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Old Man in Wheelchair сan Run Again Thanks to His Neighbor’s Program – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 11, 2022
07:00 P.M.

The man's old neighbor was a wheelchair user for years who secretly wished to walk again. The guy knew it wouldn't happen, but he was determined to make his old friend stand on his feet and planned a surprise. 


When Andrew moved into his new house with his family, he was surprised by the strange silence and eeriness around the place.

"Don't they come outside?" he mumbled, staring at an old building across the fence that appeared uninhabited ever since he moved in. Smitten by curiosity, the young game developer invited himself to the premises.

"Young man…do I know you?" Andrew heard an old man in a wheelchair answer from inside. After befriending him and learning his story, Andrew decided to make the man walk again, and he knew what he was doing…

Andrew moved into his new house & was surprised by an empty neighborhood. | Source: Pexels


Andrew Wilson developed several exciting games for consoles and mobile phones. That, combined with his excellence in VR technology, boosted the sales volume of his games for both children and adults.

"Here…hope to see you soon!" Andrew greeted a couple of unloaders after paying them for helping him move his stuff to his new house.

Since Andrew sought a cozy place to live with his family, he bought a medium-sized villa in a close-gated community. A few days later, he decided to meet his neighbor but was caught off guard by the strange silence around the property.

After hearing Robert disclose his wish, Andrew had a plan brewing in his mind. The following day, he returned with a little surprise for his old buddy…


"Who lives here?" Andrew murmured, inching closer to the house. "I hope this house is inhabited."

Andrew was curious to find out, and before he knew it, he found himself standing in front of a huge mansion cloaked by years of dust and simplicity. The lawn was well manicured. There was no trash, or there were no children's toys lying around.

"Ummm…that means someone does live here…Let me go check," Andrew exclaimed as he climbed the porch and walked towards the main door…

Following the success of his recent game, Andrew moved in to a new neighborhood with his family. | Source: Pexels


"Hello…anyone in there?" he shouted. Andrew looked around and kept ringing the doorbell. A few moments later, the door slightly opened, and an old man in a wheelchair answered from the other side.

Andrew was stunned and realized why he didn't see his neighbor outside often.

"I-I'm sorry for disturbing you… I've just moved in and… I'm Andrew, and nice to meet you," he stammered, handing out a quick handshake.

"Well, come in!" the old man answered. "I'm Robert, and this is my wife," he said, showing a picture of him with his late wife. "She passed away several years back, and I've not been able to visit her at her resting place because of this, you see," Robert exclaimed, patting on his wheels.


Andrew met Robert, his neighbor who was in a wheelchair. | Source: Pexels

Andrew placed the box of pastries he'd bought on the table and sat down. Robert was delighted as he poured hot milk into the teacups.


"So, how long have you been living here?" Andrew asked the old man.

"I've been born and raised here, my son!" Robert replied. "But after my beloved lady died, I've lived here alone…."

As it turned out, the old man's children barely contacted or visited him, and Andrew felt sorry. Then he noticed a chessboard with an unfinished game on the ottoman.

"If you're alone, then with whom do you play chess?" he asked old Robert, sounding suspicious.

Old Robert claimed he lived alone, but Andrew grew suspicious after seeing an unfinished game of chess on his table. | Source: Unsplash


"I play with him!" Robert told Andrew, pointing toward his reflection in the mirror. He laughed as Andrew watched in disbelief. "I'd be happy if you come over for some tea and chess during your free time."

Andrew couldn't resist the offer, and as time passed, he developed an intense bond with old Robert. They often chitchatted about their hobbies, and one day, they got candid about their dreams.

"…And then, my dad used to take me hunting in the woods every weekend," Robert shared about his childhood. As Robert recalled his memories, he began to tear up. "I wish I could walk through the lush green meadows in my native village again," he emotionally revealed.


After hearing Robert disclose his wish, Andrew had a plan brewing in his mind. The following day, he returned with a little surprise for his old buddy…

Robert wished he could walk again. | Source: Pexels


"This is a console… it's what you call a VR," Andrew explained to Robert. The old man was stunned because he had no clue what Andrew was up to.

"I will come here daily and play chess with you only if you agree to learn how to use this," Andrew told the old man.

Although Andrew's condition sounded strange, Robert agreed because he didn't want to deny himself the pleasure of spending time with his pal.

For a month, Andrew regularly visited Robert. They played chess, chatted about different things, and practiced using the console. When Robert eventually learned how to use and operate the device by himself, Andrew realized it was time to reveal his surprise. 


Andrew trained Robert on using the console. | Source: Pexels

"I don't believe this! Is this real???" Robert exclaimed as he slowly raised his hands in the air and sat still in his wheelchair, viewing the new game in his VR.


Andrew had developed a game on the console with pictures and videos of Robert's town and the meadows he dreamed of walking. He couldn't hold back the tears as he watched his old friend giggle and react to the virtual world like a child.

"It feels so good...I am walking...and I can run!" Robert shouted in joy. "Is this even happening?!"

Moments later, he wheeled closer to Andrew and pulled him over for a tight hug.

"You…you, my boy, are my gifted son!" he emotionally exclaimed with tears gushing down his face. "I can't thank you enough for helping me relive my childhood!"


The two friends chitchatted the whole evening, and old Robert's house echoed with laughter, filling a once empty mansion with abundant love and warmth!

Andrew programmed a game replicating Robert's hometown & surprised him with a virtual tour. | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

Never think twice about helping those who need it. When Andrew learned about old Robert's dream to walk around the meadows in his native, he designed a virtual game to help him relive his moments.

Don't fear trying something new. It can be informative & memorable. Old Robert didn't know how to use a gaming console when Andrew first offered it to him. But a month later, he was able to use it by himself after rigorous training and interest.

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