Boy Kindly Invites Mom’s New Love to Their Home, Ex-husband Unexpectedly Shows Up – Story of the Day

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By Manuela Cardiga
Jul 26, 2022
04:20 P.M.

A young boy decides to befriend his mother's new boyfriend and invites him to the house, but his father arrives unexpectedly.


When Mandy Carson divorced Gary Carson, she knew it would be hard on her son, David. David was five when she asked for a divorce, and for the next two years, she didn't date.

Mandy felt she couldn't bring another man into her son's life, even though Gary went through six or seven live-in girlfriends in the first year after the divorce. Then Mandy met Jared Vause, and he wouldn't give up.

Jared wanted to be in Mandy's life and David's too. Mandy thought they should take things nice and slow, but David didn't agree!

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash


The first time David met Jared was at his mom's company picnic. At first, David was shy with him; he stood back and watched him carefully. He was OK, David thought; he was a cheerful guy. Or at least he seemed to be.

Don't underestimate children. They can be wiser than grown-ups.

The second time David met Jared was at a baseball game. Jared got three tickets, and they all went together -- almost like a family. That made David a bit suspicious. Was Jared trying to take his dad's place?

Then he saw how sweet and kind Jared was to his mom. He was always concerned for her comfort, always smiling. His mom looked so happy!


Sadly, David contrasted the way his dad had treated Mandy. Gary had been constantly on edge, constantly pointing out anything Mandy did as wrong.

David never understood what his mom did so wrong. She was a pretty good mom and a great cook. She was nice to his dad too. But his mom never looked happy and relaxed when she was married to his dad.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash


David decided he kinda liked Jared. Over the next few months, he became fond of the man, especially when he saw his mother's happiness. That was when he made a decision.

He said to his mom, "Hey, mom, don't you think it's time you invited Jared to our house for Sunday lunch? We could have a barbecue."

Mandy stood very still. "Are you sure, honey?" she asked carefully, "That's a big step."

"I'm sure, mom," David said. "I like Jared a lot, and he promised he'd teach me to pitch."

"OK," Mandy said. "I'll talk to Jared."


The next Sunday, Jared came for lunch. Mandy fired up the barbecue, and Jared showed David how to flip burgers. They were about to sit down for lunch when the doorbell rang.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash


Mandy frowned. "Who can that be?" she asked and got up to answer the door.

"It's dad," David said to Jared. "I invited him."

Mandy came back looking flustered, followed by Gary. When Gary saw Jared, he flushed and looked angry. "What's going on?" he demanded.

"Dad," David said. "I wanted you to meet Jared. Jared is going to be part of mom's life and mine. He's a good guy, and I like him a lot."

"Listen," Gary said angrily. "I don't know what's going on here..."

"It's simple," David said as Mandy and Jared sat there open-mouthed. "I think it's time you realized that mom is moving on with her life."

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

"SHE is the one who wanted the divorce!" Gary shouted.

"Yeah," David said gently. "But she's not the one with lots of different people in her life. You even had those girls open the door for us when she dropped me off the weekends, remember, dad? I didn't like that. It didn't feel right or respectful. So I want you to feel respected and be respectful of mom and Jared."


Gary was staring at his son. "This guy trying to take my place?" he asked angrily.

"Not with me, dad," David said. "You have always been a great dad, and I love you, but you weren't a nice husband. Jared is good to mom; he's kind."

Gary blushed and said, "David, sometimes moms and dads..."

"Dad," David interrupted. "I was there. I was eight. I was old enough to remember the things you did and said. Let's forget it, dad, OK? Mom is happy now, and so am I.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash


"I want you to accept Jared cause I think he's in our lives to stay, and I like him a lot. That means he will be at baseball games and school events cause I'm going to invite him."

Gary looked over at Mandy and Jared. "That's quite a kid you raised," he said to Mandy.

"That's the kid WE raised, Gary," Mandy said quietly. "He's tight. Just because we're not a couple anymore doesn't mean we can't be a family."

"Hey," Jared said to Gary. "How about a beer? We're about to eat. Do you like your meat well-done or medium-rare?"

It was the first time David's mom and dad had sat down amicably since their divorce, but it wasn't the last. Gary came to terms with Mandy's relationship with Jared, and the three were united by their love for David.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't underestimate children. They can be wiser than grown-ups. David ensured his dad understood that Jared wasn't taking his place in his heart but that he was part of the family.
  • Just because a couple isn't together anymore doesn't mean they can't be a family. Gary became closer to his son once the tension between him and his ex-wife eased, and they eventually became friends.

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