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Grandma Banned from Visiting Little Granddaughter Sees Her Getting into Car with Stranger — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Jun 09, 2022
09:40 P.M.

A loving grandmother was banned from seeing her grandchild after her son and his wife separated. One day, she spots her granddaughter getting into a car with a stranger, looking scared.


Lucy was 68 years old and valued her family more than anything in the world. Her husband died when they were in their late 50s, and since then, she focused her attention on her grown son, Peter, and her darling granddaughter, Abigail.

Unfortunately, Peter was in a toxic relationship with his wife, Amelia. They were constantly fighting, and their problems piled up until they could no longer fix them.

Peter and Amelia frequently fought as a married couple, so they decided to separate. | Source: Pexels


In the end, Peter and Amelia decided to divorce, and their daughter Abigail was placed in Amelia's custody. Since then, Lucy was banned from visiting her granddaughter.

Lucy missed Abigail dearly. She had always pictured her retirement as a happy time in her life, the perfect time to babysit and spoil her granddaughter. "Don't worry, Abigail! Grandma is your guardian angel!" she'd constantly repeat to the young girl.

As Peter and Amelia's separation was a bitter one, Amelia refused to deal with anything that had to do with her ex-husband, including Lucy. She refused to show Abigail to Lucy, and this went on for two years until something significant happened.


They filed for divorce, and Amelia got custody of their child, Abigail. | Source: Pexels

Lucy found other hobbies to pursue as she tried to cope with longing for her granddaughter. Every morning, she'd go to a yoga studio before spending the day at a coffee shop where she read a book or met up with some neighbors.


One particular day, as she was walking from the yoga studio to the coffee shop, she spotted her granddaughter looking nervous as a big man held on to her shoulder. Lucy was sure that it was Abigail because she was wearing the knitted hat she had given her the last time they met.

Realizing her granddaughter was in danger, she tried running after her, but Abigail and the man had already gotten into a car. Without hesitation, Lucy hailed a cab and followed them.

Lucy realized her granddaughter was in danger and followed her. | Source: Pexels


While inside the cab, Lucy called 911 and informed them that her granddaughter was in a car with a strange man, providing details about the vehicle.

Shortly after, cops arrived at an intersection right before entering the freeway and intercepted the vehicle Abigail was in. The man with her was arrested, and Lucy was able to embrace her granddaughter for the first time in years.

"Oh, sweetheart," she cried. "I'm so glad you're okay. I was so worried about you."

Abigail hugged her grandmother tight, still scared of what happened. It turned out the man with Abigail was Amelia's ex-boyfriend who wanted to get back with her. He took Abigail, thinking he could use her as leverage.


The man who took Abigail turned out to be Amelia's ex-boyfriend. | Source: Pexels

"According to the man, Amelia would often ask him to fetch Abigail from school. When they broke up, the teachers were not informed, so he still had access to Abigail when he picked her up earlier today." the police told Lucy and son Peter, who drove to the police station from work.


The man was arrested for taking Abigail, and additional charges were pressed against him for driving without a license and stealing someone's car. Peter and Lucy also pressed charges against Amelia for neglecting her child's needs and for putting her in danger.

In the end, Peter was awarded custody of Abigail, leaving Amelia with visitation rights. She humbly accepted the judge's decision, knowing she had been an irresponsible parent.

Amelia admitted she had been an irresponsible mother. | Source: Pexels


She apologized to Peter and Lucy for taking Abigail away from them and vowed to be better. They started to co-parent Abigail and remained good friends so as not to disrupt the young girl's life growing up.

After the incident, Lucy became the city's hero and was featured on local TV for her role in saving her granddaughter. More people started to recognize her, and this came with perks that she and her family started to enjoy – free fruit baskets, free yoga classes, and free services from several establishments.

Abigail was delighted to be reunited with her dad and grandma and had no issues settling in at home. She spent a lot of time with both her dad and grandma, and they'd always talk about the things happening around them.


Peter was given custody of his daughter Abigail following the incident. | Source: Pexels

One particular day, Abigail openly shared how scared she was that day when her mom's ex-boyfriend tried to take her. Lucy gave her granddaughter a warm embrace and assured her that everything was alright and that she and her dad would always be there to protect her.


"Remember what I used to tell you, sweetheart?" she asked Abigail. "Grandma is your guardian angel!"

Abigail smiled and nodded her head, assured that she was now safe from harm and lived in a house full of love.

What can we learn from this story?

  • A grandmother's love is everlasting. Lucy did everything she could to save her granddaughter, especially after seeing her in danger. She always stayed true to her word about being her granddaughter's "guardian angel."
  • Every child deserves to be loved and protected. Amelia failed to protect her daughter from her ex-boyfriend, and this led to consequences for her. It's important to teach our children what to do in case of emergencies, and inform them of situations that can affect them so that they know how to protect themselves.

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