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After Little Son's Death, Mother Enters His Room and Hears Child's Voice Saying, 'Hello Mom' — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Feb 01, 2022
03:25 P.M.

A woman mourning the loss of her son suddenly hears him call out to her a few days after his demise — she decides to check his room, but she is unprepared for what she finds.


Jane Wilson was a single mother of a boy named Jack. The woman had to raise him alone after her husband Zack lost his battle against cancer. 

Jack had still been a child of four when it happened. His mother had only had a few moments to mourn before life came at her at full force. 

Raising a kid on her own was challenging, but as time went on, she got used to living like that and tried her best to care for her boy. 

After a couple of years, she got the hang of it, but problems started as puberty hit Jack. He reacted to it the same way most boys his age did, by withdrawing inward and putting space between himself and his mom. 


He was in his room all day either playing video games or doing homework, and he spent little time with Jane. 

The woman tried not to read too much into her son's sudden aloofness towards her thinking it was simply a teenage phase. She assumed things would change for the better given enough time, but that's not what happened. 

Contrary to what she thought, the rift between them only widened with time, until eventually, Jane decided to address it. 

One afternoon, she deliberately took the afternoon off work so she could return home to prepare his favorite dish while she waited for his arrival. Jane planned to sort things out with him, but he was tardy.


An hour after he should have been home, Jane reached out to his school teacher, Mr. James, to inquire about an impromptu extra class that could have held her son back. 

The man told her there were none, scaring Jane even more. So she ended that call and quickly dialed numbers of his friends to check if Jack was over at their place, but they all knew nothing. 

At this point, Jane could hear her heart thundering in her ears, and it was impossibly fast. "Where could he be? What's keeping him?" she thought to herself. 

Jane reached out to Jack's school teacher to inquire about an impromptu extra class that could have held her son back | Source: Pexels



Refusing to entertain negative thoughts, she rushed over to her neighbor's house to ask if he had seen her child, but he also had not.

At the end of that day, as Jane sat in her living room surrounded by the smell of her abandoned cooking, she decided to file a missing person report. 

She had just gotten up to leave for the police station when she heard her phone ring. She was reluctant to pick it up for some reason — somehow, this mother knew that only terrible news was waiting for her.

"Is this Jane Wilson?" a brisk female voice asked. 


"Ye - Yes? It is. May – may I know who this is?" Jane asked with a shaky voice. 

"This is Officer Jill Benett, ma'am," the woman answered. "It's your son, I — "

"— Oh, you found him, you found my baby!" Jane cut in with joy, but then she heard the hesitation in the other woman's voice. Her smile died immediately, and her hope withered. 

"I'm afraid I have bad news, ma'am," the officer finally said. "His body was found in a lake not far from his school. His ID and a couple of other items were recovered and they led us to you."

The news shook Jane to the core as she tried hard to wrap her head around the fact that her son was no more | Source: Pexels


Silence met her words, and after a short pause, she proceeded.

"We would be grateful if you could take some time to help us make sure we are not mistaken. We believe he had been trying to save a colleague when the ice gave way from under him — he didn't survive the cold." 

The news shook Jane to the core. "Is this a prank?" she asked, grasping on straws, trying hard to wrap her head around the fact that her son was no more. 

"You are mistaken!" she said. "Jack would not die on me. He is simply late!"

"We understand how hard it can be to accept this sort of thing, ma'am, but it did happen and now we need you to stay strong." 


Her words were met by silence. "Hello? Ma'am, can you hear me?" Officer Benett asked, but she got no replies, then the call was disconnected.

Concerned about how the single mom reacted, Officer Benett had a team sent out to her home, where they found her sprawled out on the floor, unconscious. 

The news had shocked her, and she had collapsed from it. "How do you feel today?" a nurse asked her three days later when she recovered. 

She answered positively and was allowed to leave with warnings to take things easy for weeks after. That same day, Jane visited the local precinct to check the body they recovered. 


It was indeed her son, even though she wished that it was all a big mistake. It was his body lying there, pale in death. 

Jane cried even more as she witnessed her son's coffin getting lowered into the grave | Source: Pexels


"Pumpkin! Get up!" she cried. "I will get you that PS5 you wanted if you do and I will never scold you again." 

He didn't listen, and Jane's tears flowed. They flowed even more as she witnessed her son's coffin getting lowered into the grave and buried several feet under the earth. 

"I was not a good enough mother, that's why God saw it fit to take back what he gave me," she said to herself as she sat alone before her son's grave. Others had eventually left her to it.  

When the sun set, Jane got up slowly and returned home in a daze, and there, she cried herself to sleep. 


The following day, she woke abruptly from sleep after she heard a sound emanating from her late son's room. Like her boy was calling for her. 

Tears stung her eyes at the thought. "If this is a dream but my boy exists here, I have no desire to wake up," Jane thought as she walked slowly to Jack's bedroom. 

It was empty, and after several inspections turned up nothing, Jane turned to leave, writing it all off as her desperation.  She had just taken a step forward when a slight movement drew her gaze to the bed's corner. 

