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Old Man Alone All His Life Is Greeted at His Door by a Boy Who Says, ‘Grandpa, We Have Arrived’ – Story of the Day

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By Roshanak Hannani
Apr 23, 2022
12:00 P.M.

Quentin had focused on his military career his entire life, and he regretted not having a family in his old age. But one day, a little boy burst through his door calling him grandpa, and he couldn't believe it. Someone else was with the kid and gave Quentin the shock of his life.


Quentin sat down for breakfast on his couch and turned on the television. He had loved doing this on Sunday mornings for most of his life, but at 96 years old, he truly regretted his lonesome existence.

He was a military man and a war veteran. He fought in WWII in 1944 and went on to have one of the best army careers in the country. He earned medals, ascended the ranks, and was admired by everyone. But he was often on the move, which didn't allow him any time for relationships.

A boy burst through his door and called him "grandpa." | Source: Shutterstock


He was handsome, and girls loved him in uniform, but none of his relationships ever lasted more than a few months. Now, this was his biggest regret after retiring in Austin, Texas. He wished he had experienced the typical milestones most people did with their kids and grandkids.  But it was not meant to be. All he could do was continue living and enjoy the small pleasures that others take for granted.

However, his Sunday morning was interrupted when a little boy burst through his door. "Grandpa, we have arrived!" he yelled and ran towards him. The boy jumped into his arms, and Quentin almost dropped his sandwich.

Obviously, this was a mistake. The little boy was in the wrong house. But then another voice came through the door.


Another man walked into his house. | Source: Pexels

"Tony! Tony! Bursting into people's homes unannounced is rude!" a young man in his 20s appeared through the doorway and looked at the kid. Then he met Quentin's eyes. "I'm so sorry, sir. Are you Quentin Pitts?"


The little boy pulled out of Quentin's arms and went to the other man's side. But he was still smiling. The older man stood up from the couch and stretched his arms to greet the man.

"Yes, I'm Quentin Pitts. This is a strange meeting, but boys will be boys, right?" he said with humor. "But may I ask why you're here?"

The man took a deep breath. "My name is Ethan Pitts, sir. I believe I'm your grandson."

Quentin felt hope for the first time in a while. | Source: Pexels


Quentin's whole world changed in that one second. He knew he had never had children, but a glimmer of hope started shining in his soul. Regardless, this was still shocking news, and he could only say. "What?"

"Please, let me explain," Ethan continued, and Quentin gestured for him to take a seat. Ethan gave the little boy his phone to keep him busy and started talking. "My father is Richard Pitts, and my grandmother refused to tell him who his father was. But she had given him the last name Pitts instead of hers, so my father was always curious."

Quentin nodded and listened to this story, still finding it unbelievable. He wanted to hear more.


Ethan went through his grandma's things and discovered some old letters . | Source: Pexels

"Well, she passed away recently, and we found her old letters. That's when we discovered a name: Quentin Pitts. My father asked me to help him find that person. We knew he was in the military and had been in World War II. I also have a friend in the army who helped me find some information. But all he could get was an address, so that's why I'm here," Ethan continued, his hands rubbing together as if he was nervous.


"Who was your grandmother?" Quentin asked, frowning. None of his former girlfriends had ever gotten pregnant. Well, not that he knew of, at least.

"Stephanie Whitehead," Ethan uttered, and the memories flooded Quentin's thoughts straight away.

Stephanie was a beautiful woman, and he remembered her well. | Source: Pexels


He met Stephanie during his time in Washington D.C., and she was the American dream girl. She was his longest relationship, but he had to move after several months. They broke up because long-distance relationships didn't work for her. But she never said anything about being pregnant. "I wonder why she didn't try to find me," he muttered, his thoughts drifting back to the present.

"I don't know, sir. Grandma never spoke about you at all despite my dad's protests. I traveled here from Washington D.C. and I'm willing to do a DNA test to verify everything," Ethan offered, looking hopefully at the older man.

Quentin placed his hands on his knees and stood up from the couch. "That's not necessary. I believe your story completely. You even live where she did," he said, approaching the little boy playing with the phone. "Your name is Tony, right?"


"Yes, Grandpa!" he answered and looked at the older man with a huge smile, completely distracted from the phone.

Quentin showed them his army medals and other things. | Source: Pexels


"Well, technically, I'm your great-Grandpa. But do you want to see my medals?" Quentin asked. He had never been around children much and thought things would be awkward. But it was like he naturally knew how to speak to the kid.

"YAY!" the little boy exclaimed and followed Quentin who looked back at Ethan.

"You can come, too," the older man said to his grandson, and Ethan grinned as he followed.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Live your life so you won't have regrets. Quentin eventually regretted his decision not to have children, and the universe gave him a miracle.
  • It's always best to disclose pregnancies to your partners or exes. Quentin missed out on a lot because Stephanie didn't reach out to him with the truth.

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