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Elderly Woman Sells House to Help Her Grandson and Vanishes, a Year Later She Returns — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Dec 11, 2021
01:25 A.M.

Mrs. Carmen Seymour decided to sell her house to help her grandson out. After doing that, she vanished without a trace. Then one day, her stepdaughter Annie received a phone call from the hospital, letting her know that Carmen had been discovered in critical condition.


Carmen was sitting in the living room, staring at her stepdaughter Annie. "Is this all you brought for me, Annie? Do you really think a cake and some tea would make me happy? All of this costs less than 20 dollars!"

"I'm really sorry, mom. I've been having a difficult time financially this month. I'll get you something nice when I come to visit next time," Annie said apologetically.

"You better! Look at your sister Jane. She got me a gorgeous dress that I can wear out. She has such a great sense of style. She truly is my daughter," Carmen said, looking at Annie pitifully.

Carmen always favored her daughter Jane over her stepdaughter, Annie. | Photo: Shutterstock


Annie nodded in agreement, saying: "Jane is good at everything, mom."

Carmen shrugged her shoulders as if to say, 'I know.' "Oh, she is just precious. There's no one like Jane!"

Trying to steer the conversation away from her stepsister, Annie asked Carmen where her father was. "I'm here, sweetheart!" James Seymour entered the room, beaming at the sight of the buttercream cake his daughter brought. "You brought my favorite cake! Thank you!"

He dashed towards the dining table in excitement but stopped after Carmen shot him a look of disgust. "Why are you overreacting over a cake? They aren't even that great," she said.


Only James appreciated Annie's buttercream cake. | Photo: Pexels

"Hmm, you're right," James replied, trying to appease his moody wife. "Don't you have plans to visit the market today?"


"Oh, I do. I'm leaving right now. I'm going to make Jane's favorite pie, so I need fresh ingredients. Enjoy your bought buttercream cakes! I don't know why you like them so much," she said, walking away, all while mocking Annie one last time.

"Don't mind your mom, sweetheart. She's having a difficult time right now because Jane and Louis are getting a divorce," James explained.

"What? Jane and Louis are splitting up?" Annie was surprised to hear about her stepsister separating.

Carmen was devastated that her daughter's marriage failed. | Photo: Shutterstock


"Uhuh. They've been living separately already. Their son Andre has been living with Louis, but he will have to choose between his mom and dad soon," he explained further.

Annie shook her head, saying she had no clue what was happening. "Now I understand where mom was coming from. She and I have been on good terms these past few months before this visit. I feel terrible for my nephew!"

Annie's biological mom died when she was only ten years old. Her father then met Carmen at a conference, and they began dating shortly after. Like James, Carmen was a widow and a single mother. He happily took Jane in as his own, but it wasn't the same for Carmen, who barely took responsibility as Annie's mom.


Carmen and James lived with Annie and Jane | Photo: Shutterstock

Growing up, Carmen only cared about Jane. That didn't change much when they got older, and the little concern she had for Annie vanished altogether when Jane welcomed her son Andre. Because of this, Annie barely visited home, as she was constantly being mocked.


After a couple of months, Jane and Louis' divorce was in full swing, and Andre chose to live with his mother. It was challenging for Jane to care for him on her own, so Carmen frequently visited to assist in taking care of him.

Several years passed, and it was the same routine for Carmen, Jane, and Andre. When the young boy turned 18, he moved to a different city to attend college. Meanwhile, Annie was already married to her husband David, whom she met online.

Carmen would always prepare everything for Jane and not Annie | Photo: Unsplash


Soon after their marriage, Annie gave birth to a beautiful girl named Lizzie. Carmen never looked after her the same way she did with Andre when he was a child. In fact, she was jealous that Annie was in a loving relationship with David, while Jane's family was broken.

While this was happening, James' health started to decline, and no treatments were helping his condition. Annie and David took him to the best physicians and even enlisted the help of friends who were doctors abroad, to no avail. He battled his deteriorating health for almost four years before he passed on.

When James died, Annie and David would visit Carmen frequently to look after her, while Jane was preoccupied with her own life. She had met a wealthy man a couple of years after her son left for university and forgot about her mother altogether. The only time she returned was to attend Andre's wedding.


Jane moved to another town away from her mother and son. | Photo: Pexels

One day, Andre visited Carmen to make a considerable request. "Grandma," he started. "What do you think about selling this house and buying an apartment where we can all live happily? You're all alone here, and no one takes care of you," he said.


Carmen shook her head and refused. "Honey, this home holds all of your childhood memories. I don't want to sell it," she said, skeptical about what her grandson was requesting.

"Grandma, this place does not have anything to offer you any longer. My mom abandoned you, and Auntie Annie is a whole different story," Andre pushed. "Also, selling this house would really help me with my new business. I need money, and I was hoping you could help me out."

Carmen knew that she could not say no to her grandson. | Photo: Pexels


At that point, Carmen realized the real reason why Andre wanted her to sell the house. While she was opposed to it, she realized that moving in with Andre and his wife would not be a bad idea. Unfortunately, she did not know what was coming for her.

Annie became pre-occupied with her own life and her child, so she was not able to visit Carmen as frequently as before. So when she went to visit her house one day, she was surprised to find out that Carmen had moved out a long time ago.

When she called Jane to ask about where Carmen went, she revealed she had not spoken to her mother and had no idea where she went. When Annie called Andre, he lied, saying he had not seen her in a month.


Annie was worried about Carmen | Photo: Pexels

Annie went around the entire neighborhood, asking about Carmen, but nobody knew where she was. In the end, she decided to file a missing person complaint. However, at that moment, her phone rang.


"Hello, is this Annie Seymour?" the voice on the other end said.

"Yes, this is Annie. Who is this please?" The woman in the other end introduced herself as someone from the hospital.

"It's about your mother, Carmen. She was brought here last night while she was unconscious. She just woke up and asked us to contact you." Annie's heart sank.

"What? Please send me the address and I'll be there right away," Annie said, hopping into her car.

When she got to the hospital, Annie found out that after Andre received all proceeds from the sale of Carmen's house, he left her for dead.


Annie forgave Carmen for everything | Photo: Pexels

Carmen did not have a place to stay, and wandered the streets until her body gave out and she fainted. When Annie visited her at the hospital, Carmen could not stop her tears from falling. "Oh Annie, I'm so sorry for mistreating you. I'm such a terrible mother," she said.


Annie, having such a big heart, forgave Carmen for what happened and took her home after she was discharged from the hospital. They started anew, and Carmen became a loving grandmother to Annie's daughter. She stayed with them until her passing of old age.

Carmen spent the rest of her life with Annie, David, and her lovely granddaughter. | Photo: Pexels


What does this story teach us?

  • Families don't necessarily mean blood relatives. Annie was not Carmen's biological daughter, but she was the one who treated her with genuine love and care.
  • Too much spoonfeeding can spoil the children. Jane and Andre were always Carmen's priority, and after giving them all the love and care, they ended up betraying her for money.

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