A woman with a sugar cube in her mouth.┃Source: Pexels
A woman with a sugar cube in her mouth.┃Source: Pexels

Aries Style: Time to Be Bold, Brave and Rock a Lot of Bright Red Lipstick

Dayna Remus
Oct 19, 2023
05:00 A.M.
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Red, bold, and cutting edge, Aries are fearless in putting the entirety of their loud personality into their style. Of course, we're all here for it because, no matter our own choices in fashion or life, it reminds us to continue being ourselves and to wear those heart sunglasses we love.


Aries (March 21 – April 19) are bold, ambitious, and unafraid of what people think. They say what they want to say, believe what they want to believe and wear what they want to wear.

If you need to find out who the Aries in the room is, look for the person wearing the most outlandish clothes, yet their confidence makes it look good. That's the Aries, and it all began with red.

A woman in red.┃Source: Pexels

A woman in red.┃Source: Pexels

Red, Red, Red Everywhere

It's no surprise that this star sign loves the color red. It's bright, bold, and beautiful, exactly what the Aries is. This star sign will begin experimenting with this color from an early age. They may jump into subcultures supporting this color and their outlandish persona, specifically punk.


This culture is unafraid to use its voice and pushes against aesthetic norms. Aries boys and girls will be able to find a space where they can go against or play with societal norms. This includes fashion and gender norms, with men and women able to wear clothes that are generally meant for the opposite sex or gender.

With some exceptions, they will generally grow out of punk itself as they become even more experimental and want to broaden their fashion and color horizons. However, red will always remain in their hearts. Red lipstick and red hair may be the two aspects that will follow Aries men and women around for the rest of their bold existence.

Aries actress Jessica Chastain is the perfect embodiment of this; if she isn't wearing red, there is a high likelihood that she is donning red lipstick.

Always on the Cutting Edge

Aries are always on the cutting edge of fashion. They will know about all the new trends and designers and may even be able to predict what's coming into fashion.

A woman walking across the street.┃Source: Pexels

A woman walking across the street.┃Source: Pexels


Beyond knowing about all the up-and-coming fashion, they will likely set trends themselves. From the office to their friend group and sometimes on an even grander scale, this star sign will be able to influence anyone around them no matter how unconventional their outfits may seem. The trick is confidence. Confidence can sell anything, and they have more than enough.

Elton John, an Aries himself, has always been confident in what he is wearing, which many may not like, but which a significant few love.

Bold and Not Afraid to Stand Out from the Crowd

If it still needs isn't apparent, Aries is not scared of what people think about what they're wearing. One reason they can keep up with trends is they dare to wear what models are donning on the catwalk: outfits that sometimes seem strange to the average eye.

They also tend to wear statement pieces, from hats to chunky jewelry, striking make-up, eye-catching prints, interesting stilettos, massive blazers, and glasses in all shapes and sizes. As mentioned, they won't be afraid to push against gender norms with men, especially pushing the boundaries. Skirts, make-up, high heels, whatever it may be, they will wear it unapologetically.


Unafraid to run around the edges of what people perceive as acceptable fashion, the Aries individuals Lady Gaga and Jonathan Van Ness are the perfect examples of this ability to follow one's own style despite judgment.

While many of us don't enjoy bold colors, prefer subtle shades, and don't care about the latest trends or go out of our way to dress in such a boundless way, we can still learn a lot from Aries.

Whether it's clothes, our career or general life choices we make, the books we read, or the music we listen to, there will always be someone who will judge us for it. Aries teaches us that we must not let this stop us: take the route we want to take, read those 'boring' books, listen to that 'cliche' music, and ignore the whispers and eyes.

For the most part, people aren't thinking about you anyway, but when they do, let them look because you're more stylish than they'll ever comprehend.

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