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Two Brothers Mock the Younger One Because All He Inherits from Their Dad Is a Ragged Old Bible — Story of the Day

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By Sonali Bharadwaj
Apr 08, 2022
09:00 P.M.

Two greedy brothers mock their younger brother when he inherits a ragged old Bible from their father until he opens it and discovers something shocking inside.


Luke, Bobby, and Joe Weber were raised by their father after their mother passed away years ago. Luke had been 9 then, Bobby was 6, and Joe was just 3.

After his wife's passing, Mr. Weber did his best to raise the boys and devoted all his time on them, putting his own life on the back burner. But when the children grew up, and it was time for them to care for Mr. Weber, things were a complete contrast to what he'd expected.

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Luke went on to become a successful businessman and owned a successful startup in California. When Mr. Weber called him for help from time to time, all Luke said was: "I'm so sorry, Dad! Things are crazy, and I barely get time for anything, but I promise I'll make time for you soon!" 

But as Mr. Weber had expected, the time never came. 

Bobby, who was a businessman too, was no different from Luke, and every time he received a call from his father, he either ignored it or simply refused him, claiming his car had broken down and he wouldn't be able to come see him because he worked in a different part of town and things would become too hectic for him without a car.


But Joe was different. He was a struggling researcher in a small lab with a huge family of four children to maintain, yet no matter how much work he had to do back at the lab, he never refused his father.

So after witnessing his boys' "affection" for him, Mr. Weber carefully prepared his will, bearing in mind that each of his boys should only receive what they deserved.

Mr. Weber longed for his sons to be by his side. | Source: Pexels


When Mr. Weber died three years later, his children rushed to the lawyer's office for the will reading, eager to learn about their inheritance.

Bobby and Luke were not present at his funeral, but when the opportunity to learn about their potential inheritance arose, they took time out of their "busy schedules" to attend. They were the first to arrive at Mr. Berenson's office, and Joe only joined them later.

Mr. Berenson greeted them as they all settled inside. "I appreciate you taking the time today, children," he said. "Mr. Weber frequently remarked on how busy you've all been with your hectic schedules, so let's not waste another minute and get started on what we've all assembled here for. 


"Now, as we all know, Mr. Weber was a kind-hearted man who always wanted to contribute to society .... let me tell you that his $1.3 million Georgia mansion now belongs to a non-profit for autistic children. But, please, don't..." Before Mr. Berenson could finish his sentence, Luke cut him off.


Luke lashed out at Mr. Berenson. | Source: Pexels


"I'm afraid I'm not through yet, Luke," Mr. Berenson stated firmly. "But yes, that is precisely the case. Mr. Weber's mansion now belongs to the Olive Memorial Foundation. However, there's no need to be disheartened because a generous man like Mr. Weber could have never left his sons empty-handed."

Mr. Berenson removed three boxes from his drawer and pushed them to the front of the table. On top of each box was a sticker labeling the boxes with each of the brothers' names. 

"You may open the boxes," Mr. Benerson added, "but please keep in mind that after you've seen your inheritance, you must sign an agreement that you will not try to trade it or subsequently claim your part over what another person received."


"Yeah, whatever!" Luke scoffed and opened his box.

Inside he found an old wristwatch that belonged to his grandfather and a note that read: "Learn to make time for people and not lies. And if time permits, buy yourself a conscience."

Luke frowned. "What the hell did he even think? He thinks I need his moral lectures?" He crumpled the note and tossed it away on the floor, fuming in rage. 

Each of the brothers got a box from their father. | Source: Unsplash


Bobby laughed at him before opening his box, but he didn't get anything special either. He found the keys to his father's old car inside the box, and his face fell. "His old car that doesn't even start and needs more investment in repairs. That old man tricked us! What the hell is this even!" 

Luke burst out laughing. "At the very least, the watch will bring me some money! Bobby, best of luck with the car!"

"And as if that wasn't enough, he left a freakin' note mocking me!" Bobby said and he read it out loud: "You can get off the automobile of lies and deception and ride a four-wheeler to your destination."

