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Everyone Wonders Why Rich Mayor Married Poor Cleaner until Journalist Catches Him on Hidden Camera — Story of the Day

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By Sonali Bharadwaj
Jun 04, 2022
04:30 A.M.

A town mayor surprises everyone when he publicly declares his intention to marry a lowly cleaner. But in reality, there's a lot more to his decision, which is revealed when a journalist releases a video he'd recorded on a hidden camera.


Mayor Graham Middelton was rich, single, and not to mention, gorgeously handsome, which is why he had many women and even girls swooning over him. But unfortunately for them, in his mind, he had chosen a modest, down-to-earth woman from a poor family as his future partner.

He had fallen for a cleaner at his workplace and wanted to marry her. He would later announce his love interest to the world in a live broadcast, which would have everyone scratching their heads as to why he chose to marry a cleaner. And at the same time, it would reveal something that the public would have never thought of...

Mayor Graham Middleton was the most wanted bachelor in town.| Source: Pexels


A few months ago, Mr. Middleton was on his way to work when he dropped by a florist and bought a large bouquet of fresh lilies. When he arrived at his office, he offered them to Laura, the cleaning lady who cleaned his office every day.

Laura, who was allergic to lilies, was taken aback by her boss's unexpected present, but she accepted it anyway and thanked him before leaving his office.

The next day, when she was back on her job cleaning his office, Mr. Middleton approached her again, and this time he asked if she wanted to have lunch with her.

Laura was confused and a little surprised by the sudden request, and she refused him, saying she had to be home early because her mother was sick.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Middleton," she said quietly. "I hope you understand."

"Oh, it's all good, Laura. Please look after your mother and let me know if she needs anything," he replied with a smile before exiting the office.

Laura was shocked by Mr. Middleton's sudden affection. | Source: Pexels


Laura gave him a slight nod and went back to cleaning so she could go home early. But soon after, Mr. Middleton reappeared, saying that he wanted to take her out for coffee after work. "Don't be worried. It won't take long! Please!" he requested. "I'll drive you back home."

"Well, I - I don't think this is right, sir. You are the town's mayor. People will not see things in the right light," she replied hesitantly. She was embarrassed that she wasn't up to his standards as she was just a low-wage worker, but he managed to talk her into it and she eventually agreed.

"Graham!" Laura cried. "I didn't do it intentionally!"


From that day on, Mr. Middleton was unexpectedly courteous and generous to Laura on several occasions. He took her out to dinners, cared for her mother, and frequently surprised her with unexpected gifts.

"You know how much I treasure every moment with you, Laura," he told her during a movie date one day. "I think I am totally in love with you!"

Laura's heart fluttered like every other girl's heart would to see a man caring so much for her, and she developed feelings for Mr. Middleton as well. A few months after dating secretly, he proposed marriage to her, and she happily said, "Yes! I will marry you!"

Mr. Middleton proposed marriage to Laura. | Source: Pexels


Laura was over the moon to have a man like Mr. Middleton be madly in love with her. They appeared on a live broadcast after the proposal and made their relationship public.

"Just like polishing my office," Mr. Middleton exclaimed, "she also managed to polish my heart with love. And so I hereby announce that we will marry at the end of this year!" he said joyfully, holding Laura's hand while she was sitting beside him and blushing.

People just couldn't believe it was all true. Several women vying to be Mr. Middleton's better half were envious of Laura and how her life went from being a cleaner to the mayor's fiancée. But unfortunately for Laura, soon after that announcement, her world started to change.


After the broadcast, Mr. Middletion began to mistreat her whenever he got the chance and he didn't hesitate to insult her.

One day, they were dining at a five-star restaurant when she accidentally spilled wine on her dress. She rushed to the restroom to clean it up and when she returned, Mr. Middleton began lashing at her quietly so that others wouldn't notice.

Laura felt very humiliated by the way Mr. Middleton lashed out at her. | Source: Pexels


"Why do you need to show off if you don't know how to carry a glass of wine? Stop embarrassing me everywhere!"

"Graham!" she cried. "I didn't do it intentionally!"

"You're right! How can an idiot do something on purpose?" he snarled. "You can't just try to mold a street dog into a human! It's never going to happen! And so is the case with you, Laura! Sometimes, I feel like throwing you out on the streets so you know exactly where you belong!"

Laura left the restaurant that day, teary-eyed, realizing Mr. Middleton wasn't the man he appeared to be. She decided to end their relationship even though it meant losing a lot, especially financial help for her mother's treatment. But she knew she had to do it.


A few days later, at a public conference, when she was invited to speak alongside Mr. Middleton, she grabbed the microphone and revealed to everyone how he mistreated her and what a horrible human being he was.

"This is Mr. Middleton's true color, everyone!" she said when she finished.

Laura exposed Mr. Middleton. | Source: Pexels


A great gasp sounded out throughout the hall and everyone was stunned, except Mr. Middleton.

"I'm so sorry, everyone!" he exclaimed, putting on a mournful face as if everything in his life was going wrong. "My wife isn't in good shape, and I apologize for what she said. I didn't want to reveal it this way, but she's seeking mental help. Please don't take what she said to heart..." he urged. "I am—"

But before he finished, a man's voice cut him off. "Your wife is telling the truth! I can prove it!" the man exclaimed, extending his arm and holding up a USB drive.

Everyone turned to look at the man, who turned out to be the renowned journalist Jack Roberts.


"I can prove the truth, Mr. Middleton. Just a minute!" he said as he plugged in the thumb drive to show a series of videos on the hall screen.

Jack came to Laura's rescue. | Source: Pexels


The first showed Mr. Middleton berating Laura at the restaurant, followed by another where Mr. Middleton was advised by his secretary to marry a poor girl. His secretary suggested that if he married someone poor and portrayed himself as a man who believed in family values by bridging societal gaps such as those between the rich and the poor, it would boost his ratings for the upcoming elections.

"So, what do you think about this, sir?" Jack asked, smiling when the video ended.

But Mr. Middleton wasn't going to give up so soon. He pretended that everything was just a strategy to defame him. "This is all fake! I'm sure the opposition party paid you a hefty sum to do this, didn't they? I never did—" he was about to continue when Jack cut him off again.


This time, he showed another video in which he had interviewed Mr. Middleton's drivers and several others, all of whom agreed that he was abusive towards Laura.

At this point, Mr. Middleton's mask fell off. He knew he couldn't get away with it, and eventually, not only did he lose his position but also everything he owned.

Mr. Middleton got what he deserved. | Source: Pexels


Laura and Jack, on the other hand, got close after this incident and were in love before they knew it. Jack created a GoFundMe page for Laura's mother, and they collected enough money for her treatment.

When her mother was finally well, Laura proposed to Jack for marriage, and he nodded with a "Yes, I will!" and this time, it was a happily ever after!

Laura and Jack moved abroad after marriage, living happily with Laura's mother, and soon, their twin daughters, Beth and Cassandra.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Say NO to toxic relationships. Laura was brave enough to step out of a toxic relationship by confronting Mr. Middleton in public and exposing him.
  • What goes around comes around in life. Mr. Middleton used Laura to help him win the elections. In the end, karma caught up with him and he lost everything, whereas Laura lived a happy life.

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