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Rich Man Who Lost All Hope to Be a Dad Adopts 5 Kids Simultaneously — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Feb 08, 2022
01:25 A.M.

A man's journey to adopting a child takes an unusual turn that sees him end up adopting five kids on the same day. 


David Mark thought it was just another regular day when he drove into the parking lot of the Brighton Heights Orphanage Home in Tampa, Florida. 

He was a successful businessman who had lost his ability to father children because of a spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down, essentially confining him to a wheelchair.

David is a businessman who had given up on becoming a father until he visited an orphanage | Source: Shutterstock


Fortunately for him, he had an insane amount of money which made being a paraplegic a little bearable. But even the money had not come easily to him.  

As a child, he lost his parents and had to fend for himself without their support, facing many challenges on the streets and in shelter homes. But after years of toiling and scraping by, his fortunes changed. 

His business was thriving, but fate wasn't done with him — just a few years after he made his first million, he lost his ability to establish a family. 

It was the worst possible time because David had started looking forward to sharing his wealth with a woman he loved and the children they would have, but his disability kept all of that far away from him. 


David refused to be bitter about it and would often visit different orphanages bearing provisions and money for upkeep. He knew how hard it was to keep one running, and he wanted the kids to have access to nice things. 

One bright morning, David made his way to Brighton Heights Orphanage Home to make his annual donation, and he met a boy there. He could not have been older than seven and was playing football in the garden just outside the orphanage grounds. 

David was a successful businessman who had lost his ability to father children because of a spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down | Source: Pexels


As David made his way past, the boy's ball hit his wheelchair with a dull thud, unsettling David. 

"Oh no, I'm sorry that happened, I misfired," the boy said as he stood with his attention focused on the floor — he was terrified that David would berate him.

Instead, the older man picked up the ball, rolled his wheelchair towards the boy, and handed over the ball. "Don't want your ball back?" he asked. 

The boy kept his face averted, and when he didn't respond, David spoke to him in a more friendly tone. "What's your name, my boy? What do you think about becoming friends with me?" 


"I'm David," the boy said, still keeping his focus on the ground.

"What a great coincidence, my name is David  too!" The older man laughed

"Really?" the boy asked, suddenly interested.

"Yes, my name is David Mark. Now, would you like to play with me?"

"I would love to!" the boy said, his face lighting up with a smile. "But if I win, I get to have a chocolate. Deal?"

"Deal," David said, smiling as he watched the boy move some distance from him, then they started a game of throw and catch when the orphanage director, Shane Davis, came out to see what was going on. 


David picked up the ball, rolled up to the boy, and handed over the ball to him | Source: Pexels

"Oh, Mr. Mark. I apologize for letting this boy trouble you," he said as he moved quickly to take control of his benefactor's wheelchair. 


"Oh this game began at my request, I assure you, Mr. Davis," David said. "This child is quite chummy, reminds me of myself as a kid. I was just as playful."

"Are you sure about that sir? If you like I could tell him to..."  Mr. Davis was saying when little Daniel ran up to them.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Davis. I didn't mean to bother him. He wanted to play with me and I said yes."

"It's all good, David. Go play with your other friends okay?" the older David said with a grin. "We can always finish our game some other day, and I won't forget about your chocolate."


"Alright, bye," the boy said before hurrying off with his ball.

David felt an odd bond with him as he watched the kid go. It felt like he had run into him by divine ordination, and before he knew it, he started considering the boy for adoption. 

It was not a hard decision to make; he was already in love with his innocence. However, there was a catch. "There are four others?" David asked, stunned.

"Yes, Mr. Mark. If you want to adopt David, you'll have to take his four other brothers," the orphanage director told him. 

David started considering the boy for adoption | Source: Pexels


"But why must I do that?" David asked, perplexed.

"That boy's parents were too poor to raise him and his siblings, so they left them to us. But only after we signed a contract that said only one person must adopt all five so that the siblings were never separated. That's why none of the adoptive families have agreed to take them in so far. I think you should give it a rethink."

David considered the manager's words. Indeed he had a point; taking in five kids was not an easy task. "Don't get in over your head," he told himself, but then he couldn't get over how little David had made him feel.  

"All right, Mr. Davis. Let me meet his brothers," David said. "I might be willing to adopt them all." 


"Alright, Mr. Mark. It seems like you've made up your mind. Come, let's meet the other boys."

When David first saw them, he couldn't stop looking at them. They were all very young, and they looked adorable. Little David had a twin named Matthew, while the other three, Hank, John, and Chris, were 3, 4, and 5 years old, respectively. 

Harry and Chris both had brown hair that the manager said they got from their mom while the other boys, including David, looked more like their father. 

When David first saw little David's siblings, he couldn't stop looking at them as they were all very young, and looked adorable | Source: Pexels


After he met them, David had no doubts that he wished to adopt them, so the next day, the adoption process began. It went on for two months, after which David became a father. 

However, things were not all rosy. One of the boys, John, did not like him in the beginning, so David had to put in a lot of work to get him to trust and later love him. 

Things started to change after the boy and his new dad had a heart-to-heart discussion during which John thanked him for helping them. 

"Thank you for taking all of us in," he said. "Chris says you are our new daddy and that you are a good person. He also said that I should thank you because you truly care about us."


David's eyes got blurry with tears at the boy's words, and he dragged him into his arms for a hug. "You are all my kids now, John. I love all of you, and I promise you'll never feel that you're alone."

David lived a happier life looking after his boys from that day forward. He enjoys being a parent, and he thinks parenting them is easier than he could have ever imagined! 

Now his life is full of love. His home echoes with laughter and the noise of eight small feet running about.

David lived a happier life looking after his boys from that day forward | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • You don't have to be related by blood to become family. Family is not a term used only for people who share blood ties, and David learned that lesson in this story. He did not sire those boys, but they brought him joy and every other emotion he had missed for years. 
  • Everything happens for a reason. David meeting little David may have seemed like a coincidence, but in truth, it was what pushed the man to desire adoption. Indeed, there's always a reason behind every one we meet in life. 

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