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Whole Office Mocks New Employee, Next Day They Learn She Has a New Position – Story of the Day

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By Rita Kumar
May 23, 2022
12:00 P.M.

When Rita joined her new company in a low-profile role, her co-workers took her for granted. They mocked her, called her names, and worked on her like she was their robot. But the next day, they hung their heads in shame after their boss announced her new role.


Bill Richard lived a classy life in the city. He was known by the who's who of business tycoons who competed to work with him. However, Bill was always picky and firmly believed that the foundation of a good business starts from the groundwork—its employees.

Bill built his business empire from scratch. He busted his chops trading nails to farmers at a very young age. After earning his first capital in his early 20s, he formally set foot in the trading biz and built an empire that stood tall today.

He often looked back to how he started and made sure he employed young aspiring talents in his company. So one day, he surprised his employees in the headquarters with a new employee who was given a low-profile position. Unsurprisingly, none of them were kind to her, but they regretted it the next day after Bill revealed her new role…


Bill Richard built his business empire from scratch & he only hired talented aspirants in his company. | Source: Pexels

"Morning, everyone!" Bill exclaimed with excitement as he hurried to the main office in his headquarters. The staff understood that he had some important announcements to make. Some even hoped it would be about their performance appraisal.


"How dare you answer me back? You good for nothing office maid…." the employee yelled at poor Rita.

A few seconds later, a shy young woman walked into the office and stood near him. Everyone around looked at each other, mumbling about who she was.

"I'm impressed with your work, so I decided to surprise you with a token of appreciation…." Bill announced.

Silence reigned as the employees stopped whispering. They anticipated a bonus and were thrilled. Just then, Bill chimed in and unfolded his surprise.

"Meet Rita! Your new Happiness Manager," Bill said, introducing the woman who shyly smiled at everyone and waited for a reaction from them.


The office echoed with laughter. Bill's employees started discussing and couldn't stop giggling, looking at Rita.

Rita was the company's new happiness manager. | Source: Unsplash


"Miss Rita will guarantee your happiness at your workplace from today," Bill interrupted. "She will follow your instructions and monitor everything so that you guys work in peace."

Rita stood in silence, eyeballing several employees who looked at her from top to toe. From their reactions, it was clear they were displeased. Bill left the office to meet a client, asking Rita to take her job seriously.

The employees were experts in their niche and were highly experienced. They always competed for promotions and lumpsum increments. So when Rita joined, they decided to vent their job frustrations on her since her position was low-profile…


The employees burst into laughter after Bill announced Rita's low-profile role in his company. | Source: Pexels

After their boss left, one of the employees approached Rita and asked her to get him some coffee. He sounded rude and demanding, but Rita smiled at his request and went away to do her task.


"Yuck! I didn't ask for cold coffee…are your ears functioning properly???" the employee shouted at poor Rita when she returned with his coffee. He spat the coffee on the floor and threw the cup. "Go, get me some hot coffee, deaf lady."

Rita apologized and immediately got him a cup of hot coffee. Then she cleaned the floor and made sure she removed the stains.

"Hey, Rita? Do you mind moving these files from this desk?" another employee shouted from a distant cabin.

Rita delivered her tasks with clockwork precision despite the stress and numerous requests her colleagues made. But the employees weren't pleased and wanted to see more of her running around with tedious tasks.


Rita had to clean the mess after an angry employee spat & threw coffee on the floor. | Source: Unsplash

"Jeez! Rita? Don't you know you should turn off the faucets before leaving the restroom???" a female employee shouted at Rita.


The poor woman had no idea what was going on because she had never used the restroom. She hurried and turned off the faucets and apologized to the furious coworker. Unsurprisingly, it was just another ugly prank Rita's colleagues pulled on her to vent their anguish on her.

Poor Rita barely had a minute for herself. The moment she sat down, someone or the other called out to her to do some tasks.

It was past afternoon, and the office was just a few hours from closing for the day. However, the employees decided to test Rita's patience to the extreme before leaving.

A female employee shouted at Rita for not turning off the faucets in the restroom. | Source: Pexels


"Can you goddamn answer that call?" a male employee shouted at Rita, who was occupied clearing the bins in the employees' cubicles. She didn't argue. Instead, she apologized and told him she would do it if the phone rang again. She sounded formal, but it offended the guy.

"How dare you answer me back? You good for nothing office maid…." the employee yelled at poor Rita, but she never reacted and continued to do her work. The angry employee took it as an insult and stormed toward her. He kicked the basket Rita held, scattering the trash all over.

"Here, clean it up!" he mockingly said as the whole office burst into laughter.


The employees did everything they could and used Rita as a punching bag to unleash their frustrations. When they returned to the office the next day, they assumed they would still enjoy working poor Rita like a robot.

But their boss had other plans, and it would be too painful for everyone who humiliated Rita the previous day…

A guy thought Rita was answering back & he kicked the trash bin she held. | Source: Pexels


"Good morning, everyone!" Bill greeted his employees the next day in the common room. "So, how do you like your new Happiness Manager, Miss Rita?"

The office echoed with laughter. The employees' faces lit up with joy, and some of them even shared their honest opinions.

"She's just so amazing! We needed someone like her," a worker stated. The others applauded, but Bill knew their genuine intentions as he'd seen everything on the security cameras.

Rita watched in silence as Bill chimed in. "Miss Rita, can you please come here?"

The employees watched as Rita walked over to Bill. They had no idea what was going on and stared at her.


Bill returned to the headquarters the next day with an important announcement. | Source: Pexels

"Everyone, please welcome your new Manager, Rita!" Bill announced, and the employees froze with disbelief. "She's the company's new manager and will handle all our eight branches in this state."


Bill explained that he had purposely put Rita in a low-profile position the previous day so that she got a clear picture of who's who in their company and not blindly trust coworkers who only smelled money.

"Maybe you guys would've competed to win Rita's trust if you'd known she was your manager already, wouldn't you?" Bill asked sarcastically.

For the next couple of minutes, nobody uttered a word. Some of them recalled the nasty things they did and said to Rita and regretted it. A few others even feared they'd be fired for being rude and demeaning to their employee, which was against their company policy.

"Hello everyone! It's so nice to see you today!" Rita exclaimed. But seeing that smile on her face, the employees understood that they were in deep trouble.


As it turned out, Rita was the company's newly appointed manager. | Source: Unsplash

Bill handed the responsibilities to Rita and went away on an extended business trip. Rita was in charge of the office, and from that day on, the work environment was very different.


A couple of months later, Rita introduced a shy girl to the company. "Hey everyone, meet your new Happiness Manager, Maria!"

This time, the employees treated their new colleague with respect. They realized their mistake and understood that no job is derogatory just because a person earned lesser than them.

The employees realized their mistake & understood why one shouldn't be judged by their appearance & job category. | Source: Pexels


What can we learn from this story?

  • Never judge someone by their job status. Bill's employees looked down upon Rita because she was shy and hired for a low-profile role. They thought she would be their robot and worked on her without realizing that she was their manager in disguise.
  • Don't look down upon juniors or employees with low-profile jobs. When Rita joined as their Happiness Manager, the employees felt she would do anything they said just because her pay and rank were low. However, they regretted their mistake the next day after Rita was announced as their new manager.

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