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Teen Girl Abandons Her Newborn Son in Cafe, Reappears Decades Later after Learning He Is Famous – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Mar 14, 2022
07:20 P.M.

Laura left her newborn son at a café at 17 and never looked back. Her life was a disaster, and she discovered that her son was a famous influencer. She decided to reach out, asking him for help, and his answer shocked her.


Laura was browsing social media as always. She was 40 years old, and her life was nothing like she had imagined. She was married to a horrible man. They had a ten-year-old boy, Eric, but she barely paid him any attention. Everything was a disaster. They had no money at all, and even their home was falling apart.

Browsing through Instagram and Facebook was a distraction, although she didn't pay much attention to anything. However, one popular post caught her attention. It was from a man named Dan Nicholson, and Nicholson used to be her maiden name before marrying her loser husband.

She left her child in a café. | Source: Shutterstock


"There's another Dan Nicholson, huh?" she muttered to herself and started looking at his Instagram profile. The man had millions of followers and looked like a travel influencer. That was fun. But she stopped scrolling when a close shot of his face appeared. He looked exactly like her father, and the wheels in her head started turning.

"I have an offer for you, but I must warn you, it's a one-time offer."

She googled him and discovered his birthday and age. It was the same as her first son's. Could it be? she wondered and thought back to 22 years ago when she delivered a baby boy as a freshman in college.

Laura got pregnant as a teenager. | Source: Pexels


At 17, Laura got pregnant after a crazy night with a boy at her university. She wanted to abort but got scared of the complications and hid the pregnancy until she delivered the baby when she was 18. She decided to name him Dan Nicholson one week after his birth.

One day, Laura went to a café with a stroller she had bought with the last of her money. She left him there with all his paperwork and left forever. The police never even contacted her, and a lovely family adopted him.

She thought it was the right thing to do for her, but her life turned awful afterward. She dropped out of college, met some horrible people, married a bad man, and fell into a spiral she couldn't get out of. Now, she lived a miserable life in Tampa, Florida. But this boy online could be her first son and the solution to all her problems.


She sent him a DM. | Source: Pexels

"I have to write to him," she said quietly and went to his DMs. She wrote a heartbreaking message about a young woman who didn't have anything and left him so he could have a better life. Laura also talked about Eric and ended the letter with her phone number.


She expected him to call her immediately and arrange for a heartfelt reunion. And he would save her from all her troubles. But instead, she got this reply:


We're sorry. Our client has no interest in meeting you at this time. Please understand.


Dan's Management Team."

Laura couldn't believe it. Her influencer son had a management team that took care of his messages. But this wasn't the response she expected. "Maybe they didn't even tell him about me. Maybe they didn't believe me," Laura said to herself while looking at the phone.


She wrote to him again, pleading her case. | Source: Pexels

"What are you looking at?" her loser husband asked from his sofa in front of the television.

"Nothing," she grunted at him. They truly hated each other but couldn't seem to separate at all. She decided to send Dan another message, begging for reconciliation and offering proof that she wasn't lying.


There was no response, and Laura lost her last glimmer of hope. But one week later, she received a visit.

"Can I help you?" she asked the woman at her front door.

"Yes, are you Laura Nicholson?" the lady in a business suit asked.

"Well, I'm Laura Morris now. Nicholson is my maiden name," she explained.

His assistant appeared on her doorstep. | Source: Pexels


"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Morris. I'm here on behalf of Dan Nicholson. I'm his assistant, Barbara," the woman revealed, and Laura's eyes widened. She smiled hugely and almost hugged the woman.

"Thank you for coming. Is Dan going to meet me now?" she asked the assistant.

"No, ma'am. Mr. Nicholson doesn't want to meet you, but you talked about having a son in your messages, and he would like to help out his brother. I have an offer for you, but I must warn you, it's a one-time offer," Barbara continued.

"Of course," Laura said, gesturing for Barbara to come inside.


Dan had hired a private investigator to look into Laura's claims and her life. They discovered that she was an awful mother who mistreated their son. But Dan was offering her a chance to change that. He wanted her to go to rehab, get better, leave her husband, and only then would Dan consider meeting her.

She did not keep her promises for long. | Source: Pexels


Laura agreed immediately. She recovered, left her husband, and Dan paid for several repairs around their house. But he only requested visits with his brother, which Laura was only too glad to agree to as long as Dan kept sending money.

Unfortunately, she couldn't keep her promises for long. She again fell into her old bad habits again. Dan's brother, Eric, revealed all the neglect he lived with at their house.

Eventually, she lost custody of Eric and discovered later that Dan had become his legal guardian. She never met her first son and never saw her second son again.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Bad habits can ruin your life. Don't let any vices take over your life that way. Laura wasted her second chance at a good life.
  • Don't do something you might regret. There are many options for teenagers or anyone who can't keep their children — research before making a drastic decision you might regret.

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