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Boy Notices Abandoned Stroller with Newborn Baby Girl, Years Later They Meet Again – Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Dec 21, 2021
06:25 A.M.

Travis was playing basketball with his friends at a local park when he suddenly heard a baby crying. It was then that he discovered an abandoned stroller with a newborn child inside.


Travis wants to become an NBA superstar. So, in hopes of supporting his dreams, his parents would often allow him to spend all afternoon at the park, where he and his friends would play basketball until the sunset. They lived in a safe community over at Los Alamitos, California, so kids his age would often be allowed out alone.

One day, when he and his friends took a water break from playing all afternoon, he suddenly heard a baby crying. He searched for where the sound was coming from, and he discovered an abandoned stroller with a baby inside right behind the bush.

"Hello, little girl. Where is your mom?" he said, trying to console the crying baby. There was a note in the stroller, and he soon realized that the mother of the poor child had abandoned her.


Without a second thought, Travis left the park, pushing the stroller back home. His mom, Liana, was at the driveway unloading the trunk of the car when she saw Travis with the stroller.

Travis heard a crying baby somewhere in the park and decided to find her. | Photo: Shutterstock


"Travis Miller! Where did you get that stroller?" she asked him, taking a closer look. When she realized there was a baby inside, she took the letter and read it.

Shocked with what she was reading, she couldn't help but look at the baby with pity in her eyes. The letter read that the mother, an 18-year-old girl named Sarah, could not keep the baby as her family was not willing to support it.

"Mom, can we keep the baby? Don't you want another child? I'll help take care of her," Travis said, pleading with his mom.

She shook her head. "Honey, real life is not like the movies. We have to call the police when your father gets home," she said, taking the stroller inside their house.


When her husband Eric got home, they decided to have a private talk. They sent Travis to his room, and they started to express how sad they were for the young girl. "She can't be over three months old," Liana said.

"She looks like an Emma," Eric suddenly said. "Let's call her Emma for now," he added.

Liana and Eric decided to have a talk about the baby their son just found. | Photo: Pexels


Liana asked her husband what they'd do with the child, and together, they decided to call the authorities. That night, they fed the baby and kept her warm.

"Are we doing the right thing? We can give her a nice future, too," Eric said, somehow contemplating whether or not they made the right decision to call the cops.

"Emma will be in safer hands if she goes through the right adoption process, honey. We're already struggling financially with the increasing prices here in California," Liana said sadly.

When the social worker came, she asked whether or not the family wanted to adopt little Emma. Because of their financial situation, they refused. However, they requested that if possible, Travis be allowed to visit the little girl.


For several years, Travis and Emma were the best of friends. When Travis was 12 and Emma was 5, they suddenly spoke about not being apart.

Emma and Travis became the best of friends. | Photo: Pexels


"I love being your best friend, Emma! If there comes a time we'll be separated from one another, I promise to find you again," Travis once said.

"You're my best friend in the whole world too, Travis! And I promise to find you, too," Emma replied, giving Travis a hug.

Unfortunately, that was the last time Travis saw Emma in a long while. A couple had adopted her, and they moved all the way to the east coast. That day, Travis couldn't stop crying. He blamed his mother for not adopting her back then.

With the little resources he had as a kid, Travis searched far and wide for Emma through the internet. He eventually gave up, but a decade later at the age of 23, he suddenly received a friend request.


He accepted the request after realizing it was Emma. She had the same blonde hair and the same blue eyes. He opened the chat and wrote: Emma, is it you?

Travis, it's really me! For years, I would draw about my best friend at the orphanage, and I realized it was you. I'm so happy I found you here on Facebook, Emma wrote.

Travis was happy that Emma found him through Facebook. | Photo: Pexels


The best friends caught up after years, and they continued to do so for the next couple of months. Emma was all the way in Chicago but was bound to get a full scholarship to UCLA. Meanwhile, Travis graduated from USC and majored in entrepreneurship.

Before Emma flew to California, Travis surprised her by going all the way to Chicago to attend her high school graduation. As she was the valedictorian, she gave the graduation speech for the rest of the seniors.

Midway through her speech, she saw Travis in the crowd. She stuttered but carried on with the rest of the speech.

"Travis, you came!" Emma said, rushing to hug him after. She quickly introduced him to her family, and they had a great graduation dinner for her.


When Emma graduated high school, she relocated back to California for university. | Photo: Pexels

When Emma studied at UCLA, Travis was already working on his chain of restaurants. After she graduated from college, they started dating, and soon after, got married.


They were married in the same neighborhood they first met decades ago. "The same way I made this vow years ago, I say it again: we will never be apart, and I will always be with you," Travis said.

What can we learn from this story?

  • What's meant for you will find its way back to you. Travis and Emma found each other again after years of losing contact. They were destined to meet one another again.
  • Doing the right thing can lead to good things. Travis wanted to take care of Emma after finding her abandoned in a park, and it led to a lifetime bond between them.

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