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Desperate Girl Is Going to Spend the Night with Pastor, Turns Out He Helps Women Start New Life – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Mar 08, 2022
06:20 P.M.

Due to desperate times, Hannah decided to sell her body for money. Her first client was Pastor Matthew, who had a horrible reputation among the other ladies of the night. But she learned the shocking truth of his actions at his house.


“Ok, hon. We have to warn you about a few clients. Some are worse than others. But there’s one in particular you should watch out for: Pastor Matthew,” a working girl told Hannah when midnight was approaching and they were about to start their so-called “shift.”

Hannah didn’t want to be there. No one in the world wanted to join this profession, but she was desperate. Her mother was sick, and they had serious hospital bills to pay. Furthermore, they were about to lose their house for a lack of mortgage payments. There was no other option for an 18-year-old with no higher education.

He took her to his house next to the church. | Source: Shutterstock


She met a working girl, Julie, who gave her tips, and after several weeks of mulling it, today was her first night on the job. Now, Julie was telling her a few more things before she went out on her own. “A pastor? That’s crazy!” Hannah replied. She couldn’t believe a pastor would be soliciting like that on the streets. He was supposed to be a man of God.

“You won’t believe the kind of men that do this. More often than not, men with the brightest reputations turned out to be the worst. All the girls who went with him for the night disappeared. We have never seen them again. So beware, darling,” Julie explained, chewing her gum with her mouth open. Eventually, Julie left with a man, and Hannah was left to her devices.  


For some reason, Hannah was not having any luck that night. No one wanted her services, and she was desperate for some cash to buy food for her house. Finally, someone approached. It was him. The pastor. She couldn’t believe he had shown up.

“Hello, I’m Pastor Matthew. How much for the rest of the night?” he asked boldly.

There was something shocking on the wall, and she couldn’t stop staring.

Hannah hesitated. After Julie’s warnings, she didn’t want anything to do with the man. But beggars couldn’t be choosers and he was her only client for the entire night. Suddenly, the pastor placed several $100 bills on her hands. “Come on. Let’s go,” he insisted and started walking away. She couldn’t say no now. This money was life or death to her.


Hannah followed him. | Source: Pexels

Therefore, she accepted and followed him into a house next to the church. He didn’t turn any lights on as he walked up the stairs, and Hannah felt the goosebumps on her arms as she followed him. They reached a bedroom, and she took a slow, deep breath for what she was about to do. Once she crossed that line, there was no going back.


She sat down on the bed out of nervousness, hoping he would get things over with quickly. But the pastor stopped. “I have something to do right now. Wait for me right here,” he said thoughtfully. “But whatever you do, don’t go up to the attic.”

Then he turned around and left, closing the door. Hannah was now more fearful than ever. Why would he mention an attic? That’s when she looked around the room and noticed a door on the ceiling. It must lead to the loft, but she still felt it was odd to mention it.

“I can’t do this,” she told herself suddenly and ran towards the door. She couldn’t sell her body for money. She would have to find another way to make a living. This was too much.


But she couldn’t leave. The door was locked from the outside. Hannah was trapped, and she feared that something worse than intercourse was going on.

She was locked in a bedroom. | Source: Pexels


“I should have listened to Julie, for God’s sake,” she scolded herself and turned towards the window. They were all covered with bars. There was no escape.

She started to snoop around. Maybe there was a key somewhere. She opened the first drawer of his dresser and discovered something much worse. It was a collection of photographs. There were Xs on faces and dates on the bottom left side. One had yesterday’s date.

“Oh my God! These are the girls that disappeared! Oh no! What does he do to them? Jesus! I can’t believe this!” Hannah spoke to herself.

An idea came to her mind. She turned, throwing the pictures back into the drawer, and opened the door in the ceiling by pulling on the handy string.


A staircase folded out, and she was starting to climb when the bedroom door opened, and the pastor yelled, “NO! What are you doing?” 

But Hannah couldn’t stop. She kept climbing. Maybe there was an escape up there, and that’s why he didn’t want her to go up. But she stopped short when she reached the landing and turned on the light. There was something shocking on the wall, and she couldn’t stop staring.

