Cobra Kai: Cast's Real-Life Partners

Dec 01, 2020Kara

Since being saved from internet obscurity by Netflix, Cobra Kai has taken the on-demand streaming world by storm! The show takes us back to the world of The Karate Kid, but this time with a twist. They're all middleaged and have kids of their own! This got us thinking, who has the cast been with all this time? Here are the answers!


Interestingly, Macchio didn’t initially want the Cobra Kai series to happen. Yes! He always thought legendary things, like The Karate Kid, should remain untouched. Plus, there were already three other Karate Kid movies and Macchio thought that was enough for the saga.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images for IMDb/Rich Polk |  Ralph Macchio visits 'The IMDb Show' on June 10, 2019

At some point, he decided to not make any more Karate movies unless there was an amazing idea. Like the Cobra Kai series, for example. So, it was only a matter of time until Macchio realized how special this '30-years after' spin-off was.


Talking about Ralph Macchio’s personal life, we can surely say: this man is doing better than anyone else. Because if fairytale marriages do exist, then Ralph Macchio is a living example of that. He’s been happily married for 33 years! Can you believe that?!

Image Credit: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Gilbert Carrasquillo |  Ralph Macchio and wife, Nurse practitioner, Phyllis Fierro attend the 'Divorce' New York Premiere

Yes, Ralph Macchio met his future wife, a nurse Phyllis Fierro, when he was only 15. Though it took them 12 years to tie the knot, they've been together ever since. Their love story probably explains how Macchio is so convincing in playing the loving husband Daniel LaRusso has become in Cobra Kai.

Getty Images

Macchio and Fierro have two beautiful children: Julia and Daniel. And if Macchio’s son's name reminds you of some famous movie character's name that’s for good reason. He literally named his kid after his iconic Karate Kid character, Daniel LaRusso.

It's true! The star confirmed it on Jimmy Fallon's show a year ago. According to Macchio, his son is proud of where he got his name from, the Karate Kid. If you think of it, who wouldn't want to be named after a hero of a successful film franchise?


Lovable and incredibly open about her lifestyle - that’s how we can characterize the charming Courtney Henggeler! Because her Instagram account is full of womanly wisdom and beautiful family photos. But her husband kind of remains a mystery.

Image Credit: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Paul Archuleta | Courtney Henggeler attends the LA Family Housing Annual LAFH Awards

We do know that the lucky man’s name is Ross Kohn and that’s about it. We couldn’t find more information about her husband, but we could piece a few things together by looking at her social media accounts. The beautiful couple got married in 2015 and their son was born just two years after that.

In March 2019, Henggeler shared some magical news with her fans: her little princess Georgie Healy Kohn was born. The charming Henggeler never misses a chance to thank her beloved husband for everything he’s done for their family.

Just a year ago on Father’s day, she made a post full of appreciation: “Ross Kohn, hands down, is the best person to ever make babies with. If I had to pick out the perfect person to be my dad it would be you!” Aside from building a happy family, Henggeler is also busy doing charity work.

Yes, she took part in a 5K Run Against Extinction, which inspired people to donate to the Generation Awakening organization. Henggeler joked that whoever gets them to their goal would get a lap dance... from her dog Harvey! “He’s quite skilled,” she assured. Well, looks like just as it is for Amanda LaRusso, everything is on the right track for Courtney Henggeler!


The daughter of The Karate Kid is a talented disciple of her father’s new generation of Miyagi-Do but what is she like when the camera turns off? Well, Mary Mouser is for sure full of fighting energy! According to IMDB, she is best friends with another actor from Cobra Kai: Tanner Buchanan. Sadly, they’re not in a relationship. Only friends.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival/Dia Dipasupil | Mary Mouser at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018

What about Mary’s personal life? What we do know for sure is that she is currently dating a handsome actor by the name of Brett Pierce. Their Instagram accounts are just full of sweet photos together! God, they look so in love!

And it looks like Pierce is so proud of his talented girlfriend because he’s always ready to share pics and to promote Cobra Kai's new season. Since they're still pretty young, there aren't any rings nor kids in the picture. However, they have a dog named Mouser.

