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Woman with 10 Months to Live Goes to Ex’s Home to Confess Her Love, Another Woman Opens the Door – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Jun 01, 2022
05:00 A.M.

Lucy received the worst news anyone could get from the doctors, so she decided to find her past love and tell him she still loved him in a letter. Sadly, another woman opened the door, and she had to leave the message with her. However, something shocking happened as she walked away.


"Mrs. Franklin, I think it's time to get your affairs in order. There's nothing more we can do for you until you need hospice," Dr. Martins told Lucy, who had been expecting some good news or at least a little bit of hope. "My best guess is that you only have around ten months to live."

For the past few weeks, Lucy had been frequenting the doctor for just about every test under the sun because she had passed out at the grocery store where she worked as a manager. She had even gotten several opinions from different specialists, but they gave her the same answer: she only had a few months to live.

Lucy cried in her car and thought about life, including her regrets. | Source: Pexels


That's when she realized that life was too short. People always said that, but Lucy never understood the words until her final diagnosis. It truly was. Every moment was fleeting, and every issue seemed incredibly inconsequential.

"Hello? Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?" the woman asked, tilting her head and looking at her curiously.

As she walked toward her car in the parking lot of the doctor's office, she thought about her past and the things she regretted. She mainly had lived contently, but there was one significant blunder in her memories: her breakup with Mike.

Mike had been her college boyfriend, and they even planned to get married after graduation. But there was a terrible misunderstanding due to another girl at their graduation party, and they eventually separated for good because Lucy had lost trust in him.


"I was so stupid," she muttered to herself, getting in her car and starting the ignition. But she didn't drive off yet. "What if he was telling the truth? Why did I waste so much time?"

She finally came to a decision that would change her biggest regret. | Source: Pexels


She pounded on the steering wheel in anger and then leaned her head on it, crying at everything happening at that moment.

Her life had been simple. After college, she landed a job, bought a house in her hometown in Destin, Florida, and she even got a dog named Darwin. Most of her nights were spent relaxing and bingeing on Netflix. It was comfortable, and she loved it.

But as she cried inside her car, she came to a decision and a realization. She was still desperately in love with Mike, and she needed him to know, even if it seemed like the most selfish move she could make.

"I think the universe will forgive me for this," she told herself, moving the gear stick and driving out of the lot. She went home, did a quick search on Facebook, and found Mike immediately. She could tell that he was still in the same town as her. But she didn't know where he had moved, so she took a chance and decided to call his mother.


She sat on her kitchen table and wrote everything she needed him to know, especially how much she still loved him. | Source: Pexels

Luckily, the older woman remembered her fondly and revealed his address without issue. Lucy didn't dare ask anything else about Mike's life for the past few years. She wanted to find out from him. She was about to grab her keys and drive there, but a thought stopped her.


"What am I going to say? How am I going to say it?" she wondered to herself and jiggled the keys in nervousness. Suddenly, she thought about writing a letter. She could write everything down, except for her diagnosis. She only wanted him to know her feelings. It was the only way she would find peace now that her fate was sealed.

Lucy sat at her kitchen table for a while, throwing away several drafts until she finally got everything down. "It's perfect now. This is all I need to say, no matter what happens next," she said, holding the letter to her face and reading it one last time.

She placed it in an envelope and grabbed her keys again, rushing to the address. Her heart started racing after knocking on the door. She moved nervously in place and smiled when the door opened. But her face completely changed when a pretty woman answered the door.


A pretty woman answered the door, and Lucy wanted to run because Mike was married. | Source: Pexels

Oh my god! Of course, Mike is married. What was I thinking? she thought to herself as her mouth opened and no sound came out.


"Hello? Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?" the woman asked, tilting her head and looking at her curiously.

Lucy had to think quickly because this was a terrible idea. Would her letter ruin Mike's life? Should she just run away and forget about this? No, she needed him to have it, no matter what. But it didn't have to come from her strictly.

"Ahh, I'm a courier, and I have this letter for Mike Hanson. This is his address, correct?" Lucy lied, trying to calm herself to seem more genuine.

"Yeah, Mike lives here. I can give him that. Thank you," the woman said, grinning. She took the envelope from Lucy's hand and closed the door.


Something shocking happened as she was returning to her car in shame. | Source: Pexels

Finally, Lucy breathed a sigh and started walking away. She hoped nothing terrible would happen between Mike and his wife because of her actions. Despite not seeing him, a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. This was the right move for her.


As she walked down the street toward her parked car, that was her thought. But suddenly, a pair of arms enveloped her and stopped her in her tracks. She wanted to scream, but Mike's voice resounded in her ears.

"Hey, you," he said, and his tone transported her back to their lazy days in college and the beautiful moments of first love. She turned in his arms and looked at him in disbelief.

"Mike, what are you doing? What about your wife?"

"My wife? You mean my cousin? That's Sandra. Didn't you guys meet?" he responded, shocking her.

Her eyes were wide as she shook her head and her relief was monumental. Mike was not married. "No, I would've remembered her."


Lucy told him the entire truth, including her diagnosis, and Mike didn't waiver. | Source: Pexels

"Well, that's Sandra. She gave me your letter, but I only skimmed through the letter before I had to come out running for you, but I got the gist. So, you still love me?" Mike asked, grinning at her teasingly but with all the love he felt for her.


Lucy laughed and hugged him back, nodding her head as tears gathered in her eyes. "Yes, I do."

They went inside the house, and Mike read the letter more thoroughly. Then Lucy had to tell him why she had written the letter, and Mike was shocked at first. But he didn't want to lose her again. He promised to be by her side for anything, including more doctor's visits, and Lucy was grateful.

At some point, he explained what happened in the past regarding the other girl at graduation, who tried to flirt with him but he didn't have time to reject her before Lucy saw them and misunderstood the situation. Lucy was glad to know what truly happened, even if it didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was that they were together for as long as they could.


In the end, she died in her bed with her dog on one side and Mike on the other, holding her hand.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Life is too short to have any regrets. Lucy realized what was truly important to her after her diagnosis, but you shouldn't wait for something like that to take risks and the opportunities you want.
  • Don't let misunderstandings get in the way of love. Lucy and Mike separated at first because of a simple misunderstanding, and they might have spent the rest of their lives regretting their lost relationship if not for Lucy's diagnosis.

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