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Young Man Marries His First Love, Finds Out She’s Dead Hours Later – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
May 14, 2022
12:00 P.M.

With her wedding to Ben six months away, Megan was busy planning and noticed how tired she felt every day. The doctors gave her the worst diagnosis anyone could get, and Ben did something shocking.


"Your wedding will be the most beautiful day of your life," Megan remembered her mother's words when she was little. Her mom, Georgina, had always told her this because she married the love of her life and formed a family. Her parents were the ultimate goal in terms of relationships, and decades later, they still loved each other.

Therefore, Megan grew up believing that marriage and her wedding would be fantastic too. When she started dating Ben, she knew he was the one almost immediately, but they were both in college and decided to finish their degrees before getting serious.

Megan went to the doctor to see what was happening. | Source: Pexels


Two years later, Ben finally proposed, and Megan and Georgina started planning their wedding, which was only six months away.

Her eyes snapped open, and a smile formed on her face as her nurses entered.

Unfortunately, Megan woke up feeling more tired than ever, even if she had slept more than eight hours. She didn't want to alarm anyone, so she drank tons of coffee for boosts of energy, but they were only temporary. Soon enough, she started feeling woozy and had to go to the doctor.

At first, the physicians didn't know what was happening, but they ran all the tests in the books and discovered that she didn't have long to live. She would be lucky to make it to her wedding day, but she had less than a year to live due to an advanced case of cancer. Therefore, she did the only thing she could think of at the time.


Ben held her until she stopped crying and they slept. | Source: Pexels

"No! We are not breaking up!" Ben exclaimed, getting up from their shared bed and pacing the room. "We are getting married."


"Ben! For God's sakes! I'm dying! It's a done deal! There are no treatments! The doctors can give me some pain relief, but that's it! You can't marry someone who's going to die!" Megan yelled back, but she started crying until the sobs wouldn't let her speak anymore. Ben realized how upset she was and hugged her until her wails stopped.

The following day, she packed her things and moved back in with her parents, who lived a few blocks away in their hometown in Austin, Texas.

The days turned bitter after that. Her situation got worse, and her parents insisted on her staying in the hospital so that doctors could monitor her. They had yet to accept their daughter's fate, but they didn't want to see her in pain.


She was hospitalized because her pain got too bad. | Source: Unsplash

Megan stayed in a hospital room, writing some of her thoughts in her journal and watching TV when the tiredness allowed.



Two weeks after her first hospitalization, Megan woke up to the sounds of music in her room. It was strange because this ward was usually pretty quiet. But the music was soft, and she realized quickly that it was her favorite song. A gentle guitar tune that she always wanted to be played for her first dance at her wedding.

Her eyes snapped open, and a smile formed on her face as her nurses entered, holding a beautiful wedding dress in their hands. She noticed that the music was coming from right outside her room. Then her mother and Ben's mom came in, dressed in formal attire with big emotional smiles on their faces.


The nurses came in with a dress, and she knew what was happening. | Source: Pexels

Everyone helped her put the dress on, and they did a quick touch-up of makeup and fixed her hair as quickly as possible. They placed her back on the bed because she could barely stand nowadays. But through it all, her favorite song played on a loop, and she felt peaceful, beautiful, and adored.


She knew what was happening and couldn't imagine a sweeter moment until Ben's mom called out. "She's ready."

Her dad and Ben's father came in with grins on their faces. One of them held a radio where her song kept playing, and finally, Ben came in a great suit that made him look like Brad Pitt in her eyes. Suddenly, he went down on one knee and proposed once again.

"I can't imagine ever marrying anyone else. I'm ready to say my vows with you. Will you marry me?" he asked her, holding the ring she had returned to him when she moved back into her parents' house. She couldn't say no.

A pastor came in and they said their vows. | Source: Pexels


A pastor came into the room, and they said their vows. Everyone in attendance choked when the pastor asked Ben if he would take his bride in "sickness and health." They kissed, and everyone cheered, including some medical staff who had also snuck into the room to witness the romantic moment.

After a short celebration, everyone left, and Ben sat next to his new wife on her hospital bed, telling her about their future.

"We're going to have three kids, hopefully, two girls and one boy. We're going to have tons of animals too like you always dreamed of. Maybe, we can move to the country and have an animal rescue farm. But most of all, we're going to love each other like your parents have. This is the most beautiful moment of my life," Ben said, unable to stop several tears from falling out.


"We're also going to live near a lake, so you can fish, and I'll cook it," Megan added. "You'll teach our kids to play baseball, and you'll walk our daughters down the aisle when they get married. Our house will be filled with love, books, and music. And we will never be apart from each other," she finished, her words breaking at every turn.

They dreamed of their lives together even if it was not possible. | Source: Pexels


They kept dreaming of their would-be lives for hours until they fell asleep, holding hands. The next day, Megan was gone.

Ben was devastated. He cried for a long time, then he called their parents, and made the necessary arrangements. After all this, he noticed a message from Megan on his cellphone. She must have sent it after he fell asleep. "I'm happy I became your wife," it read.


Ben visited Megan's grave every year on their wedding anniversary. He would always love her in a way he would never love anyone else. Their love was fleeting, but he never regretted marrying her in that hospital room.


What can we learn from this story?

  • True love has no barriers. Ben and Megan got married and dreamed of their future even when they already knew it would not happen.
  • Never regret all the love and pain you experience. Love, pain, death, and life are all part of the human experience. Never regret one moment of emotion because it's a sign that you're alive.

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