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Rich Man Disguises as Homeless and Shows up at His Fiancée’s House before the Wedding — Story of the Day

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By Comfort Omovre
Feb 17, 2022
01:30 A.M.

A rich, humble man shows up on his fiancée's doorstep as a homeless man before their wedding, but things don't go as planned. 


Paul Black was every woman's dream. His family — the Black clan — was famous for their untold wealth. There were rumors that the family could purchase all the properties in Beverly Hills with their money, but no one could say for sure. 

Their ancestry can be traced as far back as the 17th century, and while there have been many generations, they have all managed to keep their family status unchanged. 

Paul pretended to be a homeless man and visited his fiancée in a bid to uncover a fact | Source: Shutterstock


Paul was the only son his parents Francis and Emily welcomed. The two had been patient for years before he arrived, and as expected, they put their all into grooming him to become a gentleman. 

He grew up to become a tall, good-looking, dark-haired man with a reserved nature and impressive manners. Indeed Paul was a fine specimen; he could even hold conversations about a wide range of topics, making his company quite enjoyable. 

Growing up, all those qualities made him sought after. During his time in high school, he was popular and liked by both the students and teachers alike. His days as a university student were no different either. 


What people seemed to like the most about him was not his dashing looks, nor was it his wits; it was his humility. He never acted out of turn, nor did he act like a spoiled brat; all he did was show kindness and empathy.

His life and principles brought joy to many, including his parents, who could not have been more proud to flaunt the perfect heir to their dynasty. 

However, despite all his qualities, they worried about his future. The couple desired grandkids that would ensure the continuation of the family line. 

They needed Paul to get a good woman to marry him and bear his kids. His Mom, Emily, was very particular about this as she craved tiny feet running around their mansion while Francis was more relaxed about the whole thing. 


Paul was popular and admired by both the students and teachers alike due to his good looks and humility | Source: Pexels

This did not sit well with Emily, and she would confront him whenever he cautioned her to tone it down before her daily reminders to Paul started coming like harassment. 


"I can never fathom how you think, Francis. You may pass on before I do, yet you seem unbothered that you may never see your heir's kids," she said one day. 

"Oh, don't be like that, sweetheart! I want nothing but the best for him and I also want grandkids like you, but I think it's best we let him take his time. Finding love is no mean feat these days," Francis had replied with a smile. 

"Pfft! People make that altar walk every day Francis, every single day!" exclaimed the impatient woman. "Tying the knot and starting a family are two totally different phases, but our boy has not even started with the first," she added.


Francis' caution fell on Emily's deaf ears — whenever the woman had the opportunity to see her son, she would always bring up the matter. 

In response to that, the 36-year-old would say, "But mom, I'm doing my best to find the right lady. These days, it's too hard to decide who truly loves you." 

He was right, of course. His family wealth meant finding the right kind of woman would be doubly difficult. 

Paul had standards as well. She had to be committed, compassionate, and peaceful, not for his money but because of love. He wanted a wife, not a leech.  


Paul's family wealth meant finding the right kind of woman would be doubly difficult for him | Source: Pexels

He was also willing to be the best version of himself for her and did not mind changing many things about him for her. All he asked was that she be his Cinderella, the woman who would make him scour the whole world with a glass slipper. 


Nobody knew when that would happen — not Francis, not Emily, and definitely not Paul, which is why he was shocked when it happened sooner than he expected. 

He had run into Chloe, a beautiful woman who was built like a model but had the reasoning of a physicist. For him, she was the perfect catch.

He knew he had made the right choice because it took some time for him to work his way into her heart, and in the end, he was able to sweep her off her feet. 

They went on many dates, and there were a lot of gifts delivered to her doorstep before the billionaire heir popped the million-dollar question in an exquisite proposal that earned him the answer he desired.


In no time, Chloe was poised to become a part of the family, and the substantial precious rock that sat on her finger was proof of that. Soon, the pair moved in together, and Paul supported his fiancée.

He had learned that she was involved in raising funds for orphanages which tickled his fancy. As far as he was concerned, she ticked all his boxes, and there was no one he would spend the rest of his life with. 

Paul ran into Chloe, a beautiful woman who was built like a model but had the reasoning of a physicist | Source: Pexels


He showed her support by sponsoring some of her fundraising schemes, and they always ended up successful because he also got his rich friends to join in. 

Paul wanted her to succeed more than anyone else. However, their paradise was besieged by trouble when he decided to test the woman. 

One breezy morning, Paul was busy putting the garage in order when he caught sight of his perfect Cinderella turning down an old beggar who had knocked on the front door. 

In horror, he witnessed the coy woman he had always known turn venomous; saw her shove the homeless man aside and answer him rudely.


This did not sit well with him, and he couldn't stop thinking about it even when he reached his workplace. Finally, after some time, he decided to make some findings. 

He called the orphanage where she claimed the profit for the fundraisers went, but to his surprise; they knew nothing about her or her projects.

After he got off the phone with them, he reached out to a private investigator named Cindy Burton. He wanted to be certain he was marrying who he thought she was. 

What he found out broke his heart, but he was not willing to give up. According to the investigator, Chloe was a fake fundraiser who was involved in scamming people out of their money. 


Paul reached out to a private investigator named Cindy Burton, to help in finding out more about Chloe | Source: Pexels

Despite knowing that, Paul still didn't want to write her off, so he decided he would present himself as a homeless man and approach Chloe.  He concealed his face with heavy makeup on and wore the best rags he could find, then proceeded to knock on their door. 


Chloe opened with a smile on her face, but it melted off her face upon seeing the beggar, and she angrily dismissed him. "Get out of here, you sluggard! You irritate me!" she said, not caring that he begged for water or food.

Two days later, the beggar once again knocked on their door, but before she could run him off, he wiped his makeup and revealed his identity. 

"Now hold it right there Chloe, if that's even your real name," he said. "I know all about you," he blurted. 

Feeling perplexed and uncomfortable, Chloe said, "I'm very sorry, Paul, I can explain. It's – it's – it's not what you think." Done hesitating, Paul grabbed her arms angrily and told her to leave.


"I don't know what to think anymore, but I need you to leave my house and life!" 

Shortly after that, Chloe got arrested, and several months later, Paul and Cindy started dating. He promised himself not to rush things with her as they enjoyed the dating phase. 

After what happened, Emily grudgingly toned down her bickering, restricting it to just asking Cindy when she would ask her lover to get married.

Several months after Chloe got arrested, Paul and Cindy started dating | Source: Pexels


What lessons can we learn from this story?

  • Don't be blinded by love. Paul did not let his feelings for Chloe get in the way of leaving her when he discovered she was a fraud. Rather than try to change her or justify her actions, he took a bold step to end things with her, and it worked out well for him in the end. 
  • As a parent, you should stop pressuring your kids. Kids need words of encouragement and advice, not pressure and orders. In the end, making the decision that affects their lives should be up to them. 

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