A woman. | Source: Pexels
A woman. | Source: Pexels

Pisces Makeup: All That Glitters Is Gold and Blue With a Touch of Blush

Dayna Remus
Oct 06, 2023
05:00 P.M.
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Pisces are water signs; they are hopeless romantics and creative to their core, which reflects in their lives. This includes make-up which is seen as an art form in their eyes.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20) are sea lovers, romantic, and creative. So, of course, their passion for these aspects of their life will come through. But which part and when?

One day, you'll see your Pisces friend looking like the ocean incarnate, and the next thing you know, they have shed her oceanic skin and are rocking classical romantic make-up. As for their creativity, no one knows what to expect, that is, except that it will be beautiful no matter what.

Many Pisces celebrities embody these approaches to make-up. Find out more about this beauty practice and art through the eyes of this mystical Zodiac sign.

An eye with glitter surrounding it.  | Source: Pexels

An eye with glitter surrounding it. | Source: Pexels

Under the Sea: Glitter, Green and Gold


Unsurprisingly, Pisces, the water and fish sign, would gravitate to a sea-like aesthetic. Colors such as blue, green, purple, silver, and gold will be at hand with a sprinkle or sometimes a cup of shimmer and glitter. Iridescent shades are perfect for Pisces. These colors tend to be a glowing mixture of dark and light; the more shade, the more intense the magical allure.

A Pisces herself, Rihanna is not afraid to experiment with these shades. In an Instagram post of February this year, she shared a photo of herself rocking glimmering blue eye shadow. In the caption, she wrote, "Swipe for a magic trick," which is, indeed, very on point for Pisce's personality type as the one other astrological sign, next to Scorpio, that holds a connection to the mystical world.

This style represents Pisce's home, deep within the waters, where she feels safe. So, it acts almost as a mask to a world that the Pisces can sometimes struggle with. It is a reference to where she belongs when she feels overwhelmed by the noise and the pain of the collective psyche.


A Romantic Take: Nude, Blush and Dewey

If the Pisces is in the mood for a more subtle look, they will take a romantic route. This will include nude colors, wet or dewey skin, and perhaps some light rose pink blush and lipgloss. Highlighters are perfect for this wet look. They may line their lips in light brown. Overall, the essence of this look is dewy, wet, nude, and some soft touches of pink.

In December 2022, singer and Pisces Camila Cabello went full out in a classic romantic look, sharing it on Instagram. She rocked nude colors, pale pink, wet hair, dewy skin, and pink ruffles on her glam black dress.

This style represents Pisces' idealistic and romantic side. It's a way in which she can express these ideals that she keeps so close to her heart out into the real world.


Artistic: A Taste of Creative Bravery

Pisces are incredibly creative individuals, so while there are their go-to looks, sometimes you never know or can guess what you're going to get. Either way, the Pisces touch can make any face full of makeup look great, even if they sometimes become pretty extreme in their art form.

Lupita Nyong'o was the perfect example of this when she got a henna pattern outlined on her bald head, combined with red gloss, dark eyeshadow, and large golden and red earrings. She shared this post on Facebook, with part of the caption reading:

"So the moral of this story is: DARE YOURSELF TO SEEK OUT BEAUTY IN NEW WAYS."


The image has so far gathered just under 400,000 likes. The comment section was ablaze with positive emojis, support, and individuals praising the performer and commenting on her gorgeous appearance.

This style represents Pisces' extraordinary ability to turn anything into art. She views the world through the lens of creation, and so her life is an art project, and she is but another part of the project with which to decorate, mold, and transform.


Pisces will spend hours practicing the art form if they are focused on make-up. They may make their own make-up or use little trinkets around the house to create something new. If they can avoid it, this star sign will do anything and everything to prevent buying make-up from unethical companies.

To find out more about Pisces' style overall, read: Pisces Style: A Combo of Soul, Soft, Sequins Plus a Splash of Mermaidcore.


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