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Rich Woman Dresses Like Beggar to Check Out Her Daughter's Fiancé – Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Jan 28, 2022
06:25 A.M.

A rich woman finds out her daughter is engaged to a new man who is financially inferior to her, so she disguises herself and goes to check him out — she was stunned by what she discovered. 


Lily May's daughter, Sandra, had just walked out on her. They had a loud disagreement because of her big reveal. She had plans to wed a man named Jack Wilson. Lily had a hard time believing it because she was not aware Sandra had ended her relationship with Daniel, the boyfriend she knew. 

Daniel's family did not have as much financial pull as Sandra's, but they had the respect of the society as they were a family of scholars. 

Lily decided to take a trip to check out her daughter's fiancé dressed up like a beggar | Source: Shutterstock


Lily knew nothing would make her as happy as her daughter marrying into a good family where she never had to worry about making money. 

Now Sandra was saying she had moved on with another man named Jack, and when Lily asked what sort of family he came from, her daughter could not answer proudly. 

That meant his family was nothing to boast of. When she had pressed for information, Sandra revealed that he lived in a small town an hour away from Houston, Texas, where they lived. 

She told Sandra that he was a fisherman, and his parents were regular workers who had done the same thing for their whole lives. "That can't happen," Lily thought as she tried to calm her jangled nerves after her argument with Sandra. 


"She can't marry him!" she said to herself, recalling some of what her daughter had said during the fight. 

"I can't be with Daniel, Mom! He stepped out on me with about three different women in the space of two months! Do you want me to be sad?!" Monica had asked her, tears running down her face.

"That's a lie!" Lily had shouted back, and that's when Sandra chose to walk out on her and out of the house. Lily sat in her room and thought about navigating this new challenge. She knew she had to fix it somehow. 

Lily decided she would have to check Jack out without her daughter knowing | Source: Pexels


If Daniel was an actual cheat, it was smart of Sandra to think twice about marrying him. Perhaps it was only for the best that the girl found someone outside Houston's high society. 

But what if Jack was just out to get a taste of the family money? Men have been known to gold dig when opportunity strikes too. 

Lily decided she would have to check Jack out without her daughter knowing. She had to see him in a natural scenario where he had to act like himself and not who he wanted Sandra to see. With that in mind, she hatched a plan. 

The next day, Lily took a cab and journeyed to Pearland, Texas, wearing the most ragged clothes she could dig up from her old boxes. A stained skirt, which she intentionally shredded on one side, and a sweater that smelled of damp and mothballs, were the best she could come up with. 


It was a perfect disguise that she thought would allow her to observe how Jack acted around regular people. Fortunately, Pearland was a very small town, and everyone knew everyone, so it was not hard to track Jack down to where he lived. 

Lily asked a chatty woman from the local grocery shop and was pointed in the general direction. It did not take long to find the house, but when she arrived there, it looked terrible. 

Lily steadied her nerves, then raised a finger and pressed the doorbell. | Source: Pexels


It was run down and just by the side was an unkempt garden that seemed more like a cultivated jungle. She saw beer bottles and ashed-out cigarette buds paving the walkway as she approached the front door. 

"No way Sandra has been here," Lily thought, certainty ringing in her blood. There was simply no way her daughter could have gotten enamored by a man who lived in such a place. 

She wished she could turn tail and run, but she knew this had to be done, so Sandra steadied her nerves, then raised a finger and pressed the doorbell. 

The man who answered the door was dressed in a gray, sweat-stained shirt and was holding a beer bottle in his hand. He was obviously in his 20s, and he had a stoic face half-covered with facial hair. It had to be Jack.


"Yeah?" the man muttered.

"Oh, hello," Lily said, startled out of her musing.  Now that she was standing before the man, she was lost on what to say or how she could get a bead on his true personality. 

"Woman, I asked you what you wanted," the man said again, annoyed that she just stood there looking at him with her mouth hanging open.  

"I apologize. I was wondering if you could assist me. Unfortunately, I'm a bit lost," she finally said. "Are you Jack?"

"Who's asking? What do you want?" Jack asked, then let out a loud belch. It took everything Lily had not to spit in his face, and he noticed because he laughed.


Suddenly, a woman's yell came from inside the house. "Jack! Where did you throw my lighter? You're always losing things! YOU IDIOT!" In response, Jack looked over his shoulder in the direction of the lady's voice and started firing back. 

