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Woman Hears Son Mock Poor Grandpa Who Lives in an Old Trailer — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Apr 30, 2022
09:00 P.M.

A woman teaches her son a lesson after hearing him mock his grandfather who lives in an old trailer. The boy looked down on him for not living in a good home nor having any money. 


Brian was disappointed when he learned that he and his mother, Allison, had to move in with his grandfather, Jeff. They had to vacate where they lived, as his mother got fired from her job and could no longer afford the rent. 

When Brian found out that he'd have to live with his grandfather in an old trailer on the outskirts of town, he was furious. "I don't want to move in with grandpa! My friends might see me sleeping in an old trailer. That's embarrassing!" he yelled. 

"Brian, watch what you say. Living with grandpa means we have a proper roof over our heads. Some people have no option but to sleep on the streets," Allison responded. 


Brian and his mother moved to his grandfather's trailer home. | Source: Pexels

Even though Brian didn't want to, he and his mother went to live with Jeff. Brian didn't greet his grandfather when they arrived and just stayed in a corner and kept busy on his phone. 


After catching up with her dad, Allison decided to speak to her son. "You know, Brian, you need to appreciate that you have a family that cares for you. Some people don't have a family or friends at all. Be thankful for what you have," she told him. 

Brian rolled his eyes and stood up, approaching his grandfather, who was finishing a cup of coffee. "Do you have any food?" Brian asked. 

"Of course, dear. I have some beans and bread. Would you like me to make you a sandwich?" Jeff asked. 

Brian scoffed. "Beans and bread? That's what we're going to be eating here every day? You've lived a long life! You've had time to earn money. Why is it that you're still poor?" he asked mockingly. 


Jeff didn't answer but quietly wiped the tears running down his cheeks and picked up the coffee mug with a trembling hand to take a sip.  

Jeff offered his grandson some beans, only to be mocked. | Source: Pexels


Allison heard Brian mocking his grandfather and felt hurt on his behalf. "Brian, stop it! Be grateful we even have food. Other people don't even..." 

Brian didn't let his mom finish. He rolled his eyes again and shot back, "Mom, it's not my problem what other people have! What matters is US! What we don't have. I'm tired of you comparing our situation with other people."

Allison took him by the hand and asked him to follow her. They walked towards the nearby bridge, where several homeless men were warming themselves by the fire. The woman called out to one of them. "Steve," she said. 

The man looked surprised as he approached them, while Brian was confused about why his mother had brought him there. 


Allison took her son to a nearby bridge where she called for a homeless man. | Source: Pexels

"Brian, this is Steve. He is the father you've been asking to meet all these years," Allison revealed. Brian was stunned and couldn't believe his mother's words. 


"When you were a little boy, your father wanted to be rich, but he did not want to work. So, your grandfather stepped in to help us by buying us a house and a car. Then, your father met a rich woman and took off. He sold the house and the car, leaving me with you, with absolutely no money to my name," she revealed. 

"Go ahead, Steve. Tell Brian what happened next," Allison urged. At this point, Brian had both his hands in his pockets to stop himself from shaking. 

Steve sighed and began talking. "When I ran out of money, my new family left me and ultimately cut ties with me. I ended up on the streets, and I've been here ever since. I am sorry, son. I'm sorry you've struggled all these years because of me. I hope you can forgive me." 


Steve revealed the story of his past to Brian, who was surprised with what he was hearing. | Source: Pexels

Upon hearing the story, Brian couldn't help but cry. He realized how much his mother and grandfather had sacrificed for him and how ungrateful he's been through the years.


"I'm sorry for always asking for more, mom. I should have realized the amount of effort you and grandpa put into raising me in a healthy home, yet I took that for granted. I hope you can forgive me," Brian said, embracing his mom. 

Brian then turned to his dad. "I never knew you, and I'm not attached to you, but I want you to sleep better at night, so just know that I forgive you," he said. 

Brian then invited Steve to the trailer to give him some food to eat. He handed his dad a can of beans and saw him eat ravenously, much to Brian's surprise. 

Brian realized how blessed he was and chose to become a better person because of what he discovered. | Source: Pexels


Jeff knew how much hardship Steve brought to his daughter's life, yet he welcomed him into his home. "Go ahead and sleep on the couch. I know you haven't had a decent sleep for years," he said, handing him a worn-out pillow. Steve thanked Jeff with tears in his eyes before going to bed. 

When he was fast asleep, Brian took the time to apologize to his grandfather. "I'm sorry, grandpa. I've been an ungrateful boy. I appreciate you offering us canned beans. They're delicious. And this trailer? This is my home, and it's the coziest place on earth."

Brian began helping his mother and grandfather out. After school, he took a part-time job to pitch in with their daily expenses and did household chores instead of using his phone the entire day. 


After being hired in a local coffee shop, Brian recommended his dad to the owners and helped him get a job as a security guard. Since then, Brian has become a responsible young man who always puts his family first. 

What can we learn from this story?

  • Always be grateful for what you have. It's easy to compare our lives with those of our peers, but it's important to realize that we are blessed differently. Be grateful for what you have, and constantly strive to work towards the life we want to live. 
  • Don't judge people without knowing their story. Brian was quick to judge his mother and grandfather for not having money. However, he later realized that they both worked hard to try and give him the most comfortable life possible. 

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