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After Grandma's Death, Grandchildren Find Out Her House Had Been Sold and They Can't Inherit It – Story of the Day

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By Monica Otayza
Jan 18, 2022
04:50 P.M.

After Chrissy graduated from college, she moved into her grandmother's house to help her out. When her grandmother died, she didn't know she would have to move out after finding out the house wasn't a part of her grandmother's will. 


Chrissy and her half-brother Gaby were the ones who arranged their grandmother's funeral from start to finish. When they finally laid her to rest, they decide to settle her will by calling in her lawyer. 

For the past two years since Chrissy graduated from college, she had been living with her grandmother in her two-story house to help her. When her grandmother passed, she assumed she would be able to continue living in the house. 

However, she and Gaby were surprised to find out that the house was not a part of her grandma's will. The lawyer, Attorney Jessica Williams, explained that when grandma Lindy found out she was sick, she sold the house to someone else. 


Although she was worried about where she would move after her grandma's death, Chrissy was not bothered. Gaby, on the other hand, was almost furious. "How could you not have known she sold the house?" he asked Chrissy. 

Chrissy and her brother Gaby found out their grandmother's house was not a part of her will. | Photo: Shutterstock


Gaby was Chrissy's half-brother. They share the same father, Jackson, who passed away a decade ago. Gaby was his son from his previous marriage and was never close to Chrissy or her mother Camilla. 

Despite this fact, Chrissy was always kind to Gaby. When he got married, his gift registry was filled with gifts that did not fall under $300. Despite being a broke college student, Chrissy made sure to get him one of his requests. 

Unfortunately, Gaby did not even notice her efforts. He barely spoke a word to her at his wedding, and he did not acknowledge her during his toast. It was at that moment that Chrissy realized Gaby would never see her as part of his family. 


That incident happened eight years ago, and Chrissy was now a 30-year-old woman who had moved on. They didn't keep in touch until she had to tell her older brother that their grandmother Lindy had passed away. 

Chrissy and Gaby had not seen each other for years before they met for their grandmother's funeral. | Photo: Pexels


When they met at the lawyer's office, he walked past Chrissy and her mother Anna with a smug look on his face. When they were all settled down, Attorney Williams started saying the contents of their grandma Lindy's will. 

Her antique collection would go to Anna, her cookbook with recipes passed on from generation to generation would go to Chrissy, and her old car would go to Gaby. 

"What about her house? You missed out on that," Gaby suddenly said when the lawyer put the paper back inside the envelope. 

"Well, that house was sold about a year ago. It's not on the will anymore," she explained. 


"That's nonsense. A year ago? You must have known about this, Chrissy. Was this your plan all along? Huh? So you could get the house to yourself?" Gaby said, slamming his fist on Attorney Williams' table. 

"Excuse me? I don't care about grandma's will. I stayed with her because I wanted to be with her. I'm as clueless as you are," she said, offended at what her brother was saying. 

Grandma Lindy's move of selling the house was something even Chrissy did not know about. | Photo: Pexels


"You've been living in her house for free. How could you not have known she sold the house?" he shot back, still not convinced that her sister had no hand in the sale. 

"Chrissy's right, Gaby. You need to calm down. Your grandmother told me I was the only person who knew about this sale, and even then, she didn't want to tell me who she sold to," Attorney Williams explained. 

In disbelief, Gaby walked out. Meanwhile, Chrissy and Anna stayed to thank the lawyer before they bid her goodbye.

During the drive home, Chrissy couldn't help but wonder where she would move. Surely, the new owner would be coming for the house anytime soon. 


When Chrissy got home, she started prepping her dinner when someone knocked on the door. Relieved, she saw their old neighbor Mrs. Peterson instead of the new owner of the house. 

"Hello, sweetheart. How are you doing today?" Mrs. Peterson asked her. 

"I'm alright. I miss grandma already. Thank you for attending the funeral and saying a few words. You were one of her only true friends, I'm sure she appreciated it a lot," Chrisy said, pouring a cup of tea for Mrs. Peterson to enjoy. 

Chrissy served Mrs. Peterson some tea. | Photo: Pexels


"Anything for Lindy, sweetheart. But anyway, I am here because I need to give you something," the old lady revealed. She handed Chrissy an envelope by sliding it across the table. 

Chrissy opened it, curious, and saw it was the deed to the house they were in. "Why do you have this?" she asked their neighbor. 

"I made a deal with Lindy a year ago. I own this house currently, but not for long. You see, your grandma knew that your brother would take this house from you should it be a part of her will. So, after seeing what happened at Gaby's wedding, she came up with a plan..." Mrs. Peterson explained before sipping from her tea. 


"When Gaby finds out about the house, you tell him the new owner approached you one day and offered to sell you the house back. Alright, sweetheart?" Mrs. Peterson said. 

Chrissy and Mrs. Peterson reminisced about Lindy the entire night. | Photo: Pexels


"Well, he always thought I didn't have money. He wouldn't believe it. Little did he know, I've been investing in cryptocurrency and stocks and I could afford to purchase this house should I need to pay for it," Chrissy said, a  grin on her face. 

"Oh, sweetheart. You are as smart as your grandmother. I know so many stories from her youth wherein she made a lot of money from small businesses she put up," Mrs. Peterson suddenly said, reminiscing.

"Do tell me more, Mrs. Peterson," Chrissy smiled. They spent the evening eating dinner together, exchanging wonderful stories about the life grandma Lindy lived. 

Attorney Williams helped Mrs. Peterson transfer the deed to Chrissy's name, and eventually, her mom Anna found out about the transfer. It remained their best-kept secret, and Gaby never found out about it because he never checked in on them after seeing them at the will reading. 


What can we take from this story?

  • Those around you can see when you're being greedy. Gaby did not know that his grandmother Lindy noticed his greediness when she was still alive. Because of this, she had to think of a plan to secure Chrissy's inheritance. 
  • Karma is real. While Gaby only showed up for Grandma Lindy during her funeral and will reading, Chrissy was there for years to take care of her. Her good deeds moved her grandmother to transfer the house's deed to her despite her not expecting it. 

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