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Lady Comes for Interview & Finds Her Ex Mopping Floor, Mocks Him until He Says ’So Let’s Start’ – Story of the Day

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By Manuela Cardiga
May 26, 2022
07:00 P.M.

Caroline was sure she had done the right thing by dumping her loser ex -- especially when she walked into an interview and saw him cleaning the floor.


While some people dream of finding true love, a soul mate with whom to spend their lives in harmony, Caroline Booth dreamed of being rich, very rich. She was beautiful and charming and she knew how to get what she wanted.

So when Caroline first met a man, her first evaluation wasn't if he was nice or kind. What was important was that he was a big earner. When Caroline met Brad Fallon she thought she'd hit the jackpot, but she wasn't reckoning on his ambition.

Caroline was looking for a man to give her the luxurious life she wanted. | Source: Unsplash


Brad earned a lot of money as an event manager for a multinational, but he didn't provide Carolime with the luxurious life she was expecting.

Brad was saving up every cent towards a dream: opening the best, most innovative event organization. So while Caroline wanted to go to the theater and the opera, Brad wanted to stay home and save the money.

When Caroline petulantly told Brad she wanted French cuisine, she expected him to take her to the hottest restaurant in town, but he made a lovely gourmet dinner at home.

If you truly love someone, you will stick by him or her through poverty and sorrow, no matter what.


Instead of living in a plush, spacious apartment in a sought-after neighborhood, Brad had taken a tiny apartment in a cheaper part of town. Caroline's salary didn't stretch to the designer clothes she craved, and Brad refused to buy her any.

"Don't you love me?" Caroline would ask. "Don't you want me to be happy?" But when Caroline complained, Brad's answer was always the same.

At first, Caroline thought Brad was the man of her dreams. | Source: Pexels


"Hun, I know there's a lot you'd love to do and to have," he explained. "And we will do it all, I promise. Weekends in Cabo, skiing in Aspen, summers in the Hamptons. You'll be able to go shopping for clothes in Paris and Milan if you like -- but not just yet. I need you to be patient for a little while longer and to believe in me.

"Right now I need to build up my savings so I can open my business without resorting to investors. I want it to be ours, free and clear, and once it takes off, we'll have everything you ever wanted."

So Caroline bit her lips and swallowed her resentment. She had no better prospect in sight, and when Brad came home one evening with a dozen red roses and a pretty diamond ring, she agreed to marry him.


But as time went by, it seemed to her that Brad was no closer to starting his company and getting rich. Caroline looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm wasting my time," she told herself. "And I'm not getting any younger!"

Caroline accepted Brad's proposal. | Source: Unsplash


"So," she asked Brad that night. "When are you going to take the big step? Don't you have enough money? It's been over two years since our engagement!"

Brad shook his head. "It's not a question of money right now," he told Caroline. "The financial climate is so uncertain that a new start-up is almost guaranteed to fail."

"Fail?" said Caroline sharply. "I can see you're an expert in failure! You've certainly been studying it long enough!"

Brad was shocked and hurt. "Sweetheart," he said. "I'm sorry I've disappointed you. I know you've been waiting for us to get married these past two years, and I promise you this: I will organize you the most incredible wedding anyone has ever seen."


But Caroline wasn't upset because the wedding was delayed, she was angry because she was eager to start living the good life, to have all those things her salary couldn't buy her.

Caroline met Nick at a fashion show. | Source: Unsplash


Three days later, she went to a fashion show with a friend and at the afterparty, she met the designer's marketing manager, Nick Barma. Nick was handsome, charming, and doing very well indeed.

He name-dropped several A-list celebrities and invited Caroline to be his date at a red-carpet event. Caroline smiled at Nick in his $3,000 Armani suit and agreed.

For the next three months, she was living with Brad and dating Nick behind his back. Nick took her to all the best restaurants, and the clubs where the rich and famous hung out.

He even got her gorgeous bespoke gowns from the designer's sample range free of charge. Caroline was having a wonderful time and looking like a movie star! This is what she'd always wanted, what she deserved!


So when Nick asked Caroline to move in with him, she agreed and dropped the bomb on Brad. "Listen, Brad," she said. "I'm sick of waiting for you to make it big and give me the life I deserve. So I'm moving on and moving out."

Caroline was dating Nick and living with Brad. | Source: Unsplash


Brad was stunned. "But babe, I love you!" he cried. "You know I'd do anything for you..."

"Sorry Brad," Caroline snapped. "Promises just aren't enough anymore -- from now on you have to show me the money!"

Brad was dead white. "I have no money. I've signed the lease for my office space and..."

"Pipe dreams!" Caroline cried. "You're a loser, Brad, and I need to be with a winner. Thankfully, I met one, and I'm moving in with him tonight."

Caroline moved in with Nick, but her hopes of a glamorous life of luxury were short-lived. A year later, the famous designer Nick worked for was embroiled in a huge scandal involving all kinds of ugly goings-on with models.


Brad was shattered when Caroline left him. | Source: Unsplash

The designer was arrested, and the flamboyant company he headed went under. Nick was unemployed, and because of his luxurious lifestyle, he had no savings, nothing to fall back on.


