A photo of a woman wearing an all-black outfit sitting on a red couch │Source: Unsplash
A photo of a woman wearing an all-black outfit sitting on a red couch │Source: Unsplash

Most Emotional Zodiac Signs Ranked — Find Out Where Yours Stands

Gaone Pule
Jun 12, 2023
01:00 P.M.
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It is only human to display emotion, whether sad or happy. There are people who suppress them, often for the sake of others, and then there are those who wear them on their sleeve and express them. Find out which of them you are as we delve into the most emotional zodiac signs.


People who are too emotional are said to be prone to mistaking other people's feelings for their own. If one finds themselves crying to cute videos online or getting emotional because someone else is, then it is likely that you're an empath.

Emotional people tend to push their own needs aside and focus on other people's needs. That could have dire consequences in the end.

A photo of a woman crying │Source: Unsplash

A photo of a woman crying │Source: Unsplash

However, being emotional is not all bad, as it shows that one deeply cares for someone or something. At times, it is best to let it all out.

People born under different zodiac signs have different ways of dealing with their emotions, whether they release their frustrations or harbor them. Here are the most emotional zodiac signs ranked from the least to the most emotional.


A photo of a man showing rage │Source: Unsplash

A photo of a man showing rage │Source: Unsplash

#12: Aquarius

Aquarians experience emotion from a distance. Meaning they are only affected by collective distress rather than an individual situation.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example of people born under this star sign and how they handle their emotions. An Aquarius rarely cries.


#11: Capricorn

Capricorns cannot see the importance of displaying emotions. When they witness others bursting out in frustration, they cannot help but be judgmental of them.

People born under this star sign can control their emotions. They are less likely to cause a scene by being overly emotional and are considered poised, such as the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.


#10: Gemini

Geminis take a while to express their frustrations, although they may feel things for quite some time. They tend to hide behind their true emotions.

In this case, a prime example is actor Johnny Depp, who only showed smiles during his high-profile case against his former wife, actress Amber Heard. This was despite the horrid revelations during their trial.


#9: Sagittarius

Sagittarians are naturally in bliss, so even if they happen to be low-spirited at some point, they do not stay somber for too long. They usually take a trip to forget all about her woes.

These people fight off their sad feelings by having a good time and living in the hope that things will eventually become better. Singer Miley Cyrus happens to be one of those individuals.


#8: Libra

Libras often spend their time reacting to how other people will respond. Their mood can easily blend with the people around them. However, they can also easily make others have outbursts while keeping the balance.

People born under this star sign are prone to faking their feelings in order to keep the peace. Kim Kardashian falls under this category as a Libra.


#7: Virgo

Virgos are in tune with their emotions. If they are going through pain, they will try to understand and eventually overcome that feeling with the intention of turning their pain into something that could be meaningful to others.

Mega star Beyonce epitomizes this as she used her marital woes and turned them into art with her successful album "Lemonade."


#6: Taurus

Taurus people would rather pretend to be okay, especially when they are angry. They deprive themselves of letting it all out or take a day off to deal with their loss.

That said, ugly things interestingly hurt their feelings; when people are disloyal, it hurts their feelings, including bad lighting. Hollywood veteran Cher has once admitted that although Taureans are never quick to show how upset they are, all hell can break loose once provoked.


#5: Aries

When coming to those born under the Aries sign, it becomes apparent through their response and response time once they feel strongly about something in an instance.

They are bound to have outbursts and specific responses, such as being overly dramatic, screaming, crying, throwing stuff at people they are mad at, and slamming the door on their way out. Some of them learn to apologize profusely, just like songstress Mariah Carey.


#4: Leo

Leos experiences heartbreak very hard. Even though they might not show they are in pain, they would rather keep up appearances of their good looks.

This is more relatable to the triple-threat Jennifer Lopez. It is said that when lions are brought to tears, it is usually related to competition.

As the fire sign, they are known for being hasty and domineering. Although heavily emotional, they can use this experience to do some good.


#3: Scorpio

Scorpios take things to heart, which is why they only keep a close circle of friends. They prefer pals who are loyal and discrete.

Although they are in tune with their emotions deeply, it does not mean they express their feelings easily. When they eventually explain their pain, they help others overcome theirs. One celebrity who is good at this is rapper Drake whose albums always leave fans with comfort in overcoming their feelings.


#2: Pisces

Pisceans will most likely drown their sorrows with alcohol, retail therapy, poetry, psychoanalysis, astrology, and consuming relationships. Popstar Justin Bieber is one of them.


#1: Cancer

The most emotional zodiac sign is Cancer. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are said to be the moodiest of all the signs. They feel it all and very much so.

As a Cancer, one is easily prone to be in their feelings quite often. However, they can be dealt with by taking them all in and turning them into something purposeful, such as singer-songwriter Ariana Grande, who composes breakup songs to break through.

Although sensitive, people born under the Cancer sign are also strong. They are understanding and empathetic toward others and powerful at the same time.


If one is highly emotional, that can work for or against them; it can either be their biggest flaw or greatest strength. This can also become a source of inspiration or motivation in people's lives, helping them become their best versions.

They can turn unfavorable situations into better ones and help form connections with others, learning to empathize with and understand them better.

That said, emotions can either make or break you. One can easily make mistakes or take unnecessary risks when highly emotional. This can lead to constant regret later because of the choices one makes under such circumstances.

The most important takeaway is to learn how to keep one's emotions under control so that they can be utilized for the better instead of allowing them to lead one into a path of destruction.


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