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Homeless Young Lady Marries Old Man without Realizing He Is a Millionaire — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Jan 31, 2022
06:25 A.M.

A homeless woman's life changes drastically after she accepts a proposal from an old man who initially hid his wealth from her. 


John Smith was 76, richer than he had any right to be, but unfortunately single. He had not always been alone, but truly fate had dealt him many terrible hands in his romantic life. 

When he was 34 years old, his wife Lizzy was killed in a vehicle crash. They had been on their way back from a family outing when a truck crashed into their vehicle. 

John came across a homeless woman on his way to a cafe one day | Photo: Shutterstock


John was the sole survivor. His wife, Lizzy, bled to death right by his side as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. He could never get past the guilt because that day, he had been the one behind the wheel and had been very tired. 

Lizzy had warned him not to take the wheel, but John insisted, and she caved. He could still remember those few seconds of blissful sleep before things went berserk. 

Indeed, John had dozed off behind the wheel for a few seconds as they took a turn onto the highway and crashed into an oncoming truck. 

Forty-two years after the awful experience, John was still in the throes of trauma. Every day was a new opportunity to berate himself for not listening to Lizzy that evening. 


In fact, after what happened, he pushed his kids, Maya and Joe, off to boarding school. Unfortunately, they reminded him too much of who and what he had lost. 

While they studied at their schools, John drowned himself in his work to combat loneliness. The years of work he poured into his small clothing business reaped many benefits, including the growth of his enterprise into a big brand. 

John was the sole survivor in the car accident as his wife, Lizzy, bled to death right by his side while waiting for an ambulance to arrive | Source: Pexels


Another unfortunate part of John's existence was how both his kids started to neglect him as soon as they got into prestigious colleges. Their ties with him were only secured by one thing — the money he never failed to give them. 

Outside of calling him for financial assistance, the two kids showed no interest in their father. For example, one day after they had dinner, John had just risen up to leave the dining hall when he had a heart attack. 

Lucky for him, his neighbor had been having dinner with him that night, so he was able to reach the hospital in time. 

John spent two weeks on the sickbed, but neither of his kids came by or called to ask after his health. His son's excuse was a university trip, while his daughter just ignored his calls. 


After some time, John was released from the hospital and allowed to go home. The first night he spent at home after the long spell at the health center was the loneliest he had ever felt. 

Ten years later, he was out walking by the park when he decided he would branch at a cafe to grab a cup of hot coffee. 

The cafe stood on the opposite side of the road, so he had to cross over, but just as he was about to, the traffic light signaled the pedestrians to stop while the cars whizzed by. 

John relegated himself to living a more modest life in a normal American home | Source: Pexels


While John waited, his gaze was attracted to a lady in an alley beside the cafe. She was curled up on a small mat with a bag resting under her head. 

Beside her, there was a sign that read, "Desperately in need of a job. I'm homeless and in need of funds to support myself."

The placard stunned John. He had seen many beggars in Connecticut over the years, but one begging for employment was unusual. On a flip second, he decided to offer his assistance, so he approached her. 

"Pardon me, miss, but are you okay?" he asked gently, jolting the woman awake.

"Oh, ye - yes, of course, I am," she quickly said as she stood up. Her name was Ally George.


"It's okay, you can relax. I just read your placard and I've got a job offer for you. I need someone to help me look after the house, like a housekeeper."

"Really?" Ally asked, her eyes going as round as saucers. She had not been expecting the offer.

"Yes, but I'd like to know more about you. I would be honored if you would join me for a cup of coffee. I heard there's a really good cafe nearby," John said.

"Sure, of course, can't say no to coffee," Ally replied, and off they went. 

As they walked, John questioned Ally about her life and what landed her on the streets. In her reply, she explained that she was divorced and discarded by her husband because of a miscarriage. 


While John waited, his gaze was attracted to a lady in an alley beside the café | Source: Unsplash

She had only migrated to Connecticut two years before but had no relatives or friends to whom she could turn to for help. "And that's how I ended up on the streets. Is there more you would like to know?" Ally asked when she finished.


"No, that will do," John replied. "Here we are," he added, gesturing at the cafe and holding the door open for her. 

Ally smiled shyly at this and whispered a thank you to him as she went past. John ordered them coffee and sandwiches, and they spent the entire evening talking. 

John enjoyed the discussion, so he asked that Ally start working the following day. He also invited her to spend the night at his house, to which she reluctantly agreed. 

While they conversed that day, John was unaware of how much he had fallen for her personality. She possessed gorgeous blue eyes like his Lizzy's, and her raven black hair which was scattered across her face contributed to her beauty. 


As they exited the cafe that evening, John could not stop looking at Ally. The small smile she made whenever a snowflake landed on her outstretched palm reminded him of his late wife, and suddenly he was drowning in sadness again, unaware love was back in his life.

"So, Mr. Smith, how long before we arrive at your place?" she asked, still wearing a cute smile.