For the next two years, Nick freelanced, bringing in a meager salary, which together with Caroline's was just enough to keep them alive. Caroline was frustrated and angry.

There were no more glamorous events to go to, they moved into a tiny little walk-up apartment, and dining out was a distant memory. Caroline even started clipping coupons to make ends meet. Why did nothing ever go right for her? She deserved so much more!

Then one day, Nick came home with exciting news. He'd been hired by New York's hottest events company as marketing director.

"It's a great job, babe!" Nick said. "The money is fabulous, and I think it's going to be an exciting challenge!"


Caroline moved into Nick's luxury apartment. | Source: Unsplash

"You're so lucky!" Caroline said with a hint of envy. "I wish I could make a change too..."

"Listen, the HR guy who interviewed me said they are expanding and looking for staff," Nick said. "So how about I set you up for an interview?"


"Wonderful!" Caroline said, smiling. "And how are we going to celebrate?"

Nick dropped to one knee. "I thought we could go dancing, have some champagne," he said, smiling. "And afterward I plan on asking you to marry me..."

Finally, it seemed that things were moving her way, Caroline thought as she stepped into the elevator on her way to her interview. She walked into the company and told the receptionist that she had an interview.

With Nick, Caroline was living the high life. | Source: Unsplash


"Let me take you to the waiting room," the girl said. "Mr. Trent, the HR manager will be along soon!"

The girl led Caroline to a lovely, beautifully decorated waiting room and walked away. Caroline was admiring the decor when she noticed a man with his back turned to her mopping the floor.

He was diligently cleaning what looked like a spill of some sort, and he reeked of lye. As the man turned around, Caroline recognized him. It was her ex-fiance, Brad! What a hoot.

"Brad," she cried, smiling cruelly. "Fancy seeing you here! And in such an interesting position! So you've achieved your big dream, have you? What a step-up! From events coordinator to cleaning lady!


"Can you imagine where I'd be if I'd stuck around waiting for you to hit the big time? I have never regretted leaving you, Brad, never! And today I'm GLAD I dumped you. You're such a loser!"

Nick lost his job and suddenly they were broke. | Source: Unsplash


At that moment, a flushed woman in a blue uniform with a name tag rushed. When she saw what Brad was doing, she cried, "Mr. Fallon! What are you doing on your knees doing my job?"

"It's alright, Glenda," Brad said smiling. "I know your son was Skyping you, and you rarely get to talk to him. We have a client coming in and this spill needed cleaning. I was glad to help out!"

"But, sir," Glenda cried. "What would the big-shot clients think seeing the boss cleaning the floor?"

Brad grinned. "They would think I'm a very versatile man and would be even happier to hire me!"


Caroline stared at Brad. "THE BOSS?" she gasped. "You're the BOSS? But I thought..."

Nick got a new job and proposed. | Source: Unsplash

Brad smiled at her. "Yes, I finally made my dream come true, Caroline. And I hope I can do the same for yours...So let's start..."


"Oh, Brad," Caroline gasped and stepped towards him. Now that she looked at him properly, she could see that he was wearing an expensive shirt and watch. He looked tan and trim and very handsome. How could she have forgotten how handsome Brad was?

"I've missed you so much!" she said. "I never stopped loving you. I always knew that if you could focus on your work without me distracting you, you could do it!"

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him enthusiastically. "STOP!" Brad said and pushed Caroline away. "What I meant is that I haven't forgotten my promise to organize your wedding. Nick told me you're engaged."


"Nick?" Caroline scoffed. "Please... He's a stop-gap measure while I waited for you...You've always been the one, Brad, and I won't marry anyone but you."

The man mopping the floor was Brad. | Source: Pexels


"Really?" asked a familiar voice. Caroline turned around and found herself face-to-face with Nick. "That's good to know!"

"Nick, I'm marrying Brad," Caroline said coldly and pulled off her engagement ring. "So you..."

"I'm afraid there's been a mistake, Caroline," Brad interrupted. "You see, I'm happily married and my wife is expecting our first child. I think you should know I would NEVER take you back, even if I was single. I just wanted to show you there are no hard feelings, organize your wedding for free."

"Thanks, Brad," Nick said. "But that won't be necessary. There won't be a wedding. Caroline, I expect you to be gone when I come home tonight."


Caroline was left on her own. | Source: Unsplash

Nick was thankful that he'd seen through Caroline before he married her. Caroline was furious. She rushed to Nick's apartment to get her belongings, and out of spite, broke everything she could lay her hands on.


Her ambition and her greed lost her two men who had loved her sincerely.

What can we learn from this story?

  • If you truly love someone, you will stick by him or her through poverty and sorrow, no matter what. Caroline didn't love Nick or Brad -- she just wanted someone to pay for the good life she craved.
  • Sincerity and love are more valuable than any amount of money. Caroline never understood that true happiness comes from love and dedication, not money and status.
  • What you give is what you get. Caroline had no love or loyalty to give, so she lost the two good men who'd loved her and ended up alone

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