doors of the vehicle and even turn it on a few meters away. Unfortunately, this is an invitation for high-tech car thieves who can use the electronic signal they emit to commit a crime. How can we solve this? There are other ways to protect yourself, but covering your keys in tin foil may be one of them. The material will prevent thieves from accessing the signal they emit, and in this way, they will not be able to copy your key. Keep in mind that this will also prevent you from using the key, but the idea is to remove the tin foil only when you need to use them.

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Hair curler

The scope of the aluminum foil goes beyond the kitchen, as you have seen so far, but has it occurred to you that it could help you with your hair? Many people suffer when they try to curl their hair without knowing that the solution to their problems is right next to them. Take some foil and place it between your hair and the curling iron, gently press down and curl. You will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve your desired hair! Another advantage of this trick is that it will protect your hair from any unpleasant accidents or mistakes you can make in the process. When it comes to hot machines, it is always good to be very careful. Be sure not to raise the temperature of your curling iron too much. Aluminum foil can be the tool you needed so much to achieve those curlers that you love while protecting your hair from a severe disaster.

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Place a patch

An iron-on patch may be the ideal solution to one of the most common problems in children's clothing: tears. All parents know that they will have to use one of these at some time because children can be very active. Placing these patches is usually not complicated, but we can make a grave mistake. What happens if you stitch it on to the ironing board? In addition to laughing a little at our mistake, we can do nothing but remove it and try again. But to prevent this from happening again, we can use some aluminum foil. If we place a small piece under the hole, we avoid the patch from getting stuck where it should not go. Once you have finished adhering it, you remove it and enjoy your “new” pants.

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Decoration of cakes

We already know that you can use aluminum foil for cooking or doing many other things in the kitchen, but have you ever thought that you could use it to decorate a cake? This material is very bright and flexible, so if you think about it, it can become a new tool. Using a bit of aluminum foil, you can change the way you decorate your cakes in just minutes. You can cut it, twist it, mold it, and turn it into many different things. After it has the shape you need, you can paint it with non-toxic paints and use it in decorating your cakes. Make sure your guests know that they are only part of the decoration! You can use this material to design flowers, jewelry, or anything else that allows you to give that ideal touch. Let your imagination fly and create unusual shapes!

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Adjust your batteries

Sometimes, discharged batteries are not the reason why your electronic device stops working. Sometimes the springs that make contact with the battery become loose and out of place, which disrupts the current. If this happens to your camera or your radio, no matter how many times you change the batteries, it will always turn off. If you do not dare to repair it yourself, there is a way to solve it momentarily. It is nothing complicated to achieve! All you have to do is place some aluminum foil at the ends of the batteries. The material will become the perfect conductor that will keep the batteries in contact at all times. Remember that this is a temporary solution that can keep your equipment running, but you should take it to repair it as soon as possible.

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What do you think about all the uses that aluminum foil has? It may seem like a common material, but the truth is that it can be used for many more things than you imagine. Did you know all its uses? Have you used it for anything that is not on this list? Remember to leave us your comments and share this information with all your friends who may need these valuable tricks.

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