Talking about her acting career, Mary already has 55 credits to her name despite her young age. Which is impressive, taking into account that she’s only 24 now! With the success and attention Cobra Kai is getting, who knows where else she'll pop up!


“You don’t need big muscles, only good lighting!” That’s the sense of humor Xolo Mariduena has! And we appreciate it. His recent Instagram photos show us a completely different guy from what we know in the series.

For sure, Xolo has grown up. Aside from acting, he also enjoys photography. He has another Instagram account just for his artistic images, which also shows us how he travels and spends time with his friends and his girlfriend.

Yes, many of the true fans out there know that Xolo is dating his Cobra Kai co-star Hannah Kepple. Here’s how Hannah described their relationship: “We were actually friends, a little flirty and then we started talking after season 1, and it clicked.” That’s exactly how love works!

Image Credit: Getty Images/Amanda Edwards | Hannah Kepple and Xolo Mariduena attend the premiere screening and conversation of YouTube Original's "Cobra Kai"

Do you know what unites Miguel and his character Xolo? He is good friends in real life with his co-star mate Jacob. And their social network accounts are full of bromance photos and videos. Here are some cool and funny examples for you:

In March Xolo dedicated this post to his friend saying: “Happy Birthday brother. I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to be 70 when we live in Laguna with our wives and magic cards.” Well, that’s a cool lifestyle dream right there!


Look who’s just recently got an impressive tattoo and shared the photo on his Instagram: “Don’t tell me that’s a real tattoo Jacob” one of his subscribers commented. “Hahaha it's not, my mom won’t let me” the 20-year-old actor brilliantly replied.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television/YouTube Originals/Michael Kovac | Jacob at the premier of Cobra Kai

Of course, it isn’t real, just a prop for the series. Jacob wrote that it took 14 hours to make it! Sounds like a hell of a lot of time in a make-up chair to turn into his badass character, right? But in real life, Jacob Bertrand is nothing like his character, Hawk.

He, perhaps, has the coolest, funniest, and athletic Instagram account of all the actors from Cobra Kai. Just take a look at how multi-talented the actor is: he can play guitar, do some impressive fighting, as well as surfing, he’s also able to perform a mid-air 180 single-hand ax ace.

And just like everybody, he’s always ready to fool around It’s really impressive how Jacob found time for his beautiful girlfriend Serena Pullen. His account was full of their mutual photos just a year ago. But for now, no new updates. Are they still together?


According to what we’ve seen from backstage snippets, Tanner Buchanan is the best at karate in the cast! But the actor isn’t only into aggressive sports. Tanner Buchanan can also surprise his fans with…a tap dance! What do we know about Tanner Buchanan’s personal life?

Image Credit: Getty Images/Star Max/GC Images/Hollywood To You |  Tanner Buchanan and Lizzie Broadway are seen on July 20, 2019 at Comic-Con in San Diego

Is he single? He dated American actress Lizzie Broadway for at least 2 years. What a beautiful, truly Hollywood couple! Though it’s not clear if the two are still together as we haven't heard anything about them for a long time. Yes, Tanner Buchanan keeps his life pretty private. And we have to respect that.


What do we know about Zabka now? He’s 54, he’s happily married, and has two kids. And according to what his co-stars say about him, his lifestyle is so much different from his on-screen character.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Amanda Edwards | William Zabka attends the premiere screening and conversation of YouTube Original's "Cobra Kai"

Because unlike the rough and tumble Lawrence, Zabka is one of the sweetest guys in the whole world! And an awesome and loving father. Unlike his Cobra Kai character, Zabka is a very progressive man, who isn't afraid to use social media accounts and share his brightest family moments with his fans.

Though he does have something in common with Lawrence, he’s just as tough as his character is! Can you believe that Zabka still does all his stunts by himself? Just to remind you - he is 54 years old now. Amazing! And of course, he and Ralph Macchio are very good friends in real life. 

Getty Images

They’ve walked through a legendary period; how could it be any different? Zabka described himself and Macchio with the next line: “We’re different but the same”. That’s what he said on Jenny McCarthy's show, adding that they are still great friends.

Cobra Kai may have had a slow start on YouTube, but since being released on Netflix in late August, there's so much more about the show to be excited about! Karate Kid fans all over the world have had a blast watching it, have you? Fingers crossed for season three!

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