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New Student Isn’t Accepted to School Boys’ Club, Next Day They Invite Him to Head It — Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 09, 2022
02:30 P.M.

After seeing Todd's unique appearance, the boys in his class avoided him and kept their distance. They refused to welcome him to their private club and mocked him. But one day, they swarmed outside Todd's house, begging for his friendship.


Todd Simpson was new in town. He'd moved after his father got transferred to the sales office there. Since Todd was used to his old buddies in the previous state, he knew he would have difficulty making new friends.

He was put in a new school for boys and girls within a week. "But dad, I barely know anyone, and I need time," he begged his dad. "Just look at my face…who would want to make friends with me when I'm like this?"

Mr. Simpson encouraged Todd and took him out shopping for school stuff. For some reason, Todd felt everybody watching him and covered his face with an oversized hoodie and muffler.

"I don't want them to see my face and pass mean comments," he muttered to himself.


However, an incident in the woods helped him overcome his fears and realize that appearance doesn't define someone's personality... 

Todd was nervous about his appearance & always covered up with his hoodie. | Source: Unsplash


One of Todd's classmates in his new class, Scott, busily chitchatted about their weekend at their private cabin in the woods.

"Hey, so what time are we meeting on Saturday?" asked one of the guys as they marched on the autumn leaves. 

"Guys, I told ya…we need to start early…and bring your food basket because my parents are out of town," Scott exclaimed. "My sister doesn't cook."

"Oh my God!…What is wrong with him?" the students chorused and froze after seeing Todd's face.

A few years ago, the boys had set up a recreational club in the woods near their school. This little cabin comprised amazing things to keep their spare time rocking.


The boys brought their radio, petite furniture, lanterns, and cushions to make their club an amazing getaway. They loved hanging out there and playing DND all day long. Scott monitored the club, and he kept their numbers fixed and constantly turned down the idea of allowing newcomers.

Scott & his friend enjoyed their spare time in their clubhouse in the woods. | Source: Pexels


"No new members allowed, is that clear?" he often said and turned down whenever the other boys suggested bringing in new invitees to their club. 

Unsurprisingly, Todd loved DND too, and he was joining Scott's class in his new school. Todd was very nervous on his first day as he walked out, pulling over his hoodie. 

"Bye mom…bye dad," Todd greeted his parents goodbye as he walked over to the school bus outside his house. He got in and noticed several empty seats and wondered if he could sit on a random seat.

Todd walked over to his school bus & was nervous about being watched. | Source: Unsplash


"Hey, not here… you're supposed to sit at the back," a fellow student shouted. "These seats are occupied."

Todd nodded and walked to the back seat. It was uncomfortable, but he had no choice. He sat near the window and looked outside. For some reason, he felt uneasy as he stared at the bus's convex mirror.

"I don't want 'em to see me," he mumbled, though the mirror was far from him. He pulled his hoodie closer to his face as he got down from the bus. He didn't stop for anyone and hurried to the roadside so that nobody noticed him.

"Hey, you! Are you a newcomer?" Todd heard a gruff voice from behind. "You in the hoodie...stop."

Todd was anxious and walked faster. He didn't seem friendly and mostly looked lost. And anybody looking at him for the first time would suspect him of doing something wrong. 


Todd always hid under his hoodie & was nervous about people watching him. | Source: Unsplash

The boy walked into his classroom and immediately took the last unoccupied bench. The class filled up soon, but Todd didn't lift his head to look.  


"Don't you think we saw him a while ago?" a guy spoke. Todd didn't bother and put his head down as though he was texting on the phone. Of course, cellphones were banned in the school.

The teacher entered the classroom, and while taking the attendance, he noticed Todd in a still position. He paused and called out to him. "Todd Simpson? Is that you? Come here, introduce yourself" The boy was nervous and moved from his seat, shaking.

"You, young man! You're not allowed to conceal your face and wear long hoodies to school," the teacher told Todd. "Take it off, will you?"

Todd was uncomfortable and mumbled under his breath. "B-but M-m-Mr. Wilkins, I can't," he muttered. The teacher's intense stare frightened Todd, and he slowly took off the hoodie.


"Oh my God!… What is wrong with him?" the students chorused and froze after seeing Todd's face.

The students were shocked when they saw Todd's face. | Source: Pexels

Mr. Wilkins interrupted the students and explained that Todd was just a fellow student like everyone else. "He's not an alien, people. He's one of us," the teacher announced.


