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Passengers Ignore Crying Boy until a Woman Realizes He Is in the Wrong Plane — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Feb 01, 2022
01:25 A.M.

A young boy lost himself in the airport crowd and ended up on the wrong plane — he burst into tears after realizing this, but everyone ignored him until a Good Samaritan walked by. 


Luke Pierce was eight years old when he heard from his mother that they would be going out to a resort to have bonding time with the external family. 

Luke had no objections. The way he saw it, it was a great chance to meet the other family members whom he had only rarely seen. Later the same day, his mother, Eve, sent out the call to confirm their attendance. 

Luke was travelling with his family when he noticed something was wrong on the plane | Source: Shutterstock


Many of Luke's siblings, aunts, cousins, uncles, and grandparents were urged to attend, and everyone agreed to show up — they all loved the vacation venue, which was to be Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa, Lake Placid, New York. 

The establishment was one of the top resorts in the state, so everyone was looking forward to the trip, and adequate preparations were made. 

The excitement and anticipation kept Luke restless until the day of the departure, then he started feeling worried about the trip because they were flying to New York from Florida. 

To hide his budding despair, Luke talked his family's ears off, and the only topic was about the things he was likely like to see and things he had to see.


His family quickly grew tired of the continuous chatter as they journeyed in a van headed to the airport. They fervently prayed that he would pipe down, but when he refused to, Eve had to make some threats to keep him quiet so they could have some peace. 

Luke made the mistake of letting go of his mom's hand, and before he knew it, she was swallowed up by the churning crowd | Source: Pexels


The drive was a long one, and after they arrived at the airport, the family moved off to the plane boarding zone. As usual, it was filled with a sea of people rushing to make their various flights.

In all the chaos, Luke made the mistake of letting go of his mom's hand, and before he knew it, she was swallowed up by the churning crowd. As soon as he realized what had happened, he took several breaths, as though storing up energy, before starting to panic.

The boy kept his head on a swivel as he was battered left and right by crowds trying to get by until he caught sight of his family headed towards a plane terminal. 


Sensitive about getting lost like that, Luke rejoined his family without making a sound, tucking in his head to make himself as small as possible. 

The air hostess who stood at the terminal checking people in assumed Luke was a member of the family she had just cleared, so she gave him access as well. 

As far as Luke was concerned, his window seat was more than good enough | Source: Pexels


Still ashamed of getting lost, Luke found a comfortable seat and started looking around for his family. He had no luck, but that was not enough to get him worried; after all, he had traveled by plane before. 

He was well aware that they could simply have gotten seats anywhere on the plane, and it was not the time to go looking for them. 

As far as he was concerned, his window seat was more than good enough, and he also felt safe because he knew that if his seatbelts were off and he stood up, his mom would turn up to caution him.

After the plane took off, Lucas undid his seat belt and stood up, looking around and waiting for his mom to emerge; however, she remained out of sight. This made the boy decide to seek her out on his own. 


He walked around the plane for a couple of minutes, but nobody batted an eye until he became afraid of the sea of unfamiliar faces and started crying. 

Luke simply could not understand what was going on. With tears rolling down his chubby cheeks, he walked the spaces between the row of seats, looking to see if anyone would recognize him. 

Luke walked around the plane for a couple of minutes, until he became afraid of the sea of unfamiliar faces and started crying | Source: Pexels


None of them did, and some were mean. "Get out of my face, boy," one angry-looking man growled, further scaring the already unsettled kid. After trying to find his family for several minutes, he returned to his window seat and started crying softly.   

The man who sat next to him took a look at him but quickly refocused his attention on the laptop he had been tapping away on. 

Luke kept crying until a woman heard his sobs as she passed. She was the same person Luke had initially confused as his mom because of her many kids and dark hair. 

Had the woman not walked by, Luke would have balled his heart out the entire flight. "Why are you crying, little boy?" she asked the boy, but before he could answer, she faced the man. 


"You," she said, hands on her waist. "You didn't notice him crying? You couldn't have done something?" 

"I…" the man began to say, but she cut him off by raising her hand.

"Switch seats with me," she said. "Mine is just two seats in front and it's by the window."

The man agreed gratefully, then packed his things up and left. The moment she sat, Luke opened up to her. "I can't find my parents," he said, fresh tears threatening to spill down his chubby face. 

On the plane headed to Connecticut, the woman had no idea how to fix the problem, so she decided to reach out to a flight attendant | Source: Pexels


"How come?" she asked him, but he answered that he had no idea. 

"I thought you were my mom when you passed by with your children and because I was ashamed of getting lost in the airport, I followed you into the plane. You're going to New York too?" Luke asked. 

"What? New York?" The woman chuckled. "Honey, this flight is bound for Connecticut —" 

That was when she figured it out. The boy was bound for Connecticut, but his family must have boarded a plane headed to New York.   

"Oops," the woman said. 


Meanwhile, the plane that should have been headed to New York had been detained at the airport because a passenger had gone missing — the 8-year-old Luke.

Eve blamed herself and was inconsolable while her husband and other men in their family attempted to find the boy by fanning out and searching the airport. 

Back on the plane headed to Connecticut, the woman was stumped as to how she would fix the problem, so she decided to reach out to a flight attendant. 

After thoroughly searching the plane bound for New York, it was confirmed that Luke had either not gotten on or had somehow gotten off the plane | Source: Pexels


She described what happened to her and the woman, also at a loss, alerted the pilots. They decided they could not turn back since they had gone some distance, instead choosing to contact the airport they left. 

Meanwhile, after thoroughly searching the plane bound for New York, it was confirmed that the boy had either not gotten on or had somehow gotten off. 

Eventually, the plane was cleared to leave, and it did so without the Pierces. They stayed back at the airport in the hopes of finding him.

The search went on for hours until they were met by an airport official who had first-hand information on their boy's whereabouts from the pilots. 


"He got on the wrong plane," the man told them with a relieved voice calming their fears to an extent. 

Some hours later, the family got reunited. Eve could not contain her joy at seeing her son in good health, so she shed a couple of tears her husband wiped away with a reassuring smile. 

To herself, she promised to pay more attention to her son and never ever let go of his hands in crowded places to avoid a repeat of what happened. 

Eve could not contain her joy at reuniting and getting her son back in good health | Source: Pexels


What did we gain from this story? 

  • Sometimes you have to go out of your way to help. People ignored Luke's cries because they wanted to avoid taking responsibility for him. Thankfully a true Samaritan found him and facilitated his return home. Be that Samaritan. 
  • Don't be scared to ask for help. If you need assistance, never be afraid to ask for it because the worst that can happen is not getting it. The woman who assisted Luke was lost on how to help, but she drew attention to him, which eventually helped him return safely home. 

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