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Heavily-Pregnant Woman Learns Husband’s Ex-wife Abandoned His 6-Year-Old Daughter and Disappeared — Story of the Day

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By Sonali Bharadwaj
Apr 18, 2022
07:00 P.M.

Julia Reid became pregnant with twins two years after trying for children, but her husband Aaron's joy was a bit restrained. He had a daughter, Lisa, from his ex-wife, Michelle, who rarely visited him. Then something strange happened.  Michelle began dropping Lisa off at their house regularly, and one day, Michelle just vanished.


Julia was sitting in the living room, watching her favorite cooking show on TLC while caressing her baby bump and secretly brimming with happiness at the thought of preparing all those delicacies for her children one day. As the show approached the end, she heard the doorbell ring. Aaron was back home, but he looked upset – very upset.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Julia asked as he slumped on the couch and removed his tie in frustration. "Let me guess, it's something about work?"

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"No, Julia. It's Michelle again. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. She brings Lisa here every weekend, and we barely have time to ourselves. I mean... I really want to see Lisa, but don't you think it's becoming too much for us? Plus, look at how she raised Lisa! That girl is so rude to you all the time!"

"Aaron, we can't really blame that little girl. She's only six, and witnessing her parents split up at such a young age must have been difficult for her."

"Ah, I get it...Anyway, Michelle wants Lisa to stay with us for two weeks this time. She and her friends are going on a holiday abroad. I wished I could say no, but I can't."


"It's alright, Aaron. What's the problem? Are you not comfortable with it?"

"This isn't about me, honey. It's about you. I'll be at work all day, and you and Lisa don't get along. It will be too much for you to handle."

Aaron and Julia conceived twins two years after their marriage. | Source: Pexels


Julia sat beside him and held his hand in hers. "It would be absolutely fine with me, Aaron. I'm fine with her staying with us for two weeks. You know, sometimes children need time to trust their elders, and especially when you're as young as 6, it may take some time for you to get along with anyone other than your parents, so don't be worried. Everything will be fine."

"And this is why I love you more and more each day, Julia. You're the best wife, and I'm sure you'll be the best mother one day!" Aaron embraced his wife, whispering countless thank yous.

That weekend, little Lisa came to live with them. Julia noted that, unlike in the past, Lisa didn't bother her at all. She would sit quietly in her room, leave the dinner table quietly after her meals, and was frequently interested in her toys or reading.


Julia tried to interact with her occasionally, asking if she wanted to bake cookies or watch movies with her. Lisa didn't show great interest, but she didn't lash out at her like in previous times when she would yell, "You are not my mommy! Stay away from me! I hate you!"

Julia noticed Lisa was calmer than before. | Source: Pexels


The little girl was growing up and becoming more calm and mature, Julia realized, until one day, something strange happened. Aaron came home from work looking pale as if he'd been through something horrific. Julia had already fed Lisa and was doing the dishes when he walked into the living room.

Seeing him upset, she approached him immediately. "What happened, honey? You look so nervous!" she said, concerned.

He sagged on the couch, his face buried in his hands. "Where do I even begin, Julia? It's Michelle... She...she's not coming back for Lisa. She left Lisa with us. She abandoned her."

Julia's heart fell to the floor as she heard that, and she sat down on the sofa, clutching her baby bump. "What? What do we do now?" she asked, worried.


"I have no clue, Julia. She called me and said she was getting married and didn't want Lisa to tag along. So yeah, she's basically not coming to take her back. I called her after that, but no point. I went to her house too…turns out she never returned from her 'vacation.' Her phone's unreachable too! She's gone."

Aaron revealed Michelle had left Lisa forever. | Source: Pexels


"I knew this was going to happen, Aaron. I recently observed Lisa was unusually silent. And you know what, while organizing her suitcase two days ago, I discovered some documents, including her birth certificate. I was about to tell you, but it just slipped my mind. Michelle may have had this in mind for a long time, and Lisa may have suspected something. But above all, I'm worried about how to break the news to her. She loves Michelle so much!"

"What are you saying?" Aaron's eyes were filled with gratitude as he stared at her. "You're concerned about Lisa rather than the fact that Michelle just dumped her on you? I mean, you don't mind if Lisa lives with us?"

Julia laughed. "I love children, Aaron. You know that. Why would I mind raising Lisa? I love her, just like our twins! I'd be more than happy to keep her."


Aaron couldn't hold back his tears at this point. He wrapped his arms around Julia and couldn't stop praising her. 

Suddenly, a sniffing sound distracted them. They both looked at the doorway where Lisa stood, tears running down her cheeks like a waterfall.

"Mommy left me? She's not coming back, daddy?" she asked, her voice breaking up.

Lisa started to cry when she learned Michelle had left her at Aaron and Julia's house forever. | Source: Pexels


Aaron wrapped his arms around her and comforted her. "I'm sorry for what Michelle did, Lisa. But daddy will not leave you. Julia is here too. We both love you."

"But I miss mommy," Lisa said, dejected. "Why did she leave me, daddy? Did she hate me?"

"Not at all, honey," Aaron wiped her tears. "She is the one at a loss. Who doesn't want a pretty daughter like you? Right, Julia? Isn't Lisa pretty?"

"The prettiest of all!" Julia smiled at her. "Now come on, go to bed. You have to get up for school, right?"

"Yes, let's go!" Aaron took Lisa to her room while Julia sat in the kitchen, wondering how she would console Lisa. It wouldn't be easy, but she decided to give it her best. She tried to find out the things Lisa liked the most and strived to build a bond with her. It was difficult at first, but Lisa grew to like her.


One day, Aaron returned from work to find Julia on the living room sofa. Her forehead was saturated in sweat, and she was looking exhausted and ill. Lisa sat next to her, caressing her baby bump.

"Oh my God! What happened, Julia?" he asked, worried.

Lisa was caressing Julia's bump when Aaron came home. | Source: Pexels


Lisa turned around and smiled at him. "Daddy! I can hear the babies kicking! Mommy taught me how to listen to the babies! I'm going to be a big sister now!"

Aaron dropped his office bag and looked at Julia, teary-eyed. "I had forgotten to take my meds, Aaron," Julia revealed. "I was feeling very sick…Lisa helped me. She helped me lie down and brought me water. You know she also called our neighbors just in case I needed help. She's a wonderful girl. I love our daughter, Aaron. I love Lisa!"

"I'm sorry for being so rude before, daddy. I should not have been a bad girl. I know now Julia is my new mommy. I like her. She is sweet, and she promised me she would never leave me. I want to stay with you two, daddy. And become a big sister."


Aaron hugged her. "Oh, we love you too, Lisa! And you're never alone, okay? We are one happy family."

"Daddy," Lisa said. "Mommy! We need to hug her too."

Aaron laughed at her. "Of course." 

They both hugged Julia, who was still lying on the sofa with open arms. Aaron and Julia exchanged a heartfelt look, relieved that Lisa had accepted them. Julia gave birth to two boys two months later, and Lisa became a big sister.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Blood doesn't make you a family; love and care do. The way Julia accepted Lisa and decided to raise her as her own is a beautiful example of this.
  • Love always bears fruits. Julia accepted Lisa with open arms, and the little girl, moved by her love and care, accepted her as her mother.

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