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Man Fails to Hang Up after Call with Fiancée, She Overhears That He Is Her Stepfather’s Son – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
May 11, 2022
01:30 P.M.

Tina didn't have luck in relationships until she met David, who was just as amazing as her stepfather, Victor. But one day, she was about to end a phone call with her fiancé when he failed to hang up, and she overheard something that shocked her to the core.


"Okay, honey. We'll talk later. I can't wait for our wedding," Tina told David on the phone and put it away from her ear. She was extremely excited about their upcoming wedding. They loved each other dearly, and Tina was always amazed at David.

Before him, her relationships always fizzled out, and it wasn't a surprise. Her father had abandoned her and her mother, Kiara, when she was young. It wouldn't take a therapist to tell her that she had issues with commitment.

Her mother married Victor when Tina was a pre-teen, and he was wonderful. | Source: Pexels


Fortunately, her mother had found love again when Tina was a pre-teen. Victor was kind and showed her that not all men were evil or would abandon them at every turn.

"I wish it wasn't this way. I'm tired of her, Dad. She's the most boring person alive, and her mother is no better," David continued.

Before David, Tina thought she had found the love of her life years ago with another man named Anthony, but he disappeared from her life at some point without any explanation, leaving her heartbroken. But her current fiancé was utterly different and made her believe in love again, so their upcoming wedding would be grand and impressive.


Tina snapped out of her thoughts about her past when she heard David's voice. Oh, he still hasn't hung up, she thought and was about to press the end button when a familiar voice came through the line.

Tina eavesdropped on the conversation between David and Victor. | Source: Pexels


"We're almost done with this charade," she heard. The man sounded an awful lot like Victor. Tina found it strange since Victor and David had only met a couple of times. Maybe they were planning something special for the wedding, she thought, and she smiled at the idea.

"Yes, I'm tired of this. But it'll be worth it in the end," David responded to Victor, and they both laughed in glee.

"Regardless, I never doubted you could this. You are my son after all. You have always made me proud. I shouldn't have doubted this would go well too," Victor continued, and Tina's jaw dropped in shock.

Son? What are they talking about? she wondered.


David talked about how boring she was and what they really wanted from them. | Source: Pexels

"Yeah, you never should have. But still, I wish it wasn't this way. I'm tired of her, Dad. She's the most boring person alive, and her mother is no better," David continued, and Tina felt her heart skip a bit.


What's going on?

"I wish it didn't have to be this way either, but when I found out that Kiara's parents' money is going directly to Tina and the other grandkids in the family, I knew I had to do something. I swindled a few funds from Kiara over the years, but it's not even close to the fortune Tina is set to inherit," Victor stated, sounding angry about it.

"I can't wait for that money, Dad. It's going to change our lives. We're going to take everything from them and get out of this stupid town in Utah. Finally, we'll get all the women we want, and not have to settle for boring simpletons like them," David added, laughing at the end.


Tina cried listening to the horrible truth. | Source: Pexels

Tina started to cry silently as their conversation continued.

"Yeah, but we still have to be careful, and it might take years. Still, it's crazy that those simpletons come from such old money. I want to take it and run now," Victor said humorously, and Tina couldn't listen anymore.


She hung up the call and dialed her mother immediately. Through terrible sobs, she told her everything. At first, Kiara didn't want to believe her, especially because Victor had been in their lives for so long. She almost fought with her daughter, but they went back and forth on the phone for a while until Tina told her to check her bank accounts and jewelry to see what he had already swindled from her.

Her mother discovered significant funds missing from accounts she barely ever checked and realized the truth. She also went through Victor's computer secretly and found strange emails coming from a bank in Europe. Sadness led to anger at that point.

Kiara secretly searched Victor's computer and discovered what he had done. | Source: Pexels


There was also an email on his account that Kiara thought was strange. It was sent to Tina's old boyfriend, Anthony. Victor apparently told him that Tina had been cheating on him for years, which explained why he ghosted her years ago. This only confirmed that they had planned for this all along.

With that confirmation, Kiara and Tina went to their family lawyer and arranged for their assets to be placed in Kiara's sister's name for a while. Then Kiara served Victor divorce papers while Tina dumped David quickly, but neither of them told them why. They just cut them off from their lives and Victor walked away with nothing because he technically earned more than Kiara at work.


Tina reconnected with Anthony and Kiara swore off men forever. | Source: Pexels

After that, Tina reconnected with her old boyfriend and told him the truth. They became friendly again and eventually got married. Meanwhile, Kiara decided that she was utterly done with men for the rest of her life.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Some people can't be trusted no matter what. Victor and David were extremely nice to Kiara and Tina, but they had nefarious intentions toward them.
  • Be careful with your money no matter what. Kiara never noticed that Victor was stealing from her until Tina overheard them. You always have to be careful who you trust with your account details.

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