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Rich Woman Kicks Poor Mother-In-Law Out of House, Finds Note on Table after She Leaves — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Apr 26, 2022
10:30 P.M.

A rich woman was fed up with her mother-in-law's ways that she decided to kick her out. She regrets her decision almost immediately after finding a note written especially for her.


Rosanna had been married to Gary for years, yet she still couldn't shake off the thought that her husband was a "mama's boy." She believed this was why he was not successful in life, as he was always hell-bent on helping his mother out. 

Meanwhile, Rosanna was an independent woman who did not rely on her husband financially. She owned a profitable business that kept them afloat despite Gary's business struggling.

After the death of Gary's father, his mom, Mrs. Dalton, became lonely and sad. She started relying on Gary more and would ask if she could come to visit more frequently.

"Son, can I visit and stay awhile? I am all alone, and I need your company," she'd ask timidly. Gary was happy to have his mom over, as he felt it was the least he could do after she raised him. However, he was worried about how Rosanna would act towards her. 


Rosanna never got along with her mother-in-law through the years, as she thought she depended on Gary too much, so Gary was extra careful in breaking the news to her. She decided to take her out on a date and bring it up over a delicious dinner. 

After they devoured their meal, Gary broke the news to her slowly. "By the way, honey, before I forget, mom is coming to stay with us for weeks. She's feeling low again," she told her. 

Rosanna rolled her eyes. "Then tell her to find company her age. She can't always expect us to be there for her," she replied. 

Gary received a phone call from his mother, asking if she could stay with him at home. | Source: Pexels


"Ah, you know how it is, honey. She's getting old. Let's just understand her, please? Besides, remember that vacation I promised you? We can finally go soon. How does Italy sound?" he asked, trying to please her. 

Hearing about the trip to Italy, Rosanna agreed and shrugged off the thought of having to entertain her mother-in-law. 

Gary's parents were not wealthy. Mrs. Dalton was from the working class and was now a pensioner. Rosanna looked down on her mother-in-law, as she was heavily dependent on Gary and called him almost every day. 

On the day Mrs. Dalton was set to arrive, Rosanna purposely decided to come home late, lying to Gary that she had a meeting. "Prepare the attic for her to stay in. I won't be able to make dinner because my meeting will end late," she said through the phone. 


Gary agreed and prepared everything for his mother so she'd feel comfortable in their home. He didn't wait up for Rosanna, who arrived in the wee hours of the morning. 

Gary prepared the attic room for his mother to stay in. | Source: Pexels


Rosanna tried her best to avoid Mrs. Dalton, always choosing to work late or stay inside her room whenever she was home. One weekend morning, she came into the kitchen and grimaced with disgust. 

Mrs. Dalton was making soup and Rosanna asked her, "What is that awful smell?" 

"I'm making soup, dear," her mother-in-law responded. 

"Soup? It smells terrible. Do you want to poison us?" she said mockingly. 

"Of course not, dear. I'm just trying to..." Mrs. Dalton started to say until Rosanna cut her off. 


"Learn how to use the vent!" she said, opening the windows and turning on the exhaust. She stormed out of the kitchen and stayed in the living room. 

As she sat there, she decided to work on some business documents. She did so while watching TV, while Gary was out until late, choosing to go on a fishing trip with some of his friends. 

After a couple of minutes, Mrs. Dalton came into the living room and started to vacuum the rug. Rosanna grew annoyed and asked her to stop. 

Mrs. Dalton cooked some soup one morning, which irritated Rosanna. | Source: Pexels


"Why must you turn that on now? Can't you see that I'm working? I even have the TV on in the background. Now I can't hear it!" Rosanna yelled. 

"I'm sorry, dear. I am just trying to..." Mrs. Dalton said, but Rosanna had already stormed out of the house. 

Rosanna spent the entire afternoon in a coffee shop, hoping to get away from her mother-in-law. When she arrived home, she was dumbfounded when she found Mrs. Dalton going through her closet. 

"What do you think you're doing?!" she shrieked. "Who told you to go through my things? Are you stealing from us?! Get out of my house!" she yelled furiously. 


Without even allowing Mrs. Dalton to explain, she got her bag from the attic and placed it by the front door. "Leave and never come back!" she said before shutting the door. 

Rosanna tried to avoid Mrs. Dalton, so she decided to spend the afternoon at a coffee shop. | Source: Pexels


When her mother-in-law was gone, she called her husband to say that his mother had left voluntarily. He found this weird and decided to go to the attic to see whether or not Mrs. Dalton had brought all of her things. 

Rosanna tagged along and that's when she noticed a sealed envelope on the table with the inscription, "For Rosanna." Shocked, she sat on the bed and opened it while Gary quietly went back down to give his wife some space. Inside the envelope, there was a letter that read: 

Dear Rosanna,

I know you are not fond of me as your mother-in-law. I am sorry I never met your expectations and that through the years, we never got close. I wanted to explain that I made that soup for you, so you didn't need to think of what to eat over the weekend as you rested.


I know you have asthma, as I heard you coughing at night. I thought vacuuming would help you. I was looking through your closet to find a safe place to keep a valuable piece of jewelry. I never had a daughter, so I wanted to pass the ring on to you. It has been passed down in our family through the women, and I wanted you to have it. 

I'm sorry for not being the mother-in-law you wanted, dear Rosanna. Thank you for loving my son." 

Rosanna decided to fix her relationship with her mother-in-law. | Source: Pexels


Rosanna found the ring enclosed inside the envelope and wept. She felt awful for how she had treated her mother-in-law through the years. "What have I done?!" she said to herself. 

Rosanna was determined to do better. She came clean to Gary and apologized, admitting she had kicked Mrs. Dalton out of the house. "I'm sorry for being a terrible daughter-in-law to your mother. I hope you can give me a chance to make it up to the both of you," she begged. 

After the couple spoke and made amends, they decided to fetch Mrs. Dalton together. The two women had a long conversation before Rosanna invited Mrs. Dalton to live with her and Gary for good. 


What can we learn from this story?

  • Your mother-in-law is still your mother. Some people don't get along with their mothers-in-law, while others do. Regardless of the situation, it's always important to remember that she is the woman who raised your husband, so she deserves to be respected. 
  • You should always be open to your husband. Gary always tried to avoid conflict with Rosanna by pleasing her. However, it's a lot healthier for a couple to talk about their differences and think of solutions together, rather than sweeping them under the rug. This way, they avoid future conflicts that could easily be blown out of proportion. 

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