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It's a Pity Your Late Dad's Not Here,' Says Bride's Mom, a Familiar Man Approaches Soon After — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Feb 09, 2022
03:25 P.M.

A widow giving away her daughter in marriage talks about her late husband's wishes during her speech, and immediately after, a familiar figure approaches her. 


Linda and Ben Beckett were high school sweethearts who got married early. At 18, the two became parents to a daughter they named Martha. 

It was a romantic fairytale, but not everyone thought so. Ben's mother harbored hatred towards Linda — for some reason, the woman had never liked her from the onset. 

Linda just finished giving a speech at her daughter's wedding when she heard a familiar but unexpected voice | Source: Shutterstock


When the woman discovered that Ben had gotten married to her with the intention of starting a family, she threw him out of her home and banished him from returning. 

The couple tried their best to do well for themselves, and against all odds, they started to succeed. They both got hired as software developers and were getting paid enough to keep their family afloat. Things started going well, but after the third month, Ben was fired after exchanging words with his supervisor. 

On the other hand, Linda, who worked at a different company, had been promoted and asked to move to Washington D.C. Ben did not seem too excited for her. 


When she told him about it, he lost his cool and said, "Do you even hear yourself? I just lost my job but all you can talk about is your promotion! Do you even care about me?"

"That's not how it is, baby," Linda said, stunned at the news. "I'm so sorry, I had no idea." 

She tried to hug him, but he just shrugged her off. "Okay, now that you know, are you still going to talk about the foolish promotion?" he asked. 

When Linda told Ben about her promotion, he lost his cool, shrugging her off even when she tried to hug him | Source: Pexels


"Oh baby, I do feel terrible for you, but this is all the more reason I have to leave for Texas. I plan to leave next week. I thought you should be aware; take good care of our Martha for me?" Linda said, walking to her bedroom.

He had hurt her, and she did not want him to see the tears her broken heart had triggered. 

"How could he have blamed me for something I knew nothing about? He made me look so terrible back there," Linda thought as she took the stairs one at a time. 

A week after that, Linda gathered her things and prepared to leave. To her daughter, she said, "Be a good girl, and don't bother your father," then she planted a kiss on her brow. 


She waited for Ben, but he didn't step out of his room that morning. Linda had a bad feeling in her gut as she left the house that day, but it was later she discovered why. 

It had been the weekend after she left, and she had decided to surprise them with a visit. She had been horrified to find the entire house in shambles. 

When she walked in, the first thing that hit her was the smell of rotten food from the kitchen and the faint sting of excess alcohol. 

She found her husband drunk, stumbling around while her daughter was curled into a ball in one corner. It made Linda angry, and she immediately got into a heated verbal exchange with him. 


Linda gathered her things and left for Texas | Source: Pexels

"How could you do this? Look at you!" She had yelled. 

"And what about yurrrr!" he slurred back, stumbling. "Where yur been woman?" 


"You don't get to ask me that, Ben Beckkett! Can you even call yourself a parent?" Eventually, she gathered Martha's belongings, and they left for Washington the following day with no plans to ever return. 

Over time, Ben realized his folly, so he decided to try begging for forgiveness. It took him some time, but he was able to track her down using her workplace. 

But it was all for naught — he had already lost her to another man named Jack. He and Linda met at a PTA meeting, and they had quickly bonded because their kids had gotten along.

Passion quickly blossomed between the two, and soon love entered the equation. Trouble surfaced in their paradise one day as Linda was headed home from work. 


One of Jack's colleagues called to tell her that he had been ambushed by business rivals and had been fatally wounded. "How is he?!" she had yelled in the parking lot where she stood by her car, horrified. 

"That's why I'm calling ma'am. The ambulance was summoned but Jack passed away en route to the hospital," the woman said in a solemn voice. 

Linda received a call on her way back from work informing her of Jack's death | Source: Pexels


The news completely threw Linda, and it devastated her. When Ben, who had also moved to Washington to clean up his act before reaching out to be a part of their lives again, heard about Jack's death, he was saddened. 