He shouted, then slammed the door in her face with so much force that Lily jumped back. | Source: Pexels


"I'm an idiot? Of course, I'M THE IDIOT! But you're the one who can't remember where everything is located. I don't know where you put the lighter! Leave me out of this!"

"I can't believe I'm still down for someone like you! I'm leaving you tonight!" the woman screamed, then Lily heard the sharp sound of glass breaking. 

It startled her, causing her to raise a hand to her chest, but the man just croaked happily before saying, "THE DAY YOU FINALLY GET LOST WILL BE ONE WORTH CELEBRATING YOU CRAZY WOMAN!" 

After that, he abruptly turned back to Lily. "Look, lady," he said. "Cut to the chase. I'm busy."


"That was your lover?" Lily asked, breathing deeply to calm her unraveling nerves.

 It was all she could think to say after the horrible display she witnessed. These people were not pleasant people. "What's it to you, old woman? Now, go away!" he shouted, then slammed the door in her face with so much force that Lily jumped back. 

She could not believe Sandra would actually date such a person. Things were looking bad: Lily would not only get heartbroken but she would also get abused if she ended up with such a dangerous man. 

As she walked the streets, Lily noticed the other buildings around the block | Source: Pexels


Lily knew she had to stop that, but first, she would have to find a cab willing to convey her back to Houston. As she walked the streets, she noticed the other buildings around the block. They were old and small, just like Jack's, but other people maintained theirs better. 

"At least, some people have a conscience around here," she thought. Lily was busy admiring the snow-covered houses when suddenly, a woman exited one, saw Lily, and then waved.

She smiled and returned the gesture because she didn't know what else to do, but the woman started walking in her direction. They were around the same age, and her smile looked very friendly. 


"Hey, there! Do you need any assistance? Are you lost?" the woman asked.

"Oh, no. Please don't worry about it. I'm just looking for a taxi, so I can go home," Lily said before attempting to walk away; however, the lady wasn't done yet.

"Wait. I'm Jane. It's only going to get colder out here and it is sometimes hard to find a taxi on the main road this time of the day. If you come inside, I promise to call one for you," she suggested.

Her meeting with Jack had unsettled her, but she was grateful for meeting nice people who helped her get home safe. | Source: Pexels


"I'm Lily. Glad to meet you. That's such a wonderful offer, but I don't know if I could impose on you that way."

"I insist," the woman said and urged Lily inside.

They spoke for some time then Jane called the cab company. Nobody wanted to go as far as Houston that day because of the weather warnings. 

"Oh, boy. What shall I do? I have to return to Houston before tonight," Lily groaned, facepalming herself. 

"A cab from here to Houston is an expensive undertaking. Why don't you stay here until tomorrow then you can take the bus," Jane pointed out.


"Oh, that's okay. Someone else will cover the taxi fee," Lily lied. "It's important that I get home tonight." Just then, someone opened the front door and walked in. 

"Hey, Ma!" a boisterous voice called out. 

It belonged to a good-looking man who shared a remarkable resemblance with Jane. He had her kind face, and his smile reached his eyes just like hers. 

Jane's son proposed to take Lily to Houston | Source: Pexels


Jane got up and gave him a great hug before introducing him to Lily. Apparently, he had been visiting his mother and had come with fresh fish he caught that day.

"Oh, I was wondering if you know anyone going to Houston tonight?" Jane asked her son after putting the fish away in her freezer.

"I can't say I do," he said after thinking for a few moments. "Why?"

"Lily here has to get there tonight, but none of the cab drivers in town are willing to take her," Jane said.

"Well, why don't I take her? I was thinking of going to Houston this weekend to grab some stuff anyway, might as well do that tonight." Jane's son proposed.


Lily, who had been watching, quietly piped up then. "Oh, I wouldn't want you to go to all that trouble for me of course. You look stressed out," Lily said, suddenly feeling shy.

"Don't think too much about it. Come on," the man insisted before taking Lily to his vehicle, an old truck.

"It runs like a dream," he said when he noticed her expression. They exchanged small talk during the long drive, and Lily was pleasantly surprised by his soft-spoken demeanor and kindness. 

Not many people she knew would have done what the man was doing, and she had said nothing about paying him. Indeed, he was a kind, hard-working man.


