Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer | Source: Getty Images
Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer | Source: Getty Images

'The Office' Zodiac Signs — See Which Character’s Zodiac Sign Matches Yours

Gaone Pule
Jun 12, 2023
06:00 P.M.
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"The Office" is a beloved sitcom that has a massive fanbase. It has captured viewers' attention since its inception, and its storyline makes the character relatable. Here are The Office Zodiac Signs from the likable characters.


"The Office" was a comedy show depicting the employees' everyday corporate lives at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The fan-favorite series aired from 2005 to 2013 and aired for nine seasons. Despite coming to an end, beloved fans still compare themselves to the show's characters to date. Find out which star sign from "The Office" character matches yours.


Aquarius — Dwight Schrute

An Aquarius prides itself on being original. With their forward-thinking, they want to make an impact in the world but sometimes find it difficult to compromise with other people.

Dwight, the office "weirdo," portrayed this all too well. He consistently disagreed with Jim and always wanted to have the last say on pranking others. He ran the office effortlessly as an acting manager implementing radical change for the better.


Aries — Pam Beesly

An Aries is an ambitious and bold sign. They are straight shooters and get frustrated if they do not reach their full potential. Being the first sign in the zodiac, they love being No.1 and tend to take the plunge in everything they do with the thinking that they would deal with the details later.

This fire sign cannot stand a workplace that does not utilize its full potential, which Pam displayed in the show's first episode. She was passionate about the arts and stated no one grows up with the ambition to become a receptionist.


Cancer — Phyllis Lapin-Vance

Cancereans are known as the most insecure and moody sign, but the good thing about them is that they are loyal, sympathetic, and nurturing. They can be too emotionally invested in someone they love and will stick by them, come what may.

Fortunately, Phyllis found a godsend partner in Bob Vance. Being the quietest employee at work, her loving relationship with her spouse Bob was admirable. However, once threatened, Cancers avoid going head-to-head with others and would lash out instead.


Capricorn — Stanley Hudson

Capricorns are family-oriented and disciplined in their responsibilities. Nothing can hinder their focus on their long-term goals. For those who do not know them well enough, Cappies can be perceived as cold and unemotional because of their determination and steadfastness.

Stanley is the embodiment of a Capricorn. Though unloyal to his wife, he goes all in once he finds a partner he cares deeply about. Moreover, he does not like his job but decides to stick with it for the sake of his family.


Gemini — Kelly Kapoor

Geminis are regarded as the socializers of the zodiac, and although they can be accused of being two-faced at times, they are honest and open about what they want.

This air sign does not like being alone and can initiate conversations with anyone in their presence. Kelly did a stellar job showcasing traits of the Gemini sign with her role as the source for celebrity gossip in the office.

She showed the perfect example of Gemini behavior when she dressed to the nines at lunch, yelled because she was bored, and faked a pregnancy to get back at Ryan Kelly.


Leo — Andy Bernard

Leos are born to lead and are attracted by the finer things in life. Andy displayed how much of a fire sign he is by his ignorant comments about less expensive things throughout the show.

He thinks highly of himself to the point where he gets in his own shadow by allowing jealousy to get the best of him. A perfect example was when he hosted a garden party but chose to spend the entire time competing with his brother.

In his mind, Andy was a celebrity, and that is thanks to his position as the leader in his college, a cappella group, Here Comes Treble. Leos are naturally creative and passionate about the arts, something Andy got to showcase in the show.


Libra — Jim Halpert

Libras are known as the peace sign and get along well with other people. However, this could be a disadvantage to them as some people could take advantage of them. Still, they believe all relationships are meaningful and get satisfaction from being admired and given attention.

They will avoid confrontation at all costs and are not likely to be dishonest toward their boss about a new sales pitch or confess their love to a crush within the workplace. He avoided sharing his true feelings for Pam the entire first season of "The Office."

Michael outed Jim and told Pam about his feelings for her. Although he began the series as a person who dislikes confrontation, Jim became the personification of a Libra with his loving quality.


Pisces — Michael Scott

Pisces are in tune with their feelings and are easily moved by the people they see in public, music, and art. Because of their compassionate nature, they can fall prey to trusting strangers without question. And when things do not go their way, they play the victim.

In Michael's character, he can easily converse with just about anyone and quickly falls in love after just one meeting. He portrayed the role of an eccentric boss; he could convince people to like him. Apart from that, Michael had occasional meltdowns, but how he connected with his employees made him a great leader.


Sagittarius — Kevin Malone

Sagittarius are natural storytellers with their infectious laughter. They can easily make friends and find new love interests. Although Kevin was the opposite of these qualities, being the slow-talking accountant, there are similarities to a Sagittarian somewhere.

Although abundantly blessed with a sense of humor, these fire signs do not have filters and can say the most inappropriate things.


Scorpio — Toby Flenderson

Scorpios are said to be one of the most misunderstood signs, and it is no wonder Toby failed to have a good rapport with his co-workers. This water sign often finds themselves isolated and moody whenever they feel like they cannot control the connection they crave, including emotional intimacy and physical closeness.

Scorpios are also known for being stubborn, and Toby nailed the role by displaying this quality by doing what is right. He had no trouble proving his point through research, especially when he was nearly sure that the Scranton Strangler was innocent.

Although Toby did not have a happy ending on the show, his determination to search for love and his intense crush on Pam showed how much he desired to have a connection.


Many people loved "The Office" for various reasons, whether it be its offbeat comedy, plot, or relatable setting; the show had several laughable moments.

However, the hit series stood out because its characters portrayed similarities to ordinary people with their quirkiness. Astrology assisted in identifying which zodiac could be judged from the characters' personalities and doings.


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