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Bride Gets into Car Crash on Wedding Day, Meets Man Who Caused the Accident a Year Later – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
May 11, 2022
06:20 A.M.

Bridget ran away from her forced wedding and got into a taxi. She told the driver to go faster, and they accidentally got into a crash with another car. A year later, she had moved to a small town and found a lost dog. When she called the owner, someone shockingly showed up at her door.


"GO! Go quickly, sir! We have to get away from here!" Bridget yelled at the taxi driver after slamming the door.

"Ma'am, you're in a dress. You're running from your own wedding?" the man in the driver's seat asked in confusion, and she didn't have time to tell him the entire story.

Bridget ran away from her wedding because it was arranged. | Source: Pexels


"Yes! Go! Go! Go!" she insisted, and he took off.

"Excuse me. Have we met before?" she asked before the man could leave.

"Where are we going?" the taxi driver asked after a few blocks.

"I don't know! Just keep driving fast and away from that church. I think my father saw me escaping out of the church window," Bridget answered, looking out of the back windshield in panic.

"Don't worry. We'll lose him soon," the driver assured her and accelerated. But that was the last thing she remembered because the driver lost control at an intersection and collided with another car.


She woke up in the hospital with several fractures after a harsh accident. | Source: Pexels

Due to several fractures, Bridget woke up in the hospital covered in bandages and casts. The first thing she saw was her father's face and he was holding her hand. "I'm sorry, Bridgie. I will never do anything like that again," he stated, and Bridget cried thankfully.


The truth is, she had been set up to marry a rather influential man in their town. He would help their parents advance in the world.  But almost losing their daughter made Bridget's parents realize what was truly important. Forcing something like marriage on anyone was not worth it.


A year later, Bridget had moved to Telluride, a small town in Colorado, while her parents stayed in Denver. She was happier than ever and had entirely healed from all her injuries after the accident. Every once in a while, she thought about the driver and what happened to him, but no one at the hospital could give her answers as she was not family. Eventually, she moved on and never thought about it again.


She looked out of her kitchen window and saw a dog in her yard. | Source: Pexels

One day, she cleaned her kitchen and looked outside the little window to her garden. To her surprise, a dog in her yard was staring straight at her. She dried her hands and went outside to check it out.


The dog was wearing a vest and collar, so someone must have lost him. It might even be an emotional support dog, and the best thing to do was call the number on the tag. Luckily, the owner answered, and she gave her address so the owner could come to pick it up.

To her surprise, a taxi pulled up on her driveway, and a man with very dark sunglasses got out. He was blind. Of course! This is his seeing-eye dog, she realized and opened her front door to greet him outside.

"Hello, sir! I didn't realize your situation, I could've taken the dog to you," Bridget stated, following behind the dog, who went directly to its owner.


"Hello, ma'am. No, don't worry about it. My brother drove me, so it's ok. Here boy," he replied and petted his dog.

She felt like they knew each other already. | Source: Pexels


Bridget marveled at how he handled himself despite not being able to see, but there was something more. His voice was familiar. "Have we met before?" she asked before the man could leave.

"Actually, I was wondering that too because your voice seems extremely familiar," he responded and smiled. He was gorgeous even if she couldn't see his face well due to the sunglasses.

"That's strange. Maybe around town?" she offered, and the man suddenly frowned.

"Hmmm… tell me something. Have you ever run away from a wedding?" he asked, shocking her.

"What? How would you know that?" Bridget asked in surprise. How could he know that?


He recognized her as the runaway bride that got in his cab. | Source: Pexels

"I can never forget your voice," he began. "I was your taxi driver, ma'am. The accident was the reason I'm blind and I got this dog."


"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" Bridget started, as her eyes watered at the idea that she had caused someone so much pain. "I asked around for you but no one ever told me anything."

"My family couldn't find yours either. One nurse said that you might have been taken to a different clinic," he explained, shrugging his shoulders as if it was nothing. Obviously, he didn't resent her, but Bridget couldn't let him go just like that.

"Is there nothing anyone can do about your eyes? What's your name?" she questioned, desperate to do something.

The man shook his head. "I'm Adam, and no. Well… the surgery and treatment are pretty expensive. I can't afford something like that. But I'm used to this life now, so…," he trailed off and started walking towards the car.


She was with him the entire way, and they fell in love. | Source: Pexels

The man left with his brother thinking they would never hear of Bridget again. But she couldn't let it go. She called her parents and got them to pay for Adam's surgery and treatment. He almost rejected the offer, but it was too good to pass.


After several weeks, he went through with surgery and the succeeding treatments, recovering most of his sight. It was like a miracle. Bridget was there for him the entire way, and they eventually fell in love.

What can we learn from this story?

  • You can't force anyone to marry someone they don't love. Bridget ran away from her wedding despite what her parents expected of her.
  • Some coincidences can change your life. Bridget found a seeing-eye dog in her yard, and it led her to the man who had been in an accident with her and would eventually become an important part of her life.

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