Hannah climbed to the attic and saw something shocking. | Source: Unsplash


The man had pictures of her and her mother on the wall. He had been planning this. There was a post-it that read: “She might do it. She needs money.”

Pastor Matthew climbed up the stairs and started speaking. “I didn’t want you to see that before we talked.”

“What did you do to those girls?!” she screamed at him. “What are you planning with me? Leave my mother out of this! She is sick, you awful man! She needs me!”

“Please, listen to me,” he begged.

“NO! You monster!” Hannah yelled and tried to go around him to climb back down, but he stopped her, grabbing her small frame tightly.


“Please. You have to listen! I only did right by those girls! I’m not a monster!” he claimed loudly.

Suddenly, another voice could be heard from the bedroom. “What’s all the yelling in here?”

It was a woman, and Hannah seized the opportunity to ask for help. “HELP! HELP! WE’RE IN THE ATTIC! HELP ME!”

It was one of the women in the pictures. | Source: Pexels


The woman climbed up to the attic and Hannah recognized her immediately as one of the women in the pictures. Her photo had yesterday’s date. And she was safe for some reason.

“I told you, Pastor Matthew. Your approach is way too scary. You need to tell them in advance,” the woman said and smiled kindly at Hannah, who was still trying to get out of the pastor’s grasp. “Hi, I’m Tina. You’re completely safe here.”

Hannah stopped moving and looked at the woman. “Really?”

“Yes. You are totally safe here with me and with Pastor Matthew. Don’t worry. Some other girls might have told you he was scary, and I thought so too until last night,” Tina revealed. “He’s here to help you.”


“I don’t understand what’s going on,” Hannah said as the pastor’s grasp finally loosened.

“Pastor Matthew is helping me quit that world. He got me a job and offered me a place to stay in this house,” Tina continued, shocking Hannah. “That’s why girls disappear. He helps us stop being in that world.”

Pastor Matthew explained why he did it. | Source: Pexels


“Oh. You really should have said that and not scared me,” Hannah said breathlessly. Pastor Matthew and Tina laughed at that.

“Yes, Tina said something about that last night. But sometimes, when you offer help out there on the streets, it doesn’t work. I’ve had more success doing it here once the girls come,” the pastor explained. “But you are different.”

Hannah frowned. “What? Why?”

“I’ve been watching you with Julie for a few weeks, and I decided to learn about you. You need more assistance than I could provide right now. With your mother and everything. I’m sorry I snooped, but this is a small town in New Haven, and people talk easily,” said Pastor Matthew. “Also, you’ll be the last girl I can help.”


Hannah still didn’t understand. “Why?”

“I’m ill. I don’t have long for this world. But I have a proposition for you. Marry me.”

They got married. | Source: Pexels


“WHAT?” she yelled, shocked.

“Listen to him, Hannah,” Tina begged.

“I’m dying. I don’t have much time. If you marry me, you get my life insurance and this house, which is all paid for. You won’t have to worry about your mother’s hospital bills or a mortgage,” the pastor expressed, and Hannah was once again baffled.

“But why me? Tons of girls could do that,” she said quietly. Other girls deserved such a great offer.

“I don’t know. I just think you deserve it. Consider it a gift from God. But I swear, you only have to be my wife on paper. I don’t expect or want anything else,” Pastor Matthew clarified, and Hannah stared at him with an unfathomable expression. She looked at Tina, who smiled kindly, and finally accepted the offer.


They got married the following day, and they moved into the house. Hannah discovered that other girls often stayed at his home for a while before building their lives from the ground up. Tina was the current tenant of the guest room, and Hannah was glad to have her around.

Hannah mourned him for real. | Source: Pexels


Unfortunately, Pastor Matthew died two weeks after their first meeting, and Hannah mourned him for real. They were not romantically husband and wife, but the man had saved her. She received everything he had promised and vowed to follow his work as best she could.

She and Tina joined forces to get other girls away from that life. Hannah’s mother got better and lived a long life watching her daughter perform good deeds for the world.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Not everyone has bad intentions. Pastor Matthew had a bad reputation for approaching women of the night, but Hannah discovered the shocking truth.
  • Pay kindness forward. Hannah received help from a great man, and she decided to continue his work after his death.

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