Lily gave him directions to her area, but she asked him to drop her off at the gate. | Source: Pexels

It made her happy that not all the people in Pearland were like Jack. Why could her daughter not have fallen for a man like this? Such were Lily's thoughts as they entered the city. 


"Ma'am. Where exactly are you headed? I could drop you off," the man said, shaking her out of her thoughts. 

With some reluctance, Lily gave him directions to her area, but she asked him to drop her off at the gate rather than getting her to the door of her house.

"Here, you should have some money for coming out here," she said as she exited the car. "It's what I would've paid the cab driver." 

"No, I couldn't. I was going to come here anyway," the man said, rejecting her offer. Lily insisted, but the man had another reason he made the trip that night.

"I also plan to use this trip as an excuse to say goodnight to my girlfriend, who lives around here, in person. I should thank you!" the man said, then laughed, and after a moment, Lily joined in.


"Well, in that case, all I can say is that I appreciate your kindness," she said before turning around and disappearing behind her gate. 

"What a splendid young man," Lily thought as she reached her house. "I never even got to ask him his name. How rude." Her meeting with Jack had unsettled her, but she was grateful for meeting nice people who helped her get home safe.  

Lily was well aware that money was just a part of the whole, but she was convinced that Sandra had made a mistake with Jack. 

Her daughter's vehicle pulled into the driveway some moments before, and she heard two doors slam. | Source: Pexels


"Why couldn't she have opted for someone like Jane's kind son?" Lily thought as she took off the ragged clothes she wore and changed into her pajamas.

She had just laid her head on her soft pillow when her phone rang with a message. It was from Sandra. She would be bringing her boyfriend over for dinner the following day and hoped Lily would be on her best behavior. 

"I'll be nice tomorrow Sandra, but you just can't marry that man," Lily told herself as she drifted off. 

When it was time for dinner the next night, Lily couldn't help but be worried. Her daughter's vehicle pulled into the driveway some moments before, and she heard two doors slam. Jack was with her. 


Lily did not know how she would explain what she witnessed yesterday, but Sandra would have to rethink. That horrible man she met was not only sweaty and rude; he already had a girlfriend.

She heard a knock at the door, and she took a deep breath to center herself. She was about to challenge the vile Jack, and Sandra had to listen to reason. 

But when the front door opened, Lily once again lost control of her jaws, just like at Jack's house the day before. 

"Mom?" a wary Sandra called, wondering why she stood transfixed. 

The reason was not far-fetched. It was because the man who stood next to her was not the rude Jack she had met in Pearland. Instead, it was Jane's kind son. 


"Ma'am?" the man asked, looking at Lily with a baffled expression. 

Sandra was surprised that Lily and Jack had met each other previously | Source: Pexels

"This is your mother?" he asked Sandra. "I gave her a ride here from Pearland last night."


"What? Mom, what were you doing out there?" Sandra asked.

"Oh, dear. Do come in! The both of you, so this is the boyfriend I've heard so much about, Jack?" Lily asked as she ushered them into the living room while she worked on hiding her ecstasy. 

"Yes, Mom. This is Jack. You met him yesterday?" Sandra asked once more, resurrecting the subject. 

As she and her lover removed their coats, Lily watched them with a relieved smile. "Yes, I did pumpkin. It's a long story, one I think you should be seated for," she told them.

When they were seated, she narrated everything that happened the previous day, including how Jack ended up bringing her back to Houston. It turned out that there were two people named Jack in Pearland, and the woman from the store only knew one. The sweaty one. 


Lily thought the whole ordeal was hilarious, and they all had fun laughing about it so that by the time dinner ended, the two women had forgotten their fight. 

Throughout that night, Lily enjoyed a wonderful time with Sandra and Jack. Before the pair departed, Lily told Sandra that she thought Jack was a great choice and promised to pay for their wedding. 

She could not judge Jack for his occupation when he treated her daughter like a treasure. Besides, anyone was better than the sweaty Jack she met. 

Throughout that night, Lily enjoyed a wonderful time with Sandra and Jack | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Never judge people based on material things. Money is not everything, and this is true, especially where people are concerned. There are many good people out there with little to call their own and terrible people who have more riches than a whole household combined. 
  • Trust that your children can also get it right. Don't assume that only you know what is best for your kids. Sometimes, they know better what will work best for them. 

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