He had also known how much Linda loved the man, and he took that opportunity to slip back into her life. She needed support and a shoulder to lean on — Ben was ready to give her the world. 

He tried everything he could think of to get her to move past her grief; there were planned trips, movie nights, and even picnics where they talked about where they would go from there as a family. 

Months passed, but Ben's steadfastness remained unchanged while Linda's heart healed. 


Just as they settled into a routine, their family was dealt another terrible card — Ben had cancer, and it was in its final stages, which meant he had only months to live. 

After his demise, Linda mourned his death, but only as the father of her child. Martha returned home around that period after graduating, and they became each other's support as they grieved. 

Martha had been planning to get married that year, but she postponed telling her mother about it until a few months passed because of Ben's death. 

Linda was thrilled about the news, and it brought her much-needed comfort and joy, especially when they started planning it together. 


Martha returned home to Linda around that period after graduating, and they became each other's support as they grieved | Source: Pexels

It happened a month later, and Linda, who had promised to keep the tears limited, could not stop crying — even when she gave her speech. 


"I am the happiest woman on earth right now," she started. "Why? Well, for starters, my beautiful daughter married a man she loves. And I was able to witness it. I wish them love and happiness in their union...But it's a pity," she said, her vision blurring with tears as she turned to Martha. "Your late dad's not here with us today. He'd also be the happiest man in the world today if he saw his daughter looking so adorable. I hope wherever he is, he's blessing her and her husband. I miss him — so much."

Linda had just wrapped up her speech and was getting ready to leave when she heard a familiar voice from behind her. "Obviously, I would! It's my daughter's wedding, after all."


Linda turned around so fast, it seemed the world warped around her, and when it reformed, she was staring at Jack. 

"How is this possible! Jack?! Weren't you…? " 

"Well, it's quite the story mi amor," Jack said. "But for now, let's focus on celebrating this happy occasion," he told her quietly as he proceeded to the stage.

"Nothing like that happened, people," he said into the microphone. "You'll have to forgive my wife, she makes terrible jokes. Martha will always have her father by her side and I wish her union happiness and prosperity." 

After finishing his speech and getting off the stage, Linda dragged him off to a corner and peppered him with questions. 


Linda had just wrapped up her speech and was getting ready to leave when she heard a familiar masculine voice from behind her | Source: Unsplash

"You are alive? How is this? Why didn't you reach out to me this whole time? Do you even know how sad I was?" she shot at him as tears flowed down her cheeks. 


"Ben and I could no longer be anything more than friends anymore, but I stayed by his side because Martha needed a father. When you left, I was so lost!"

"Please stop crying," Jack said, embracing her. "I couldn't come to you sooner because I didn't want to ruin your marriage. I just learned of Ben's demise and that Martha was getting married. I got overwhelmed with worry for you so I decided it was time to reveal myself."

"And what was all that about dying? Your colleague said you died. I was devastated, how could you do that to me?" 

"I'm sorry, but that was just Sadie, she was always jealous of you, and she lied. Someone did make an attempt on my life, but as you can see, they didn't succeed."


"Either way, I can't believe you've returned to me. I felt so alone." She cried. "You won't leave me anymore, right?" 

"Cross my heart and hope to die!" he said before gathering her into his arms.

"And did I also hear you call me wife on stage?" Linda said, pretending to be firm even though her voice was a dead giveaway of her fluttering heart.

"Well, what do you think about getting married on the same day as your daughter?" 

"What? Are you..." Before Linda could say more, Jack jerked her gently towards himself and kissed her with all his pent-up passion. It got everyone at the wedding hall hooting — it was indeed a memorable day. 


Before Linda could say more, Jack jerked her gently towards himself and kissed her with all his pent-up passion | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Everything happens for a reason. Linda found her soulmate after leaving Ben behind. The man soothed her pains, and she gave her heart to him so that it was already too late by the time Ben came to his senses. 
  • What will be will be. Despite all that happened to Linda and Ben to keep them apart, the two still ended up together, proof that what is yours will never pass you by.

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