"Who's there?" 

"Hello, mom," a tiny voice suddenly said.


Jane quickly rushed to the corner with a gasp, but nothing was there. On a whim, she knelt to peer under the bed then the voice came again.

Jane walked into Jack's bedroom but turned to leave after several inspections turned up nothing | Source: Pexels


"Hello, mom," it repeated. At that, Jane upended the heap of blankets that had spilled down the side of the bed, but all it hid was a birdcage that held a parrot. 

The green feathered bird kept saying "Hello, mom" repeatedly while Jane tried to figure out where it came from. "Did Jack buy this secretly?" she wondered as she absentmindedly reached for the cage. 

As soon as she opened it, the parrot quickly flew outside the cage and out the window, startling Jane. "No, wait!" she cried, quickly running after the bird. 

When she got outside, Jane found the bird perched on the shoulder of a boy who stood on the next street."Hello there," she called out to him. "Can you please stay right where you are? I need to get that bird back." 


The boy gave her a nod and raised a hand to stroke the parrot. When Jane reached him, she offered her thanks. "Thanks," she said. "I think this parrot belonged to my late son. He seems to like you, though."

"It's because I know her. Her name is JoJo and she used to be mine until Jack purchased her in exchange for his toys."

"You sold it to Jack?" Jane asked, astounded. "You knew my son?" 

"Of course I did," the boy said. "I'm an orphan who ran from the orphanage that used to mistreat me so I had to beg on the streets. I met Jojo on the streets one day and she started following me around. But when I needed food and money, Jack was the one who helped, by giving me his toys while he got the bird. He said he always wanted a pet and I fancied his toys. They were shiny and new so I sold them and used the money to buy a nice meal."


Jane removed the heap of blankets that had spilled down the side of the bed to reveal a birdcage that held a parrot | Source: Pexels

His words triggered one of Jane's memories from days before her son died. That afternoon, after he came home from school, Jack had complained about how he did not have a pet like his other friends. 


Jane had just lost her job at the time, so money was not forthcoming. The job she had found only covered a little of her expenses, so she had to say no. 

"I already have a hard time feeding you," she said. He had lashed out at her response. 

"That's not a valid reason mom. Why won't you get me a pet? You refused to get me the PS5 last month and now you're refusing this too. You're so stiff!" 

His words had cut through her and left her trembling, but she explained anyway. "Things are a bit rough right now, pumpkin, but I promise you'll get these things later. Mommy just needs to get a good job." 


"No!" Jack yelled. "Enough with all the silly excuses! You just talk like that cause you make all the money. I hope I never have to act like you when I grow up!" 

"But Jack, listen I just…." He cut her off before she could say more. 

"I don't care about your excuses mom. I hate you and it's because of your bossy nature!" 

"Pumpkin, " Jane whispered, trying to appeal to his sensitive side, but it was closed to her. Before she could say more, he returned to his room and slammed the door behind him. 

When he left, Jane promised herself to get him a pet soon. But as she remembered his words, her tears came unbidden. 


Her cries were loud enough to reach Jack, but he just ignored them. He traded his limited edition Transformers collection for the bird the following day. 

Jane was upset with Jake when she refused to buy him a pet | Photo: Pexels


He was able to keep the bird hidden after barring her from entering his room unannounced, and she agreed because she did not want to invade his personal space. 

Jane was truly afraid of getting estranged from him, which is why she tried not to provoke him by doing things he didn't like. Jane's shock was evident as she pieced everything together just as the boy finished the whole story. 

"So that's how he ended up with the bird," she said, then after looking at him from top to bottom, asked if he had a place to return to. 

"It doesn't matter," the boy replied, a faint smile on his face. "I can sleep anywhere, even under a bridge at times.


Jane felt sorry for him so she requested to know his name. "My name is Robin, but you can call me Rob," the boy said.

"Okay Rob," Jane said with a smile. "Would you like to come with me? You can wash up in my house and have something to eat."

The boy immediately agreed and followed her home happily along with Jojo. Later on, she called the police to report the orphanage he escaped from.

They informed social services and sacked the place, putting it out of business. Soon, Jane and Robin formed a bond, and after social services came for him, she found herself missing him. 


Sometimes, while she groomed the parrot, Jane always felt her son's presence more, like he was smiling down at her; then the next thing she knew, her thoughts would switch to Robin and how lively he had been. 

After thinking it through, Jane decided to adopt Robin, who was only too happy to have a mom finally. Jane still feels her son's presence around her sometimes, but she hopes his soul has found a resting place. 

Jane informed the cops about the maltreatment Robin received at the orphanage | Photo: Pexels



What can we learn from this story?

  • Avoid being selfish. Jack had been very selfish for not understanding why his mom couldn't give him all he wanted, and it caused a rift between them that did not get resolved until his demise. Being selfish ruins relationships. 
  • Don't wait too long to make amends. Jane was unable to resolve her issues with Jack because she didn't tackle them early enough. It ended up becoming something she regrets, and this is why it is important to resolve problems as soon as they come up. 

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