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Boss Fires Woman Because She Looks ‘Too Old’, Next Day Sends Limo for Her and Begs She Return — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Jun 05, 2022
09:00 P.M.

After claiming she looked "too old," a strict restaurant owner decided to fire one of his waitresses. The following day, he discovered something about her that made him send a limo to her house to beg for her return.


Bob was a wealthy man who ran a successful chain of restaurants. He liked to hire young and beautiful women as his waitresses, as he realized clients often showed more generosity and kindness towards them.

One particular restaurant of his required new staff. Bob was on vacation during the hiring process and tasked his secretary to find him a new waitress who fit his standards.

Mary, a single mother of three, applied for the job as she badly needed money to raise her children. Bob did not see Mary, and when he first met her, she was wearing a face mask on the job.

Bob only liked hiring young, beautiful women in his restaurant. | Source: Pexels


After a while, Bob began to notice that Mary was moving slowly compared to all the other waitresses. He believed she needed to be quicker, or else she made customers wait longer than they should.

He decided to shrug off what he noticed to give Mary a chance until something else started to happen – Mary would show up late for work.

Bob had always been strict in managing his restaurants, and employee tardiness was one of his pet peeves. He called Mary into his office and asked why she was late for work.

Mary was late for work, which angered Bob. | Source: Pexels


"I'm sorry, sir. I have three young children I need to take to school every day. The bus broke down while I was on the way here, so I took longer than I should have. I'm sorry," she said nervously. She didn't want to lose her job and hoped her boss would go easy on her.

Bob observed Mary, especially her face. He realized that she was likely a lot older than all the other waitresses in the restaurant. "You look old and tired. You look about twenty years older than all the other waitresses here. Why is that? You need to look fresh and youthful when you report to work, or else you bring down the restaurant's energy," he told her.

"I'm only 28 years old, but the truth is, I have to support my kids and pay the bills, so I have two jobs. Maybe that's why I look tired. I promise, sir, I will do better," Mary pleaded.


Bob scolded Mary for looking tired and old, claiming she was bringing down the restaurant's youthful energy. | Source: Pexels

Hearing this, Bob grew angry. "Another job? You should not be taking in any other jobs. You should only have one – serving in this restaurant! Choose what you'd like to prioritize, and if I find out you're double-crossing me, I will fire you!" he yelled.


Mary sighed as she left his office. She could not afford to lose her other job, primarily since she had already grown close to the people there.

The following day, Mary was late for work again. Bob saw that she looked haggard and tired yet again, which was the last straw for him. "You know what?" he told Mary. "You're fired. You're why people don't want to go to my restaurant. They see you and get nothing but bad vibes. Go take your bad energy somewhere else," he said and pointed her to the door.

Mary begged Bob for another chance, but he fired her. | Source: Pexels


Mary shook her head. "Sir, please. If you could give me one last chance, I promise I won't let you down. I have dark circles under my eyes because I had to attend to something very important. I'm sorry, sir," she begged.

"There is NOTHING more important than this restaurant! Get out!" Bob yelled, leaving Mary hopeless.

That evening, Bob went to visit his sick mother. He would only visit her once a month, while his sister Amanda visited weekly. Bob was surprised to see his mom sitting on the couch, as she had been bedridden for months.

"Bob, mom is doing great!" Amanda said excitedly. "She says it's because of her new caregiver."


Bob's mom was doing a lot better thanks to Mary's care. | Source: Pexels

Bob greeted his mother, Lucy, and Lucy pointed to the woman standing by the door. "My caregiver is such a wonderful and selfless woman. Meet Mary," she said.


Bob turned his head toward the door and froze. He saw Mary – the same Mary he fired earlier that day.

"I told you I had to attend to something very important," Mary shrugged. Bob immediately regretted his actions and rushed to Mary. He kissed her hands for taking care of his mother.

"I'm sorry, Mary. I've been selfish, and I didn't realize other things were more important than money. Now that I see my mom doing well, I realize I had my priorities sorted out wrong," he begged, embarrassed at what he had done.

Bob's mom credited her speedy recovery to Mary. | Source: Pexels


The following day, Mary was dressing her kids for school when she heard a commotion outside their house. She looked out the window and saw her neighbors curiously peeking inside a beautiful white limousine parked outside Mary's house.

"Kids, let's go see what this is all about," Mary said, leading her kids towards the door. When they got outside, the limo driver handed Mary a bouquet of flowers.

"Mr. Bob Aren would like to apologize for all the pain he's caused," the driver said. "Please enter the car so that we can take your children to school. Mr. Aren would like to meet you at his office after."

A white limo was parked outside Mary's house the following day. | Source: Pexels


The children excitedly entered the limousine, as they'd never seen one before. They were amazed at how big the car was and how much candy and snacks were inside.

After taking the kids to school, Mary went to Bob's office, where he apologized for being a cruel boss. He begged Mary to work for him again as his restaurant's chief manager. Knowing how much this job could help her kids live comfortable lives, Mary agreed and forgave Bob.

Though Bob's mom was no longer in bad shape and didn't need a caregiver anymore, Mary would still visit her alongside her children, where they exchanged stories and pleasantries over delicious homecooked meals.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't judge other people based on their outward appearance. Bob was quick to judge Mary because she looked old and tired, without realizing why. He regretted his actions and discovered that Mary was a hardworking woman who did a lot for him and his family.
  • Single parents deserve to be respected, not ridiculed. Bob initially didn't care about Mary's challenging role of being a single mother to three kids, only thinking about his restaurant business. In the end, he realized how hardworking and selfless Mary was and respected her for it.

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