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Old Lady Finds Abandoned Triplets on the Quay, Realizes They May Be Her Great-Grandchildren – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
May 25, 2022
02:30 P.M.

While walking near New York Harbor, Natalie saw a stroller for triplets with three babies inside. She waited to see if someone would come to claim them, but no one did. But she found something shocking in one of the stroller baskets and knew she had to do something.


Natalie loved walking near the harbor. Watching the boats and feeling the sea breeze was her favorite pastime. Her husband had died many years ago, and unfortunately, she didn't know where or what her daughter, Jessica, was doing.

Several years ago, she fought with Jessica, who ran away with her shady boyfriend and cut off contact with her. Natalie tried to make her see reason, but there was no talking to that girl. It had been years since they spoke or saw each other, and she regretted it. She hoped Jessica would come around, but it was useless.

Natalie loved walking through the harbor, but she never imagined what she would come across there one day.. | Source: Pexels


Luckily, the quay was a beautiful place and made her think about other things in life. Despite her mistakes with her daughter, she was a good person and a great partner. There was nothing else to regret except, perhaps, having grandchildren.


"But alas, that's never going to happen now," she muttered, and the wind ruffled her hair. It was getting colder already, so she had to go home soon.

Natalie turned and started to walk back when she spotted something odd. There was a stroller right there on the quay, and there was no one around it. It was huge, as it was made for triplets, and to her surprise, three babies were inside.


Her eyes were wide as she peaked at the children, who were quiet for the most part. One was sleeping, the other was playing with a toy, and the other looked at Natalie, raising her tiny arms to be picked up.

Not wanting to touch someone else's babies, Natalie looked around the area and saw only a few people walking in the distance. No one looked like a mother rushing back to her children. It was bizarre.

A couple passed her at some point. "Are these your kids?" Natalie inquired, which made the couple frown and stop in their stroll.

There was a triplet stroller with three babies on the harbor and there was no parent around. | Source: Pexels


"What?" the man asked.

"These babies seemed to have been abandoned here," Natalie explained, her hands raised in disbelief.

"That's terrible!" the woman chimed in, looking at her boyfriend. "Should we call the police?"

"Well, I'm going to stay with them for a while. Maybe their mother had to run an errand nearby and didn't know what else to do," the older woman said. The couple nodded, raised their eyebrows, and left.

An hour passed, and no one came. Natalie noticed that the sky was turning gray, and it would be nighttime soon. Perhaps she should call the police sooner rather than later. But she didn't want to cause the mom any trouble if this was some misunderstanding.


Therefore, she rummaged through the stroller and discovered a wallet. "Oh, maybe there's an address or a phone number I can call," she told herself, opening it.

Unfortunately, it was an old wallet, and it was mostly empty except for a picture. Her jaw dropped as soon as she saw the image. It was of her daughter, Jessica, with a young girl who looked to be around 15 years old.

Natalie didn't understand why her daughter's picture was in the abandoned stroller. | Source: Pexels


"What's happening?" Natalie asked herself in shock. Who was that teen girl with Jessica? Who are these triplets? What's going on? What if she's related to them?

All these questions ran through her mind rapidly as the wind picked up, and Natalie realized that she had to take the babies away from the harbor now. It was getting too cold for them, and they were going to get hungry soon.

She rolled the stroller to her house as quickly as possible, although maneuvering it was more complicated than she imagined. But she made it in the end. She fed the babies, who had to be around one and a half, with some smashed apples and yams.


It was a handful trying to handle three babies, especially after not being around any children for so long. But Natalie managed, and she enjoyed it in a way. However, she needed to discover what was going on.

The following morning, she called the police, who sent some officers to her house. She explained the situation, including her daughter's picture on the stroller.

Natalie gave her daughter's name to the cops, explaining everything she knew. | Source: Pexels


"Her name is Jessica Roswell, unless she got married and changed it. Can you help me get in touch with her?" Natalie asked the kind cops.

"We'll find her for you, Mrs. Roswell. It shouldn’t be a problem. There are also some CCTV cameras around the harbor. We'll check things out," the officer told her. "But since you have reason to believe these babies are related to you, we're going to let you have them until we get to the bottom of this."

"That's fine. Thank you," Natalie responded, feeling relieved by their help.

Several days later, she received a phone call and was shocked to learn it was Jessica.


"You called the cops on me?" she yelled through the phone.

"What? Jessica, what's going on? Why did you abandon these babies? Are they your children?" Natalie demanded, her voice trembling with nervousness.

"No, they're Wendy's kids. She never told me she was pregnant. That stupid girl! And I can't help her with three kids! SOMEONE ELSE WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE THEM! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU?" her daughter shouted angrily.

A teen girl was at her front door, and she was in distress. | Source: Pexels


"Jessica, calm down. Who is Wendy? The girl in the picture? Is she your daughter?" Natalie continued.

"YES, MOTHER! For God's sake, catch up! My daughter got pregnant and never told me. Worst of all, she had triplets! That's insane! Don't send the cops to find me again! Give the children away! I don't care! Goodbye!" Jessica screamed once again and hung up the phone.

Natalie was rattled. She just got confirmation that these babies were her great-grandchildren and that her daughter had abandoned them so cruelly. She had to sit down to process that information, but she jumped in her seat when the doorbell rang.

She opened it and discovered the teen girl from the picture. "Are my babies here?" she asked in desperation.


"Ah, yes! Yes! You're Wendy, right?" Natalie asked, tears gathering in her eyes. She was looking at the young grandchild she had never met before.

She let the girl come inside, and she went directly to the babies. Luckily, Natalie cared for them well.

As they got to talking, Wendy told her all about her pregnancy, her relationship with her mother, and how Jessica had taken the babies without her consent. When she learned about her babies being found, she managed to get Natalie's home address out of Jessica and rushed there as soon as possible.

As Natalie listened, she shed a few tears. It was tough. In the end, she made an important decision.


Natalie did everything to help Wendy raise the babies, and they were a real family. | Source: Pexels

"You can stay here with me. I'm old, but I can help out. I can see that you love your kids, and I would be glad to be a part of their lives. What do you think?" the older woman offered.


Wendy's eyes watered, and she hugged her grandmother for the first time. "Thank you. I didn't know we had any other family. But I'm so glad it was you who found them."

"Oh, me too. Maybe it was meant to happen," Natalie said, returning Wendy's hug fiercely. It wasn't easy, but they quickly became a beautiful family and made it through hard times.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Children are not something you can throw away. There are proper channels for people who can't raise their children independently. Jessica's actions were reprehensible, but luckily, Natalie was there to care for the kids.
  • Some people take family for granted. Jessica abandoned her grandchildren, while Natalie took them and Wendy in quickly. They made it through because they were together.

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