"Calm down, calm down," Luke said, laughing. "Let's wait and see what Joe gets."


When Joe opened his box, he found his father's ragged old Bible inside. It had a black cover, torn on its edges and the back, and the pages, some of which were loose and falling out, had faded to a pale yellow. He remembered Mr. Weber used to read it every day.

Bobby got his father's old Bible. | Source: Unsplash


When Luke and Bobby saw the ragged old Bible on the table, they couldn't stop laughing at Joe. "The Bible?" Luke mocked Joe. "Trust me, I was a little disappointed by the crappy old watch, but that is still a THOUSAND times better than this!"

"I know, right," Bobby chimed in. "Even that dead car seems better! What will you do with this, Joe? Read it when you're bored?" he laughed.

"Well, guys," Joe said. "If dad decided to leave me with only the Bible, I welcome his decision with all my heart. His note here says that I should read it when times are hard. I'm sure God will give me the same strength as he did to dad when mom passed away, and he had to raise us alone!"


Bobby smirked. "You don't have much choice here, brother. Good luck with your Bible!" he chuckled.

Mr. Berenson looked at them and smiled. "So now that you all have received your inheritance, I would request you to kindly sign the agreement."

"Sure, Mr. Berenson," Luke laughed. He signed it first, followed by Bobby and Joe. 

Luke and Bobby thought Joe's inheritance was "poor," and they gladly signed the agreement. | Source: Pexels


As they walked out of the lawyer's office, Bobby and Luke didn't stop mocking Joe over the Bible. In fact, they did it to a point where Joe was on the verge of crying. When he went home, his wife, Fiona, consoled him. 

"Don't be bothered about what they say, Joe," she said. "They're just mean and didn't even turn up for your father's last rites. We might be poor, but we are much better than them. I'm sure your father left it for you because it was the closest thing to his heart and his most valued treasure."

Joe nodded, but deep down, he wondered why his father didn't see him worthy enough of the watch or car. They sure weren't out-of-the-world inheritances, but they could help his family. I had cared for him till his last breath and made so many sacrifices for him! Joe was hurt, so he stuffed the Bible in his bedroom drawer and completely forgot about it.


One day, he was feeling horrible and didn't know what to do. His wife and children got into a terrible accident on their way home from the market and he didn't have enough money for their treatment. Then he remembered the Bible.

He sat on his bed, tears streaming down his cheeks, and began reading Matthew 7:7. "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Joe was crying as he read the Bible. | Source: Unsplash


Joe closed his eyes and began praying, but his tears didn't stop. He moved his hand to wipe his face and almost dropped the Bible, but he managed to grasp it before it landed on the floor where a piece of paper had fallen from inside the Bible. 

He picked it up to see what it was, and his eyes widened in surprise. It was a $3 million cheque with a note stapled to it. "I hope whatever difficulties you have now will be healed in no time. God is with us. Never lose hope."

Joe couldn't fight his tears, realizing his father had left him more than just the Bible. He wished his father was there with him so he could hug him and thank him. 


With the money, he not only got his wife and children treated but he used it to move to a bigger, more comfortable home. 

By that time, Bobby's and Luke's businesses were on the verge of going bankrupt, so they turned up to Joe for help, buttering him and saying, "We always knew dad cared for you the most, Joe, so he left you something valuable. I hope you wouldn't mind sharing it with us. As you know, times are hard these days."

Joe gave them the Bible. "Read this when you feel lost. God will guide you and give you strength. I'm sorry, but that's all I can offer." 

Bobby and Luke were furious, and they threatened to sue Joe and claim part of the million-dollar inheritance. But it was all for naught, thanks to the agreement they signed at Mr. Berenson's office.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Everyone eventually gets what they deserve. Joe genuinely cared for Mr. Weber and was blessed with a happy life, while his brothers ended up with nothing because they only cared about their personal gains.
  • Money comes and goes, but the void of losing a loved one often cannot be filled. When Joe realized his father left him a sizeable cheque, he still yearned for the company of his father which was more than any amount could buy.

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