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Poor Homeless Twins Inherit Property from Granny They Never Knew — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Dec 28, 2021
01:25 A.M.

When Marga and Millie were teenagers, they were kicked out of the house by their mother because of an argument. They've been living on the streets since, but one day, this all changed when their grandmother's lawyer contacted them.


Marga and Millie lived with their mother until they were 16. At the time, the twin sisters had to get used to their mom Carla's new boyfriend, who was a drunkard.

Their mother's boyfriend had abusive tendencies, and when Millie was at the receiving end of his harassment, she decided to let her mom know that she was uncomfortable having him in the house.

Instead of siding with her daughter, Carla was furious. She thought Millie was making the story up and threw them out of the house. "You're just jealous I finally have a good guy by my side," her mother said before tossing their bags out on the driveway.

Marga and Millie were kicked out at the age of 16. | Photo: Shutterstock


Scared, Marga and Millie spent their first night on the streets awake in a local fast-food restaurant. They did not know where to go, as they lost contact with their father after he separated from Carla.

After a while, Marga and Millie had no choice but to grow up and live on their own. They started searching for jobs at local stores and restaurants, even singing in the streets during their free time for some extra change.

They saved up every penny they earned, using these to get them beds at local hostels. Sometimes, they even offered to wash dishes for free in exchange for meals.

When they realized they could get valuable things from the trash, they would find things at the dumpster that they could resell. Unfortunately, sometimes some thrift shop owners would accuse them of stealing, and they'd end up in the police station frequently.


Because of this, Marga and Millie already knew all of the officers. The policemen would explain they had to take them in because of the protocol, but they understood they were only trying to earn money.

Marga and Millie would always end up at the police station. | Photo: Unsplash


Oftentimes, these police officers would also offer to find them free lodging at hostels and would give them food as well. One day, while Marga and Millie were sitting at a bus stop, an officer stopped in front of them.

"We're not doing anything, officer. Did someone report us again?" Marga asked. The officer shook her head and asked them to get into the cruiser.

"Someone hired a private investigator to find you guys, so I said I knew where to find you. I'll take you to where they are," the officer said. Marga and Millie were hesitant, but they trusted the officer so they got into the car.

When they got to the station, a woman introduced herself as Stacey White. "Hi, Marga and Millie. I'm Attorney White. I've been trying to locate you for months, and we've finally found you," she said, asking the girls to sit down.


The twins were surprised to hear that a lawyer had been looking for them. | Photo: Pexels

The girls proceeded to ask questions about who the attorney was, and before they could get answers, the attorney cut to the chase. "I'm here because of Linda Stevens, your grandmother," she said carefully.


"We never met our grandmother, unfortunately," Millie replied.

"Right. Well, she passed away a couple of months ago. At first, I called your mother to look for you, but she said you ran away years ago," Attorney White shared.

Marga scoffed. "Ran away? She kicked us out at 16," she clarified.

Attorney White showed them an apologetic smile. "Your grandmother did not know of your situation, but she wanted so badly to take care of you two. She knew your mother always got into trouble, so she didn't want to leave you with nothing," the lawyer explained.

Then Attorney White let them know that their grandmother left her entire estate with the two of them. That consisted of an upscale house in Beverley Hills, and a large sum in the bank.


"You can't be serious," Millie said, tears filling her eyes. For years, she and Marga have struggled to stay alive, and this news was music to her ears.

Grandma Linda left her entire estate to the twins. | Photo: Pexels


"I'm serious. Here are the papers you need to sign to transfer the money to your names, and here are the keys to her house. I can take you there if you'd like," Attorney White said, sliding an envelope towards the twins.

"Oh, grandma. I wish I could've met you," Marga said, in tears. When they got to the house, they were in awe of the size, and of the gorgeous view it had, too.

Before deciding on anything else, the two women made it their mission to get to know their grandmother and their family a little bit more. They looked through photo albums, diaries, and even legal documents, just to imagine how life was like with their grandmother by their side.


After everything, they decided to change their last name to Stevens. They got their finances in order by investing in start-up businesses and helping homeless people around Los Angeles.

One day, their mother found out that they inherited all of Linda's money. She asked for her share, but the two women refused and called the cops on her.

Their mother Carla wanted to get money from the twins, but they refused. | Photo: Pexels


What message can we take from this story?

  • Not all strangers are bad. Although Marga and Millie grew up in the streets, they grew close to police officers who helped them get by through the years.
  • Things always turn out fine. For years, Marga and Millie struggled to get by. While not everyone is blessed with a rich relative, struggles are temporary, and things will always get better. Always keep the faith and work towards your goals, no matter how difficult life gets.

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