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Single Dad Returns from Business Trip & Finds Twin Babies on Daughter’s Bed While She’s in School — Story of the Day

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By Sonali Bharadwaj
May 27, 2022
12:00 P.M.

A single dad is horrified when he returns home early from a business trip and finds twin babies on his daughter's bed. When she returns home, he confronts her about what's going on and learns something shocking.


After Stanley lost his wife, Martha, to cancer, he brought up their daughter, Phoebe, on his own. Phoebe was only 8 when Martha left them, and for Stanley, it was challenging to raise a daughter while juggling a day job.

Still, Stanley tried his best to be a good dad, but somehow he couldn't fill a mother's void in Phoebe's life. They became distant, especially when Phoebe grew older and avoided sharing anything with him.

The thought of his only child not being close enough to him bothered Stanely a lot, but nothing he tried to bridge the gap between them worked. However, the real trouble for him began when Phoebe turned 14.


Stanely suddenly noted a flurry of changes in Phoebe, which clearly meant boys were coming for her. She had more boyfriends than girlfriends, her skirt length was shrinking with time, not to mention she was an exact replica of her beautiful mother. How could the boys not be after her?

Phoebe was as beautiful as her mom. | Source: Pexels


Like every other concerned dad, these things bothered Stanley. However, he trusted Phoebe enough to dismiss the changes as something that every adolescent girl goes through. Besides, discussing it with her would only unnecessarily strain their relationship and drive them even further apart. But he came to regret this decision one day...

Stanley was supposed to be away for four days for a business convention in Paris. He was certain that Phoebe could manage things on her own while he was away because she was a responsible teenager, and he had taught her everything — from cooking to cleaning to grocery shopping.

"I'm sorry for leaving something on your shoulders that should have been my responsibility, but please do me a favor."


While Stanley was in Paris, the conference was abruptly rescheduled from a four-day event to a three-day event, so he would be home a day before he was supposed to.

He knew Phoebe would be at school when he got home, so he decided to make her a special lunch before she got home. However, as he entered the house and sat on the couch, he heard a baby wailing from upstairs, where Phoebe's room was.

Bewildered, Stanley hurried upstairs and lost his balance when he discovered not one but two babies wrapped in towels on Phoebe's bed.

Stanley rushed to Phoebe's room only to discover two babies there. | Source: Unsplash


"What the hell? What are babies doing here?...No way! Phoebe?" He couldn't believe what he was thinking, but he couldn't think of a better explanation. Why didn't he notice anything before?

"You need to explain this, Phoebe!" he muttered angrily under his breath.

Suddenly, he heard the front door open and close. He came out of Phoebe's room and saw she was back home with baby supplies in her arms.

"Phoebe!" he yelled at her as he dashed downstairs.

"Woah, Dad! You scared me!" Phoebe dropped her things, startled. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at a conference?"


"Cut the nonsense and tell me what those babies are doing in your room? And why aren't you at school at this hour?" he inquired furiously, and for the first time, he noticed worry in Phoebe's eyes.

Stanley was annoyed by the whole situation. | Source: Pexels


"Dad! Please relax! Let me explain everything!"

"That's exactly what I'm hoping for. GIVE ME A PROPER REASON OR—"

"All right, all right, chill! Let me just check on the babies and then we can discuss, okay? And yes, please come with me to my room. I need to show you something."

While Phoebe dashed upstairs to the babies, Stanley followed her. When the babies were finally calm, Phoebe ran to her closet and took a note from there. "Read this, Dad. This is why the babies are with me."

"To whoever finds this,


"I'm sorry for leaving something on your shoulders that should have been my responsibility, but please do me a favor and watch after my babies. I'm not in a position to provide a good life for children, so I am leaving them here. They are twins, and I would appreciate it if you called them Ryan and Peter. Thank you."

"What is this?" Stanley looked at her, confused. "Did you just bring someone else's babies home?"

The twins' mother had abandoned them. | Source: Pexels


"They were abandoned, dad. I found them in a stroller beside a park two days ago on my way home. Thank goodness I found the note and got them home before they fell into the wrong hands. And I just missed two days of school to look after them, so don't overreact about missing classes!"

"Phoebe, you don't understand! We can't keep the babies like that! The cops need to know about this."

"But what's the point? It's not like their mother is going to return, dad! And I don't want to leave them as their mom did!"

"Oh, Phoebe," he sighed and shook his head. "Honey, we need to inform the cops so that they can locate their mother or any other relatives so that these babies are not separated from their families. It's not about leaving them to their fate; it's about doing the right thing."


"Ugh, well, I didn't think about that..." she said sadly.

Phoebe found the babies at a park. | Source: Pexels

"Oh, come here," he said as he threw his arms around her. "I am so proud of you for saving the babies. I had no idea my little princess had grown that much! I'm quite proud of you, Phoebe, and I apologize for my previous outburst."


"You're so cheesy, dad," she smiled and hugged him tightly. "But I love you, so I guess it's fine! Come on, let's tell the cops about Ryan and Peter so they can get home quickly."

"All right then," Stanley said and he called the police and told them everything. He also asked whether he could foster the babies until their family members could be traced, and luckily, they agreed after document verification.

While the twins stayed at Stanley and Phoebe's house, the detectives tried to find the babies' relatives, but unfortunately, nothing came of it. When months passed in this manner, the cops closed the case, and Stanley, who had fallen in love with Ryan and Peter, adopted them. But that wasn't the end of it.


Stanley adopted the babies. | Source: Pexels

During the adoption process, Stanley met a volunteer named Brooke, and they fell in love. Phoebe didn't like Brooke at first, but Brooke won her heart over time, and Phoebe accepted her wholeheartedly when Brooke and Stanley tied the knot.


With Brooke's support, Stanley and Phoebe's relationship improved, and Phoebe also had someone in her life with whom she could talk about girly stuff -- something she couldn't with Stanley previously. And this way, Stanley and Phoebe blossomed from a family of 2 to a family of 5.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Have faith in your children. Stanley judged Phoebe and thought the babies were hers without knowing the whole story.
  • While it's okay to give your teenage children space, don't forget to check in on them every now and again. If Stanley had communicated with Phoebe regularly, he wouldn't have jumped to the absurd conclusion about the babies in Phoebe's room.

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