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Newborn Baby Wails All Day, until Parents Check His Crib – Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Jan 16, 2022
01:25 A.M.

First-time parents Jack and Katherine could not figure out why their newborn child would not sleep in his crib nor allow others to carry him. He cried whenever they put him inside, and he would become fussy when other people held him. 


When Katherine fell pregnant at 17, her family told her to get rid of the baby as she was too young to care for another person. Her mother, Lisa, warned her that keeping the baby would ruin her future. 

Although she was young, Katherine had always wanted to become a mother. She did not want to get rid of her child, and it was a decision that her then-boyfriend, Jack, supported wholeheartedly. 

The couple decided to get married, and they welcomed their little boy a couple of months later. They named the sweet boy Jeremy, and they lived with Jack's mom, Lucy, in a rural town in Connecticut. 

Katherine and Jack struggled to find out why Jeremy wasn't sleeping. | Photo: Shutterstock


Lucy welcomed her son and her new daughter-in-law with open arms. She was highly supportive and helped out with Jeremy as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, Katherine struggled to adjust to being a mom. She heard stories about babies not sleeping at night, but she never knew it would be so exhausting. "I didn't think it was literal when people said the baby wouldn't sleep in the first couple of months," she told Lucy one day after she cradled him the entire night. 

"Sweetheart, this is unnatural. Babies are supposed to sleep most of the day! Jack was not like this at all," Lucy recalled. She suggested they should go to the doctor. 


Katherine thought it was normal for babies not to sleep a lot. | Photo: Pexels

After Jeremy's check-up, the doctor could not understand why he was not sleeping. She suggested it might just be a phase, as it differs per child. Because of this, Lucy tried to help out with Jeremy by getting him from Katherine so she could sleep. Unfortunately, it wouldn't take long before he would start crying again. 


Jack was a supportive husband who helped out as well, but he worked two jobs and pursued a college degree for the sake of his family. Meanwhile, Katherine was unemployed and chose to put off her education until Jeremy was older. 

One evening, after trying out everything she could, Katherine told Jack to let Jeremy cry himself to sleep. "People do that, sleep training, as they call it," she suggested. 

Jack and Katherine tried to sleep train Jeremy. | Photo: Pexels


Jack agreed, and they let him sleep in his crib that night. Unfortunately, he was screaming the entire time. Katherine decided to sit with him in the room, worried that Jack and Lucy wouldn't get any sleep despite them having to work the next day. 

When she got to the room, she saw Lucy trying to soothe Jeremy, but he just wouldn't stop crying. "I'm sorry you couldn't sleep, sweetheart. He doesn't want to stop, and I think he really wants his mom," Lucy said, handing the crying tot over. 

Katherine cradled Jeremy in her arms, and they stayed in the rocking chair all night. The following day, she decided not to let go of the little boy because he had finally slept peacefully in her arms for a couple of hours. 


Lucy tried her best to help out, but Jeremy wouldn't budge. | Photo: Pexels

Trying to find a solution to their problem, Jack decided to inspect Jeremy's crib. He thought maybe their little one did not like the mattress they bought him at the store. 


When he lifted the mattress to inspect it, something suddenly fell. Jack picked it up and noticed it was an amulet. It was a little red pouch that seemed to have a couple of gemstones on it. "Katherine, why did you put this in here?" he asked. 

"What is that? That fell out of the crib?" Katherine asked, surprised.

An amulet fell out of the crib. | Photo: Pexels


When Lucy saw Jack holding the amulet, she asked: "Oh, what's wrong with it? I bought that and put it in his crib," she explained. 

"When did you buy this? Did you just put it in there?" Jack asked. 

Lucy shook her head. "It was there since before he was born. I thought you'd seen it."

"I think this is the reason why he can't sleep, mom. It must have been poking him or something," Jack said, putting the amulet on the side table instead.

"Oh I am so sorry, I never meant to cause any trouble," Lucy apologized. 


Jeremy started to sleep better, and this improved his routine and everyone else's as well. | Photo: Pexels

Katherine then tried to put Jeremy into the crib. Surprisingly, he slept peacefully for a couple of hours before he grew hungry. Everyone in the house was relieved. 


"Jeremy is sleeping well and eating well, too. What a delight. You two can finally have some time to yourselves and leave him to me," Lucy said, smiling. 

That day, Katherine was finally able to take a nap and take a shower longer than a couple of minutes. Jeremy now allows other people to hold him without crying too much. 

The amulet stayed displayed on the side table, as it was still a thoughtful gift from grandma Lucy. Like any other child, Jeremy still had his rough days, but ultimately, he slept a lot better and made the household a lot happier, too. 

What can we take from this story?

  • There's always going to be a reason why your baby is not sleeping. It's best to check the environment where he's at, including his crib, his room, and even the things happening at home. If there's nothing worth looking at, check in with the doctor. Babies try to communicate with you through crying. 
  • Don't put unknown things into a baby's sleeping location without telling the parents. While Lucy had good intentions, it ended up leaving Katherine and Jack tired for months just because they didn't know there was something in Jeremy's crib that bothered him. 

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