A fashion model. | Source: Pexels
A fashion model. | Source: Pexels

Aquarius Clothes That Push Societal Boundaries and Provoke Thought

Dayna Remus
Jan 02, 2024
11:00 A.M.
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Suppose you want to figure out whose the Aquarius is in the room; look for someone dressed most strangely. They will not necessarily be bold in their look but original enough to provoke thought, a water-bearer's ultimate goal.


Aquarius's (January 20 - February 18) fashion sense and clothing usually can't be pinned down. Some of them will prescribe to a subculture of clothing like goth, hippy, or punk. But, Aquarius tend to be so eccentric that they may have some indications of this, but you can't quite see what their aesthetic is all about.

While some have a consistent yet zany style, others may jump from different looks to different looks every five seconds. As a rule, it's difficult to pinpoint precisely what Aquarians might wear on any given day. Still, there are some slight similarities in that they challenge gender norms, promote social justice, and are incredibly unique in their approach.

Let's tackle this enigmatic water-bearers complex clothing choices.

A woman holding a painting in front of her face. | Source: Pexels

A woman holding a painting in front of her face. | Source: Pexels


The Unique Take on Shirts

Aquarius can't help it; they want to challenge and change society's norms in every aspect possible. When it comes to gender norms, Aquariuan men may wear flattering blouses, and women will leave their bras at home (if they have any). They will wear "revealing" clothing even if their body doesn't suit what is acceptable by other people's standards, or the women may wear men's long-sleeved checkered shirts.

Water-bearers may also wear shirts with social justice slogans and pictures of whatever cause they believe in, such as environmental or gender issues. They may also wear a shirt that has some quirky saying on it.

Outside of their rebellious ways, Aquarius are generally drawn to the following colors: Electric blue, turquoise, white, and violet. They will tend to wear shirts in these colors but unique in style, with many niche-design tees filling up their closets.

Skirts, Pants, Pushing Boundaries

Aquarius pants are likely to be sourced from a subculture of clothing, although it won't dictate the look of the overall outfit. This could range from tight black pants with chains to a long flowery skirt or ripped jeans with fishnet stockings underneath them.


As usual, gender norms will be challenged. Men will possibly wear a short red and black checkered skirt with fishnet stockings.

These pieces of clothing won't necessarily be within their genres. They could be completely zany, such as bright yellow jeans or an Evie bias skirt, complete with a baggy T-shirt with cap sleeves on top.

A woman wearing a suit and a man wearing a dress walking in opposite directions. | Source: Pexels

A woman wearing a suit and a man wearing a dress walking in opposite directions. | Source: Pexels

Shoes Forever and Days

Aquarians will have a variety of shoes in the cupboard. From platform black boots, stilettos, printed high heels, and their running takkies are likely to be light electric blue. The men will not hesitate to wear the heels either.


Dresses to Dress How You Prefer

Dresses, once again, will likely be quirky. Think Audrey Hepburn Vintage, long and short pinafore dresses, Bobbi mini dress with a collar, and more. The Aquarius may make them plain but will likely wear dresses with polka dots, stripes, or a starry design. Of course, Aquarius men will also don these dresses, if not more so.

An outfit the Aquarius might wear with a dress would be a checkered Bobbi mini dress with a collar, combined with their black platform boots.

A Love for Accessories

These water-bearers adore accessories as they're a great way to express their uniqueness. They will have piercings everywhere and in strange places, such as their eyelids, fingers, or tooth piercings.

They will have an assortment of bangles, hats, rings, and everything you can think of. They may also have a lot of badges that express their beliefs.


Aquarius's clothing is unique, experimental, and sometimes challenges societal norms. They may customize their own clothes as well. That said, some Aquarius's may not be too focused on their outward appearance.

These Aquarius tend to wear simple clothing with an original piece of quirky jewelry here or there, but this doesn't take away from the water-bearers who put great thought and effort into their fashion.

However, the fashion-relaxed and fashion-focused Aquarius with both avoid buying unethical clothing, choose environmentally friendly items, and support small clothing businesses.

If there is anyone who is as unafraid of expressing themselves through strange fashion just as much or even more than Aquarius, it is Aries. Read the following to find out more: Aries Style: Time to Be Bold, Brave, and Rock a Lot of Bright Red Lipstick


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