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Brother Mocks Younger Sister for Inheriting Old Family Cafe, Later Begs Her to Hire Him — Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Jun 17, 2022
07:30 A.M.

Samantha insisted on getting the whole share of the old family cafe her father used to run, only for her brother Pete to mock her for betting on a lost cause. A year later, he begs her to take him in.


Samantha and Pete's father, Caleb, ran a small hole-in-the-wall cafe that was once popular among locals and tourists. Lines would round up the block for a taste of their coffee and pastries; it was the favorite meeting place for family and friends alike.

However, as Caleb got older, he could no longer keep up with the increasing number of cafes surrounding him. He couldn't keep up with the trends and did not come up with new products on the menu.

Caleb's cafe was once popular, until competitors started popping up in nearby spaces. | Source: Pexels


Eventually, customers stopped going and tried out newer cafes around. Despite losing customers, Caleb was determined to keep the cafe running. The cafe was dear to him. It was a family business passed down from generation to generation, and he refused to sell it despite offers from investors.

When Caleb was in his late 80s, he could feel his strength running out completely. Instead of waiting for his death, he decided to call his two children to the house so he could give them their inheritance while he was still alive.

"What is it, dad? Why did you call us here today? Are you feeling okay?" his only daughter Samantha asked when she got into the room.


Caleb called his children in so he could give them their inheritance. | Source: Pexels

Caleb shook his head and assured her that everything was fine. "You know I'm not big on lawyers, sweetheart, so I decided to give you and your brother your inheritance as early as now. I don't want to wait until I'm dead," he revealed.


This announcement took Samantha's brother Pete by surprise. This delighted him, as he knew he'd be able to get a huge amount of money from his father. "That's a great idea, dad," he commended. "That way, we can enjoy the money while you're still around!"

Caleb smiled, thinking Pete was true to his word. He liked the idea of spending more time with his children before it was too late.

Pete and Samantha were surprised to find out that their dad had called them in for their inheritance. | Source: Pexels


"Well, I have $40,000 in my bank account that I will be splitting between the two of you," Caleb started to say. "Use the money wisely and spend it on memories instead of material things," he advised.

"Nice!" Pete exclaimed. "I'm now $20,000 richer. Thank you, dad!"

Pete thought he was done, but Caleb started talking again. "As you both know, the cafe is still there, but it's not doing so well," he shared. "I'm transferring ownership to both of you, so you each get 50 percent shares. I trust you'll take care of the cafe when I'm gone. You know how much it means to me."

Caleb revealed that his kids would get 50-50 shares of the cafe. | Source: Pexels


Pete scoffed. "Dad, that cafe is hopeless. If we sell that property and even the cafe, we will make over a million bucks! I'm going to sell my shares. Samantha, you should do the same!" the proud brother told his sister.

But Samantha shook her head. "You wouldn't dare do that, Pete! Dad just said how much the cafe means to him. Why would you sell your shares to someone else?"

"Because the cafe will deplete our money in the long run. It's already on a downward slope. What more when dad is gone? We have $20,000 each now, but when that cafe starts needing funds, we'll be $20,000 poorer, or even more!" he mocked.


Samantha couldn't believe that Pete planned to sell his cafe shares. | Source: Pexels

Samantha watched as her father frowned at Pete's decision. His heart broke, and a part of him wondered whether it was better for him to have hired a lawyer to reveal his wishes —that way, he wouldn't have found out that his son planned to sell his beloved cafe.


"No! I won't allow it," Samantha told Pete. "Take my $20,000 and give me your 50% share of the cafe. Do you agree?" she asked him.

Pete laughed. "Well, I guess today's my lucky day! It's a done deal! Dad, feel free to place the cafe under Samantha's name solely. I'll take the $40,000," he said.

Pete was delighted to find out he was $40,000 richer. | Source: Pexels


Caleb was relieved that his daughter wanted to take on the cafe operations. He thanked her and started teaching her everything he knew about running the cafe. Meanwhile, as soon as Pete received the money, he barely showed himself again.

For the first couple of months, Samantha spent time researching the market trends for cafes. This meant sales remained slow, as she was slowly trying to revamp the cafe to make it more modern to entice customers to come in.

During this time, Pete was basking in his wealth. "I can't believe you traded in the good life for a good-for-nothing cafe," he mocked his sister when they saw each other once at the grocery store.


"Give it time, Pete. I'll prove you wrong," Samantha responded casually.

Samantha went straight to work in trying to revamp the cafe. | Source: Pexels

True enough, Samantha did end up proving him wrong. She carefully studied her competitors and ensured her cafe remained unique by mixing her dad's traditional recipes with more modern dishes and coffee products.


As soon as she launched the newly renovated cafe, it became an instant hit. Locals and tourists flocked to it not only for its food and beverages but its ambiance and picture-perfect interior design.

"I hope I'm making you proud up there, dad," Samantha said one day as she watched her fully-operational cafe filled with patrons. "I wish you could see this for yourself," she whispered. Caleb never got to see Samantha open the restaurant, but she was sure that her father was smiling down from heaven.

A year later, Samantha's cafe was still doing great. It was listed in several magazines and was considered one of the "must-see" places in town for tourists.


Samantha re-opened the cafe, and it became a crowd favorite. | Source: Pexels

One day, Pete came over and was surprised to see the cafe overflowing with guests. He spotted Samantha and decided to approach her.


"You really worked hard to prove me wrong, huh?" he asked as soon as their eyes met.

"I didn't do it for you, Pete. I did it for dad," Samantha clarified. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, sister, do you have a job for your brother? I can manage the restaurant for you or help you set up your next branch. What do you say? Let's be business partners?" Pete winked.

Samantha's business was booming, and she couldn't help but wonder if her dad was proud. | Source: Pexels


"Pete, do you really think I'm that gullible? You didn't care about this cafe when dad tried giving us fair shares. Now that it's doing well, you suddenly want a piece of the success?" Samantha scoffed. "Besides, you're rich and living the good life, right? Why do you want to work?"

Pete admitted that he had squandered all the money that their father had left him. Now, he had loans and bills to pay off and had nowhere to go.

A part of Samantha didn't want to help her brother to teach him a lesson, but a part of her knew that their late dad would have done everything to help his son. So she decided not to turn him away.


"I don't have an opening for a manager," Samantha told him. "But I do have an opening as a waiter. Do you want to take the job?" she asked.

Samantha offered Pete a job as a waiter. | Source: Pexels


At first, Pete grimaced at the thought. "You're really going to make your brother a waiter?" he sighed.

"Take it or leave it, Pete. I'm giving you a chance at getting a job and earning well," Samantha shrugged. She wanted to teach him the value of hard work and working from the bottom to get to the top.

Eventually, Pete accepted the job and thrived. He realized he enjoyed talking to people and woke up excited to go to work. He was happy to see his dad's prized possession being managed well by his sister, and he was so proud.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Putting in hard work and effort will pay off eventually. Samantha believed in her dad's business even though it was near bankruptcy. She worked hard to get it back on track, which ultimately paid off for her after it became one of the top-visited cafes in town.
  • Sometimes, it takes a good fall to realize how to get back up. Pete thought he'd live the good life forever until he squandered away the inheritance he received. In the end, he realized the importance of controlling one's selfish urges, saving up, and working hard, after Samantha gave him a job at the cafe.

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