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Poor Boy Gives Man $2 to Buy His Baby’s Needs, Man Leaves Him a Note with Address in Gratitude – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Apr 20, 2022
10:30 P.M.

Barry realized he didn't have enough cash to buy baby food, but a kind boy behind him decided to give him two dollars. Barry could only give him his address and promised to repay him later. But when the boy showed up at his door with his mother, Barry realized they had more common than they thought.


"Sir, you're holding up the line. Would you like to return something?" the cashier at a grocery store in Virginia asked him when Barry Atkinson took a little too long to pay. He was counting coins in his hand while balancing his son, Andrew, in his arms, and it was still not enough to pay for his goods, which consisted of only baby food that he desperately needed that day.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Maybe I can return something… hmmm…," Barry said, thinking about what to return. Baby formula was a must, but maybe the Gerber jars were unnecessary. Before he could reach a decision, two dollars hit the conveyor belt.

Barry didn't have enough money to pay for his groceries. | Source: Shutterstock


"Here, sir," a tiny voice came behind him.

Barry turned to see a small boy dressed in poor clothing, suggesting he didn't have much money. He was only carrying a bag of bread and milk, confirming Barry's suspicions. So he shook his head. "No, boy. I can't take this," he started rejecting.

Barry was stuck on something she said. "Her name was Ellie?"

But the kid pushed the money, and the cashier looked at Barry, expecting him to make a quick decision because he was holding up the line. At last, he decided to take the cash. But he felt horrible as he saw the boy return his bread bag and purchase only the milk.


He waited for the kid outside the store and introduced himself. "I'm Barry. Thank you so much for the money. But why would you do that if you had to give up your bread?"

"I've seen my mother struggling to buy baby food before, and I know how important it is," the boy answered. "I'm Elliot, by the way."

Elliot took Barry's card. | Source: Pexels


"Elliot, you're a generous kid. I promise to repay you as soon as I can," Barry said, but he couldn't at the moment. So he took his business card out and wrote his address on the back. "Come to this address sometime later this week. You can bring your mom, of course. I'll repay you more than double of this."

Elliot tried to refuse but took the card in the end. They said goodbye, and Barry hoped to raise his kid as great as Elliot.


Barry was a successful businessman, but he had become a single father. The issue now was that his wife, his baby's mother, had disappeared for good, and it seemed like she had tried to steal his money from his bank accounts. They were all frozen until Barry could go to the bank and get everything fixed. That's why he didn't have the money to pay for food. Not even his credit cards worked just to be safe.


He always knew his wife, Ellie, liked expensive things, and he didn't care much. They got married quickly because she got pregnant, but a few months after their son's birth, she disappeared. Now, he was a single father and had no time for much.

He bought tons of groceries for Elliot. | Source: Pexels


Still, he had to fix his bank issue and repay that amazing kid at the store. He went to the bank and got everything in order. Afterward, he bought tons of groceries, hoping that Elliot would come with his mother soon.

A few days later, there was a knock on the door in the evening. Barry checked through the app on his phone and saw Elliot holding a woman's hand. He jumped up and opened the door immediately, smiling widely at them.

"Hello! Welcome! Come in, please!" Barry greeted, letting them come into his house. "I'm Barry. It's so nice to meet you. Your son really saved me from a tight bind the other day. You should be proud of him."


The woman smiled proudly at her kid and looked at Barry. "I'm Darla, his mother. I am proud of him. Elliot told me what happened. I assure you we don't need you to repay us for that money, though."

Darla told him something that made him freeze for a second. | Source: Pexels


"No, please. I have to. I actually had an issue with the bank that day, and Elliot was too kind. We should always repay any kindness we receive, so, here," he stated and led Darla toward the kitchen, where he kept the groceries he bought for them.

"This is too much," she said but looked at the items like she genuinely needed them. So Barry insisted. But he also offered her some coffee and a soda for Elliot, who started watching TV in his living room.

Barry and Darla settled in the kitchen where they started talking. Barry revealed that his wife had run away a few months after Andrew was born. Surprisingly, Darla said the same thing happened with her husband.


"I discovered he was having an affair with a woman named Ellie after the birth of my second kid. He was gone the next day. It was insane. I was a stay-at-home mom, so I had to scramble to get a job and support us. It hasn't been easy," she explained.

But Barry was stuck on something she said. "Her name was Ellie?"

He started to suspect something about his son. | Source: Pexels


"Yes, why?"

"That's my soon-to-be ex-wife's name too," Barry stated. They both looked at each other with wide eyes and bewilderment. "Could it be?

"I don't know. They were together for a long time," Darla hedged, not wanting to believe this coincidence, but it was possible.

A few minutes later, Darla and Elliot left, thanking Barry again for his generosity. But they also exchanged phone numbers. Barry had a feeling he was supposed to be in their life.

His feelings were validated sometime later because he started to suspect something after his conversation with Darla. He thought Andrew might not be biologically related to him. After all, Ellie got pregnant quickly. 


Shortly after, he took a DNA test and confirmed it. He told Darla about it, and she agreed to test Andrew's DNA with Elliot's, and the results confirmed that they were half-siblings.

Andrew would always be his son no matter what his ex had done. | Source: Pexels


Nothing changed for Barry. Andrew was still his son no matter what, but Darla and Elliot became his family too. He helped them out as best he could both financially and as a father figure for Elliot and his other sibling.

Even when Darla met someone, they considered each other family, and Barry eventually married another woman. Their kids grew up together, and they gathered as much as possible. What had happened to them was sad, but it united them as a family. That was a gift.

What can we learn from this story?

  • All secrets eventually come out. Darla and Barry managed to connect the dots and realized that their spouses ran away together. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves.
  • Help anyone who needs it. Although his family didn't have much, Elliot was taught to help out. But he got rewarded in the end.

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