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Infertile Woman Discovers Husband Has Been Constantly Buying Baby Items in the Store – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Apr 07, 2022
07:00 A.M.

Mary started suspecting her husband, Dan, of cheating because of his recent purchases, but he revealed the shocking truth when she threatened to leave. And that's when something even more surprising happened to them.


"What is this?" Mary asked herself quietly while going through her shared bank account with her husband, Dan. For some reason, there were several purchases from a baby store. But they didn't have kids. It was a sore point in their relationship after discovering Mary was infertile.

She always worried that he would leave her for another woman who could give him children, but Dan regularly assured her this was not the case. However, now he was buying baby stuff? It didn't make sense.

Mary needed to clear her head, so she Googled the store's name and decided to check it out when she saw the address of a nearby mall in Houston.


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The mall was not packed, but many people were around, buying things, and Mary stopped for a pretzel to make herself feel better. Then she headed toward the store, but she suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw Dan exiting the shop with a huge bag and a bouquet.


"What is he doing?" she wondered, but she decided to return home and wait for an explanation, although her brain was worried something more profound was happening.


"Hello, honey," Dan greeted her when he got home, but she stared at him thoughtfully.

"Where are the flowers?" she demanded, crossing her arms and frowning. She never had any reason to mistrust Dan until this very moment.

"What flowers?"

"Where's the bag?"

"What bag?"


She yelled at her husband and demanded the truth. | Source: Pexels

"THE FLOWERS, DAN! THE BAG FROM THE STORE! I SAW YOU!" Mary screamed, losing her temper and reaching into his pockets.


Dan tried to fight it, but she checked them thoroughly and pulled out several receipts from the baby store. "THIS! THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! WHERE ARE ALL THESE THINGS YOU BOUGHT?"

"Mary, calm down. I can explain," Dan said, his hand raised in a placating gesture.

"I'm sure you can! They all can! You're cheating on me, and your mistress is pregnant!" Mary accused, not bothering to hear him out. She had already concocted that story in her head.

"NO! I would never!" Dan denied it, his eyes wide with surprise.

"DON'T DENY IT! I KNOW THE TRUTH NOW!" Mary yelled and was going to continue ranting if not for Dan's interruption.


"IT'S FOR KAYLA!" Dan shouted.

Mary's demeanor changed in an instant. "Kayla?" she said calmly. "Anthony's wife?"

Dan told her everything and seemed sad. | Source: Pexels


"Yes," Dan said, hanging his head. "She didn't buy anything for the baby. I've been helping her out."

Anthony was Dan's best friend from childhood who died recently, and his wife Kayla had a rough time. She was pregnant at the time, and now that the baby was born, she needed help. Dan felt responsible for his friend's child and decided to help out.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mary asked, wiping the frustrated tears from her eyes. This was a completely different situation.

"I don't know. I didn't want to bother you, I guess. We've had trouble with the whole baby subject, and I was trying to be sensitive," Dan replied, shrugging his shoulders. "The flowers were for Anthony's grave."


Mary shook her head and went to hug her husband. "Oh, Dan. You softie," she breathed into his neck and tightened her arms around him.

Since then, they both helped Kayla together. They watched the baby as much as possible, bought things for him, and even cared for Kayla, who didn't seem to be doing too well. She was still grieving the loss of her husband and hadn't bonded with the baby properly.

Kayla left her baby crying for hours. | Source: Pexels



Kayla stared at Dan and Mary as their car drove away from her house. They had been so nice to her lately, and she couldn't even muster a smile most of the time. She dreaded closing the door and going back to her loneliness with a baby she couldn't care for anymore.

Her friends had no idea, but she tried to get an abortion when Anthony died, which was denied because she was already too far along. It was her husband who wanted the baby, and she felt horrible now that she couldn't even look at him. She felt nothing for him.

Sometimes, the baby cried for hours, demanding some food, and Kayla tried to avoid it. She only ever fed him when he was exhausted, so he would fall asleep as soon as he finished. It was awful, but she couldn't help it. This was her life now.


Or was it?


it was a Saturday and Mary and Dan had just parked their car outside Kayla's house. They were going to babysit the baby for a while.

They arrived at Kayla's house and were about to discover something unexpected. | Source: Pexels


"Is it weird that she hasn't named the baby yet?" Mary asked Dan as they got out and gathered everything they brought for the child.

"Hush, Mary. She's grieving. She'll name him soon," Dan replied, and they both walked up to the door.

It was unlocked for some reason, and they could hear the baby crying inside. They shared a look and rushed in. Mary grabbed the baby, and he settled immediately. Meanwhile, Dan looked around for Kayla, but she was nowhere to be found.

"What's going on?" Mary questioned, her eyes wide, looking at Dan with worry.

"I don't know. You don't think… she left her baby here alone?" he wondered, biting his lower lip in concern.


He walked around the house, looking for anything, and started to reach into his phone when something caught his eye. There was a note on the fridge.

"What is that?" Mary asked when she saw him reading it.

"It's from Kayla. It says she's leaving the baby to us. She wanted to start a new life and left. 'Don't bother finding me. I'm gone.' I can't believe this."

Mary had the baby in her arms when Dan told her about the note. | Source: Pexels


"No," Mary breathed. "That's impossible."

They looked at each other, not knowing what to do. But they knew they couldn't leave the baby alone, so they took him home.

They called a lawyer, who advised them to call the police in case Kayla planned to do something drastic to herself. They did that and showed the officers the note. In the meantime, the baby was left in the custody of the CPS. 

After a few weeks, the police told them that they found Kayla. She had moved to Miami and wanted nothing more to do with the baby. She wanted Mary and Dan to have him.


The couple was shocked, but they decided to honor her wishes. They became the baby's legal guardians and started calling him Tony Jr., after Dan's friend. They changed his name officially when they finally adopted him a year later.

Tony Jr. was the miracle they never knew they needed, although they always wished Anthony was still there to see him grow up.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Trust your spouse and be honest with them. Mary thought that Dan was cheating, although she never had any indication of it until those purchases. Dan should've told her everything that was going on.
  • Some friendships keep going even after death. Dan loved his friend, Anthony, so much that he felt responsible for his widowed wife and baby after he died. That's why he took the baby in when Kayla disappeared.

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