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Poor Boy Pays Bus Fare for Lady with Kid, for That His Mom Gets $1 Million – Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Dec 21, 2021
04:50 P.M.

Stephen couldn't help but feel bad after the bus driver was about to kick out a young mother and her newborn baby because they did not have enough money to pay for the fare. He decided to step in and pay, but he did not expect what came after.


Mia Sanders ran away from home with her newborn baby after her husband James came home drunk. He spewed harsh words at Mia, even threatening to hurt her and her baby again.

Ever since she told her parents that she was with James, they already warned her to be careful. They knew James had abusive tendencies because he once dated the daughter of their good friend.

Despite knowing about his tendencies and experiencing them firsthand, Mia still chose to stay with James. But when they got into a bad fight one day, she finally decided to call it quits.

A poor boy decided to pay for Mia's bus fare. | Photo: Shutterstock


At that moment, she realized there was something odd about herself. Soon after, she found out she was pregnant. James and Mia had no choice but to get married, and Mia weathered the storms for the sake of her daughter.

On the night that James came home drunk, Mia fled to her friend Ana's house. While Ana lived in the same town as Mia's mother, she had no courage to face her mother after her marriage failed.

Unfortunately, while Mia was in Ana's house, she received a call from a hospital, saying her mother suffered a stroke. Frantic, she hung up the phone and wrapped her daughter in her baby carrier before bolting out the door.


As it was Christmas time, all ride-sharing apps were busy. Mia and her daughter had no choice but to wait at a bus stop. When the bus finally came, she boarded and sat down at the priority section.

"You forgot to pay your fare, ma'am," the bus driver suddenly said. Mia jumped at the loud tone and started looking for her wallet.

"I'm sorry sir, give me a minute," she said until she realized her wallet was missing. Mia decided to check the pockets of her bag and she saw she had no change either.

Mia realized on the bus that she forgot her wallet at home. | Photo: Pexels


"Look, if you don't have the money to pay, just get out. You're holding up the line and we've got busy roads," he said, pointing to the door. Mia looked at the driver helplessly.

"My mom was rushed to the hospital, and I really need to get to her. Please, if we could just leave and I'll pay you once we get to the hospital," she said. The driver shook his head.

"Lady, I've been a bus driver for 25 years now. You can't fool me with a sob story. Now get out," he said, opening the bus door for her.

Mia, her eyes flooding with tears, picked up her bag as she cradled her baby. But when she stood up to leave, a tiny voice suddenly spoke up: "Don't let her leave, I'll just pay for her fare."


Mia looked back and saw a little boy dressed in shabby clothes walking towards her. "You can take your seat, ma'am, I'll pay for the fare," he said, handing two dollars to the driver.

A young boy named Stephen decided to do an act of kindness. | Photo: Pexels


"Thank you, sweet boy. What is your name?" Mia said as she sat back down. She patted the seat beside her for the boy to sit.

"My name is Stephen! You're welcome. My mom always told me that if I have a way of helping other people, then I should do it. I'm happy I got to help you today," he said with a smile on his face.

"Your mom raised you very well, Stephen. Why are you on the bus by yourself?" Mia couldn't help but ask. Stephen explained that he was going home from his grandmother's house after giving her medicine.

"My bus stop is here.. goodbye!" Stephen suddenly said, standing up quickly.


"Hold on, Stephen. Do you mind giving me your address? I'd like to thank you and your mother for your kindness," Mia said, handing the boy her cellphone to type up his address.

Mia decided to visit Stephen to thank him and his mother properly. | Photo: Pexels


The next day, Mia left her daughter with Ana to head to Stephen's place. She brought with her a fruit basket as a simple thank you gift. Her heart sank when she realized the worn-down cottage in front of her was where the kind boy lived.

She decided to knock, and it was Stephen who answered the door. "Oh, hi ma'am! Mom, the lady from the bus is here!"

Then a feeble woman appeared from one of the rooms. While she wasn't old, her skin sagged, and it was clear she was having a hard time walking. The two women started talking, and despite her situation, Stephen's mom still offered Mia a bite to eat and was all-smiles while entertaining her.


Mia found out that Stephen and his mother, Lara, were abandoned by Stephen's father when she became pregnant. She did not want to lose her child, so she worked hard to make ends meet.

Touched by the story, and after seeing how difficult it was for Lara to continue caring for Stephen given her situation, Mia set up a fundraising website for them. As her friend Ana is an Instagram influencer, she enlisted her help in spreading the word.

Mia set up a fundraiser for Stephen and his mom. | Photo: Pexels


Quickly, the fundraising page went viral. Not only did they get in-kind donations of food packs and clothes for the mother and son, they even got a sponsor to fix the cottage that they live in. After only a week, they were able to raise a total of $1,000,000.

Mia happily went over to their house one day, with a truck filled with donations. The truck in itself came as a surprise to both Stephen and his mom, but when Mia handed them the check for the donations as well as the contract for the cottage renovation, they were in tears.

With the money that they received, Stephen's education was secured all the way until college, and they will never have to go hungry ever again. They will also get proper healthcare for Stephen, his mom, and his sick grandmother as well.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Lend a helping hand whenever you can. Although he did not have much, Stephen made sure to help Mia on the bus. The kindness that Stephen showed returned to him after Mia decided to help them.
  • Blessings will always arrive if you're a blessing to others. Stephen did not expect anything in return after showing Mia kindness. However, Mia returned his generosity by helping him and his mother.

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