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After Husband Dumps 8-Months-Pregnant Wife, Neighbors Take Turns Coming to Her House — Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Jun 12, 2022
11:00 A.M.

Gwen was eight months pregnant when her husband, Richard, decided to leave her for another woman, and then he took almost everything he could from their house. The only person who knew about it was her neighbor, Stephanie, and she did something Gwen never expected.


"Richard, you can't do this! We're married. We took vows. What about our child?" Gwen wailed at her husband, Richard, who was packing his bags after telling her the most terrible news of her life.

"I don't care anymore! I'm in love with Amelia. We're meant for each other. You and me, honestly, we were a huge mistake. I never should've married you. I should've picked Amelia from the beginning!" he spat back and continued his task.

Gwen couldn't believe what Richard had told her, and their conversation broke her heart. | Source: Pexels


"From the beginning?"

"Yes! I was already having feelings for her when we got married. I should've made the right choice back then!" he added.

"Well, that's now over, sweetie. I hate to be blunt, but you are about to have a baby and are now alone. It's time to make a plan."

"Richard! We've been married for two years! You're telling me that you've been having this relationship with her since before we got married? You're the one who wanted to try for a baby! Why didn't you divorce me earlier then? This is insane!" Gwen questioned, her hands flailing around as she watched Richard close his bag and pick it up.


"I don't know. I don't know. I don't care anymore! This is not working out for me. I can't be a father or your husband. I don't want you anymore. That's it! Now, let me go!" he stated, stopping right in front of her because she was blocking the door.

"No! What is your mother or the rest of your family going to say? How are they going to feel about this?" Gwen questioned, putting her hand on the threshold to prevent him from exiting.

"My mother and everyone in my family already knows. I called them last night," Richard revealed, shrugging his shoulders. "Obviously, they're on my side, so don't even try to contact them, although I suspect they've already blocked you. Anyway, move before I make you move."


Richard told her to move from the door, and she finally let him leave. | Source: Pexels

Somehow, those words made the most impact on Gwen. She came from a small family in Utah, and when her parents died years ago, she moved to New York, where she met Richard. His family had become her own. She loved her mother-in-law dearly and everyone else in his family.


"They know about this?" she breathed, her words choking on the last part.

"Yes! For God's sake, move!" Richard demanded, and Gwen finally complied. She was still reeling from the entire revelation. In an instant, she had not only lost her husband but the whole family she had gotten used to for many years. They had been so kind and genuine to her, but they must not have felt the same if they knew about Richard's new relationship.

As the despair of everything took over, Gwen grabbed her heavily pregnant belly and slid down to the floor. In the distance, the front door slammed shut loudly, and she flinched on the floor, wailing even louder.


Someone must have heard her crying because suddenly, a pair of arms were trying to pull her up. A few hours had passed since Richard left.

"Gwen, come on, honey. Let's get you off the floor," the voice of her neighbor, Stephanie, said kindly. She stood up and stared directly at her good friend who lived next door. She must have decided to enter without knocking.

Her neighbor, Stephanie, found her and helped her up. | Source: Pexels


"What happened here, Gwen?" she asked, concern evident on her face.

"Richard is gone," Gwen blurted, her words still emotional, but it seemed like she had no more tears to shed.

"Okay. You're coming to my house with me. Let's go," Stephanie said immediately, and although Gwen tried to refuse her offer, her friend wouldn't take no for an answer.

That night, she told Stephanie everything Richard had said, especially the most painful part about his family taking his side.

"I just can't believe they would do something like this. But Richard was always a momma's boy, in my opinion. It's typical for mothers to cover their bad kid's behavior," Stephanie said.


"But they were so kind to me," Gwen countered, shaking her head.

"Well, that's now over, sweetie. I hate to be blunt, but you are about to have a baby and are now alone. It's time to make a plan, and I will help you. I swear. You are not alone," Stephanie assured her, holding her hand. Gwen slept in her guest bedroom that night.

They never imagined what would happen the following day. Stephanie accompanied Gwen back to her house, and they were going to see about buying groceries and getting a few necessities for the baby. Apparently, Gwen and Richard had not bought anything yet because they were expecting his family to throw them a baby shower. Obviously, that was not happening anymore.


Gwen spent the night at Stephanie's house and never imagined what she would find back at her house. | Source: Pexels

But when they reached her house, they saw it empty. Her furniture was gone, and most of the kitchen appliances too. Gwen rushed to their bedrooms, and all that remained was their bed where she found a note from Richard explaining he had bought everything, so he had the right to take them.


"Are you kidding me?" Gwen breathed at the note, and Stephanie snatched it from her hands.

"Oh my god," she uttered, shaking her head. She ripped the note into tiny pieces, throwing them on the ground. "Don't worry, Gwen. Don't worry. I'm here for you."

"How could he?" the distressed pregnant woman asked, but her friend had no honest answer for her. She just thought Richard was the scum of the Earth.

Stephanie still took Gwen shopping, but aside from groceries, they also went to an appliance store. Richard had left Gwen with a kitchen stove and the fridge, but she could use a microwave and some other things. Finally, Stephanie got her a crib for the baby secretly.


Stephanie bought her several things including a crib, which was delivered later. | Source: Pexels

"Steph, this is too much. Cribs are so expensive. I have to check my finances. I don't think I could pay you back for it," Gwen protested when the crib was delivered, but Stephanie insisted.


Gwen was so grateful for Stephanie's generosity, but she had no idea how she would get through this after being dumped and left destitute by her husband. She would probably have to hire an expensive lawyer for the divorce.

One of their older neighbors, Mrs. Hanson, came over the next day. She had a ton of older baby clothes that she offered to Gwen. "Thank you, Mrs. Hanson. This is a huge help!" Gwen said, flabbergasted as she had no idea how they knew what happened.

"Don't worry, honey. You'll get through this. You're not the first woman to pick the wrong man. You and your baby are not alone!" the older lady stated vehemently. And she was telling the truth because more neighbors dropped by that day.


They offered her second-hand furniture, more things for the baby, and finally, Mr. Steinberg offered her the card of his nephew, a divorce attorney. "He's going to work pro-bono for you, dear girl. And if there's anything else you need, you tell me," the older man reassured, and Gwen couldn't believe their generosity.

Mrs. Pitts brought over several casseroles and finally revealed that Stephanie was behind all of it. | Source: Pexels


The final neighbor, Mrs. Pitts, brought over several casseroles, so Gwen didn't have to worry about cooking for a while. "Stephanie told us about what happened, and if you're ever hungry or just want to talk, you can reach out to me too. I raised my kids on my own, and I know it's going to be hard. But you can do it," she explained.

Gwen finally understood who had told the neighbors about her situation. She was grateful to Stephanie, and when her son was born, she named him Stephan in her honor.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Watch out for your neighbors. Even if you don't know your neighbors well, you should always watch out for them and their well-being. Everyone needs human kindness, and Stephanie was one of the best neighbors ever.
  • Marriage and becoming a parent are serious commitments that shouldn't be taken lightly. Richard broke all his vows and promises to Gwen, and it's one of the worst things anyone can do to someone else.

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