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Man Mixes up His Girlfriend with Her Twin Sister, ‘Did You Get Your Sister’s Money?’ He Asks Her – Story of the Day

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By Manuela Cardiga
Jun 06, 2022
06:00 A.M.

Identical twins become estranged when one discovers the other's nefarious plans to cheat her out of her inheritance through her boyfriend.


Identical twins. No siblings are closer, born of a single ovum, bearing the same DNA. Some are so close they even share a secret language, and their loyalty is legendary.

Alice and Linda Quaker had been peas in a pod throughout their childhood, but as they matured, their differences asserted themselves.

Alice felt that she and Linda had started to drift apart, and their distance widened when Linda met Brad Strafford. Whatever the sisters shared, it was not their taste in men...

Alice and Linda were like two peas in a pod. | Source: Unsplash


Alice didn't like Brad one little bit, but she did love her sister. She was horrified when Linda's relationship with Brad had become more serious. It didn't escape Alice that Brad had proposed just weeks after their grandmother died.

Gran Marie had been a canny businesswoman and had built herself a tidy fortune. Since Alice and Linda's mother had passed away, the two girls would be splitting the money.

Alice was an artist and Linda was an accountant so it seemed perfectly reasonable to leave Linda in charge of claiming their inheritance, working through the bureaucracy and red tape of estate probate.

Unfortunately, that meant that Linda spent a lot of time talking to Gran Marie's own accountant and business managers, which was why she'd called Alice and asked for a favor.


Even though Linda and Alice were identical, their characters were very different. | Source: Unsplash

"Allie," Linda had crooned. "I have a meeting with the business manager today about liquidating some stock, but Brad is arriving from L.A. at 15:20. PLEASE, could you pick him up?"


"Linda!" Alice cried. "You know Brad and I just don't mix! Can't he just take an Uber home?"

Forgiveness is born of love.

"Please, Alice," Linda said. "He's been away three weeks and he'll end up having drinks with that weasel Carlos and I won't see him for two days!"

Alice sighed. "I honestly think you should rethink this whole engagement thing!" Alice said.

Linda was engaged to a man Alice didn't trust. | Source: Unsplash


"Look," Linda said. "I know he's not perfect. And maybe he IS a bit of an idiot, but he is MY idiot."

So Alice drove to the airport and waited through two delays on the flight from L.A. Finally, there was Brad, dragging his suitcases along. He waved as soon as he saw Alice.

"Hey, Brad," she said.

"Linda, babe!" Brad shouted. "I've missed you!" and before Alice could respond, he had picked her up and was swinging her off the ground and into a bear hug.

Linda asked Alice for a favor. | Source: Unsplash


To Alice's horror, Brad's fat lips were slobbering all over her face as he tried to kiss her mouth. "Stop that!" Alice cried, and pushed Brad away.

"What the hell, Linda?" Brad cried. "You're turning into an idiot like your sister! Worried I'll smudge your makeup?"

"What?" Alice said. "No! Listen, Brad, you're wrong..."

"Wrong?" scoffed Brad. "About your sister? Please tell me you're not going all sentimental on me, Linda! Did you get your sister's money? You have to screw her out of the money no matter what.

"You know I have a lot of debts! We need ALL of the money!"


Alice picked Brad up at the airport. | Source: Unsplash

Alice couldn't believe her ears! "How do you expect me to...screw her out of the money?" she asked.


Brad frowned. "Look, she trusts you completely, right?" he asked "You're the one dealing with the lawyers...Just tell her the estate was in debt, that the inheritance tax ate up the rest, and tell her her share was $50,000.

"At the end of the day, we pocket the rest of the $450,000 she had coming. I don't know why you're still questioning this. I thought we'd agreed!"

Alice looked Brad in the eye. "Guess what, Brad? Linda asked me to pick you up from the airport," she said. "But I think you can walk home!"

Alice discovered that her sister planned to steal her money. | Source: Unsplash


She turned her back on the horrified Brad and left the airport, then she immediately drove to the office where Linda was holding the meeting with the business manager.

She walked in just as Linda was hanging up the phone. The minute Linda saw her, she turned blood red. "Alice!" she cried. "What a surprise..."

"Yes, isn't it?" Alice said. "But guess who had the biggest surprise of all? It was me when your caveman boyfriend thought I was you and started discussing your plan to steal my half of Gran Marie's money!"

"Brad..." Linda tried to think up an excuse and said, "Look, you know what a kidder Brad is! He saw it was you and he was pulling your leg!"


Alice wasn't invited to Linda's wedding. | Source: Pexels

"Really?" asked Alice. "Was that before or after he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth?"

Linda's mouth hung open. She had no answer. So Alice turned to her grandmother's business manager. "Mr. Soledad, from now on I want to be present at all meetings," she said. "I don't trust my sister."


Unfortunately for Brad and Linda, Alice kept a very close eye on the whole process and got her full share of the inheritance. Her sister was furious and stopped speaking to her, and Alice wasn't invited to the wedding.

It would be five years before Alice heard from Linda again. One night, someone knocked on her door and there was Linda. Once, Alice and Linda had been identical, but no longer. Linda was much too thin, and she looked a good ten years older than Alice.

Alice forgave her sister and comforted her. | Source: Pexels


"Linda!" Alice cried. "What happened to you?"

Linda started crying and Alice forgot about all their past troubles. All she wanted was to comfort her sister. "Come in," she said and led Linda into her home.

"You were so right about Brad!" Linda sobbed. "He spent my inheritance in the first year, then he started borrowing against my house. I have no home. I lost everything, Allie, everything!"

"No," Alice said gently. "Not everything. You still have me, and you'll always have a home with me."

What can we learn from this story?

  • No amount of money is worth losing your family. Linda allowed Brad to talk her into betraying Alice and she ended up losing everything.
  • Forgiveness is born of love. No matter what, Alice still loved Linda and she immediately forgave her and offered her support.

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