"It's just that he has a genetic condition called vitiligo. I suppose you've learned this in biology, didn't you?" Mr. Wilkins explained to the students. "Make friends, and remember, he's one of us…is that clear?"

After the class ended, Todd went out for a break. Since he was new in class, he never talked to anyone. Just then, Scott's gang walked past him to their locker.

"Hey, a small change in the plan. Since it's Friday today, let's go to our clubhouse and play DND and continue tomorrow," Scott exclaimed.

Todd was thrilled and couldn't believe his ears. "DND? Oh, wow!" he mumbled and approached Scott's group. Todd loved DND and had spent long hours with his pals in the other state. He marched to the boys, assuming they'd be welcoming. Unfortunately, he was wrong. 


Todd overheard Scott & his friends discussing about playing DND in their clubhouse. | Source: Pexels

"H-hi…Would you mind me joining you for DND?" he asked the guys, but Scott chimed in and told Todd that their club was private and not for newcomers.


"It ain't for freaks like you," he shouted at poor Todd, who looked surprised. The voice seemed familiar, and he realized Scott was the guy who had called out to him in the morning. Todd understood it was a no from them.

"It's fine! It's not the first time I'm turned down… I'm getting late, bye," he said and hurried past the guys. He suddenly missed his friends who always took a stand for him against his former peers that bullied him in the old school.

He was upset and didn't want to take the school bus home. Since his house was just two streets away, he walked home. He was also frightened that the boys would ridicule him on the bus.


Moments later, he heard a couple of boys screaming in the woods. It came from the spot Scott and his gang had their clubhouse. Todd was curious but ignored them. However, the noises were intense, as though someone was getting beaten up. He turned around and walked into the woods to find out what was going on.

On his way home, Todd heard loud noises coming from the woods. | Source: Unsplash


Todd entered the shelter and witnessed the chaos. Some senior boys from school had barged into the boys' cabin and ruined their things.

"Hey, back off!… Scott! Over here! Hold him and push him down!" Todd shouted. The senior boys turned toward Todd and threatened him.

"If you don't want to go under the bandage, back off, chap!" a guy bellowed.

Todd was furious and demanded the senior boys leave. After witnessing the nonstop chaos, he marched to the guy that looked like the gang leader and punched him right in his nose.

Unsurprisingly, all the boys jumped on him, and for the next couple of minutes, Scott and his friends tried to save a screaming Todd from the gang. Todd was beaten badly.


"At this level, I'm scared we'd have to leave you at your aunt's place," Mr. Simpson yelled at Todd. He was worried. "You'll never make any friends like this."

That evening, after the incident, Todd was relaxing at home, working on a puzzle while watching his little sister. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell go off. "Oh no…I hope it isn't the senior boys again," he mumbled and hurried to the door.

Todd got into a scuffle with the senior boys who ruined his classmates' clubhouse. | Source: Pexels


He opened the door and was surprised. Scott and his friends stood outside, each holding things like handmade "get well soon" cards and a little basket of chocolates.

"Wha-what are you guys doing here?" Todd asked them.

Scott stepped forward and said, "We need a captain for our indoor club in the woods." The other boys agreed and chorused, "Yeah, we do, and we've decided that…."

"Decided what?" Todd chimed in.

"We want you to lead our club and be our head," Scott exclaimed.

Todd couldn't believe his ears. He smiled and got teary-eyed. Before he could say anything, the boys swarmed around him and gave him a big group hug.


That evening, the Simpsons hadn't seen their son happier.

"Dad, I need to leave…my friends are waiting outside for me," Todd told his dad.

"Where to?" he asked Todd.

The boy smiled and told his dad about his new friends and their club. Todd left the house that evening without wearing an oversized hoodie concealing his face. He was proud of himself and realized that appearance doesn't define a person.

After becoming the club's captain & befriending the boys, Todd realized that appearance doesn't define a person. | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't judge someone by their appearance. Todd's classmates were stunned when they saw him for the first time. But the teacher deciphered the students' reaction and explained to them that Todd was a normal student like them and there was nothing wrong with him for having a skin condition.
  • Never be afraid to stand for justice, even if it means fighting someone stronger than you. When Todd saw a gang of high school boys destroying his classmates' indoor club in the woods, he jumped in defense and fought them off. Though he was beaten in the end, Todd took a stand for his classmates against the senior boys.

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