"My house?…Oh, my house. Right, I forgot, it was actually… Never mind," he stuttered, having realized they were in another neighborhood. 

While they conversed that day, John was unaware of how much he had fallen for her personality | Source: Unsplash


To save some face, he simply pretended he had deliberately taken a different path. Once they arrived at his place, he showed Ally where she would sleep and told her to make herself comfortable.

She thanked him for his generosity. To a certain degree, she had also felt a flush of emotions for the kind gentleman but only because of all he was doing for her. 

In the year that followed, Ally tended to John and his house, and they grew closer. Looking back to the previous year, she could remember how filthy and homeless she had been. 

But now, Ally was proud of her perseverance. She no longer lived on the streets and was now earning a living.


However, despite how close she got to John, the woman was clueless about his riches. She simply thought he was a kind and lonely man who lived alone because his wife was dead and his kids were out living their lives. 

Her ignorance persisted even after John asked her hand in marriage, and they got married at a church. After all, the millionaire had been living so far beneath his means that she could never have guessed. 

The reality she knew was almost destroyed when both of his children paid him a visit one day and met his wife. 

"What did I hear you say? You're married to my dad?" Joe asked Ally when she answered the door and introduced herself as his father's wife.


Ally's ignorance of John's wealth persisted even after John asked her hand in marriage, and they got married at a church | Source: Pexels

"Yes, Joe," Ally replied with a roll of her eyes. "I'm his wife and now your stepmother. Do we have an understanding?"


"Really?" Joe laughed. "A bloody gold digger is what you are and you're here just for his money."

"I can see how hard this is for you and your sister but you can't say things like that," Ally cautioned him.

"Oh, we can't? So you really expect us to believe you married a man who's way older than you just because of love?" Maya cut in. "Look, miss, I advise you to get your things and leave as soon as possible."

"And where did you get the authority to decide that?" John said as he approached them. "This is my home, and she is my wife. If anyone must leave, it'll be you two."


"But dad..." Maya began, but John cut her off. "You kids have nothing to offer so you should go."

The kids tried to say something, but John refused to give them an audience. He slammed the door in their faces and cut all ties with them. After all, they only wanted his money.

"But John," Ally said. "They are your kids. How can you be so heartless? At least speak to them."

"Yes, they are undoubtedly my kids, Ally," John said. "I know them well. Don't bring that subject up ever again." 

Some questions churned in Ally's mind that evening, especially why his kids kept referring to her as a gold digger. "Could John be hiding things from me?" she wondered, but she kept her musings to herself. John would just get upset if she asked him now. 


Maya accused Ally of marrying her father for something other than love | Source: Pexels

Her questions were left unanswered until three years later after John passed away. In the years before his death, the man had taken ill and had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 


Ally maintained a constant vigil by his side, caring for him, but his children did not show up once. Finally, after witnessing his children's betrayal again, John had his will edited and sealed until his death. 

When his lawyer eventually read his will, Ally was stunned. 

"Mrs. Smith," the lawyer began. "I'd like to inform you that the late John left you his entire estate, including two mansions and a small house in Connecticut."

"Mansions? John had ... what?" She couldn't believe her ears! She and the late man had lived the most mundane life in an ordinary house in Connecticut. 


Hearing what the lawyer said nearly gave her a heart palpitation. 

"Yes, ma'am," the lawyer said. "Mr. Smith owns an overseas business which is currently managed by his partners. The man may have led a simple life, but he was the founder of a multimillion-dollar enterprise. And you're listed as his only benefactor."

John's kids, who were also present, had hoped they would inherit some properties but were enraged when things turned out to be different. 

After witnessing his children's betrayal again, John had his will edited and sealed until his death | Source: Pexels


"I was right, you are a gold digger! You wanted his money so you got him out of the way, witch!" Maya screamed before storming out of the lawyer's office. 

Her brother felt no different, and before he left, he chewed Ally out as well. The widow did not hear the insults, though; she was busy weeping at the fact that he left it all to her. 

After they left, the lawyer handed her a letter written by John explaining himself. 

"I always loved you, and I hope you can live your life happily while I'm gone. You loved me even though you thought I wasn't rich and it convinced me that you should be heir to my estate," he wrote at the end of the note. 


After reading the letter, Ally decided to use the money well. The first thing she did was create a chain of shelter homes for the homeless across Connecticut. There, they would receive training for jobs and would also be cared for.

After that, she gave some of the wealth to charity and one of the mansions to Maya and Joe. It was a sign of forgiveness and an olive branch. They didn't deserve it, but Ally believed it was wrong to leave them without anything.

Ally gave some of the wealth to charity and one of the mansions to Maya and Joe | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Forgiveness is important. Ally chose to overlook Maya and Joe's sins and was even the first to extend an olive branch to them. She was able to move on in life rest assured that she did everything right that could be done. 
  • Be there for your parents. Unlike Maya and Joe, who chose to abandon their father later in their lives, you should respect and love your parents, don't go to them only when you require a favor. 

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